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>Reincarnation and phobias

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It’s more of a common story than you might think.

A person has some sort of accident… or act of malice done to them… or an intentional harm to themselves. The person slips beneath the surface of some body of water and immediately fights for the surface again because that is our body’s natural instinct. Panic sets in as the burning and pressure builds in the lungs. The need for air is overpowering. Finally, as the end draws near, the body loses its will to fight for life and the soul prepares to depart, much like an involuntary surrender to the inevitable. It’s the end of a life underneath the surface of water.

A generation passes. Life goes on and people mourn the loss. Eventually most of the people who knew the poor drowning victim pass into the afterlife as well. Maybe two or three generations pass.

The drowning victim decides to give a go at life again. Rebirth. Only this time, he or she is reborn with baggage from the last moments of the previous life ending in such a torturous way, although there is not likely to be literal memories of the incident or any thought of reincarnation at all. But the demon of the drowning manifests itself in the new life as a phobia of water. An unexplained and horrifying fear of water overcomes the person each time they are faced with the prospect of swimming. What is probably passed off as a random phobia or fear of the unknown actually has its roots in not letting go of the terror the previous body felt in the process of drowning at the end of the last night.

Of course, this is just one example of a phobia born of a past life. This one is the one I see the most in my research. Drowning does not always result in a phobia in the next life though. It all depends on the advanced stage of the soul and the ability of that soul to resolve old issues before carrying them into the next life. The range of hydrophobia is wide as well. I’ve seen some hydrophobia resulting from reincarnation ranging from basic nightmares but still having the ability to get into water, to such paralyzing hydrophobia that the person struggles just to take a shower.

Additionally, people have to be careful not to assign every phobia to originating with an incident in a past life. I only look into past life causes if every present life cause has been explored and exhausted. Naturally, if, for example, you were mugged at gunpoint a few years ago, a phobia of guns would probably develop from that moment and there would be no need to investigate further back into your past life history. Most common things like a fear of spiders simply boils down to a fear of the unknown, fearing creepy crawly things, and learning to be afraid of it from watching parental figures being afraid of it. My grandmother is afraid of spiders, so my mother grew up watching that fear and learned to fear spiders as well, and so on through me now being afraid of spiders because of them. There is no need to look into past lives for the causes of phobias when you can trace the steps back to some point in your present life. Since arachnophobia originates with my grandmother, I would, if I was looking for a way to help her, try to find the cause in her. Was it this life? If I can find no logical cause in her present life for suffering from arachnophobia, that would be the point where I would begin looking into her previous lives for a cause. That’s just an example though because I can’t read people that close to me.

Why bother finding out if your phobia originated in a past life? I usually tell people not to open that can of worms if they’re just looking for something interesting or like a parlor game. It is like going through a process of counseling and that process can be quite painful. I usually get people at the end of their rope who have tried everything else to overcome their phobia, including traditional psychiatry. The reason why I help people with their phobias originating in past lives is to give them guidance in letting go of old trauma so they can move on from it. That’s the only reason to open the can of phobia worms – the intention to work for freedom from it.

My mother was one of these drowning victims that was born into her present life with hydrophobia. She has nightmares sometimes of her death by drowning quite a long time ago. Through our work in spiritual matters, she has been able to work through it enough to get waist deep in the ocean but no further than that. She used to not go into the ocean at all. There has been progress in that regard. Sometimes simply understanding the cause of the phobia allows for some relief in the symptoms of anxiety and terror. Once a person understands why they are afraid, then it’s important to go through exposure to the thing that causes the fear, but that should be done with someone who understands the situation. Exposure to the phobic trigger is necessary to overcome it. I can’t snap my fingers and make it go away for you, nor could a psychiatrist or hypnotherapist. You have to be willing to go through exposure and discomfort to overcome your fears but only once you understand their causes.

In my case, I was born with a deeply paralyzing fear of guns and cannons. It is a true phobia to the point of disrupting otherwise pleasant activities like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Since I can remember, I have associated weaponry or sounds like weaponry with the imminent demise of people I love. It was never fear for my own life. It was always fear that people I love would be killed. Most of my life was marked by staying indoors during fireworks displays, never allowing my mother to keep guns in the house, and panic attacks at Civil War reenactments. Additionally, I’m extremely anxious in crowds and phobic of being trampled or separated from my loved ones. There were no causes for these phobias in my present life, as the symptoms have been present since I was born. Over the years I found ways to cope with my phobias like always hanging back at the end of a crowd, visiting sutleries during battles so I don’t have to look at the reenactments, not looking directly at weapons in museums, etc.

In my early 20s, I began to realize that my phobias came from two separate past lives. I have been in violent mob situations twice – once during the New York City Draft Riots of 1863 and before that, during the French Revolution. I was not on the streets of Manhattan during the Draft Riots but I was trapped in my hotel on the edge of the rioting for days. The army rolled cannons into the hotel lobby and in the park across the street, prepared to fire into the mobs should they get any more out of control. During the French Revolution, I was swept up in a mob ready to storm a royal palace, separated from people I knew and knocked to the ground, almost trampled to death. These events have repeated in many nightmares. I also suspect that I associate the imminent demise of my loved ones when I see or hear gunfire because of the Civil War and the fact that my husband was nearly killed. There is nothing so terrifying for a woman as sitting by your husband’s bedside watching him hang between life and death for months.

The symptoms of my phobias have lifted a bit, although I’m still very fearful of weaponry. I have been able to sit through fireworks displays in the last eight years or so but it is not without fighting my fear every moment. It takes work and exposure to overcome it. If I go a year or so without going to a reenactment, the phobia is much harder to control than if I was going every couple of months. The most important thing is to teach yourself to remember that what trauma befell you in past lives is just that – something in the past – and it’s not likely to happen again. Overcoming the voice of panic from the past is the key.

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>Angels: do they exist?

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Do angels exist? This is a question I have grappled with for the entirety of my life. I’m not sure why I struggle with that question so much when there is no doubt in my mind that God exists. I do not, however, view God in the way that most Christians do. God, to me, is a universal life force, a mother and a father to all of us, male, female, always loving and there to give us guidance while allowing us free will both here on Earth and in the afterlife. Reincarnation also fits in with my belief in God, but that’s a topic for another day. Right now we are talking about angels.

I think my issue is not so much whether angels exist at all but what the definition is for their existence and function. People seem divided on what they are exactly. Some define angels as loved ones who have passed away and look after us and protect us from the afterlife. Some define angels as an entirely separate species created by God outside of the sphere of the human race. Some don’t believe angels exist at all. Some simply lump all spiritual beings into the two categories of human spirits and inhuman spirits. There are so many different ideas of what angels are that it’s easy to get confused. I’m still confused, but I’ve had a few recent experiences that are leading me to believe a few things about the nature of this creature called the angel.

Admittedly, I have not relied on spirit beings as much as I should in the development of my intuitive abilities, managing my life, managing my energy, and so forth. I tend to be very stubborn in taking everything into myself and trying to control my own flow of energy. Not seeking help from higher powers has been destructive at times in my life. I have had two major mental breakdowns in ten years as a result of doing readings and communicating with entities while not properly clearing out my energy or asking for protection or healing when I needed it. I’m a very proud person and asking for help has always been a sticky thing that I view as weakness. When you live with one foot here and one foot in the “other world”, as I was told as a child, being too stubborn to see your own frailty is a dangerous thing. I don’t think I could make myself seek help from spiritual beings that may or may not exist. That was the root of it. I believe in ghosts because I’ve seen them. I believe in reincarnation because I’ve experienced it. Until recently, I had never seen an angel. I’ve never seen a UFO, Bigfoot, nothing like that, and I struggle to believe in things I can’t see or experience.

Fast forward to earlier this year when I was in the midst of my most recent mental breakdown. I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t go very far away from my own house because I had lost control of my abilities and every person I encountered brought all of their spiritual baggage with them. Out of concern, one of my best friends suggested I try going through some spiritual cleansing with someone she knew who had years and years of experience in these things. I agreed but I was skeptical. She led me through guided meditation over the phone and often called on Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and a few others. Something in me balked at calling on angels when we all have control of our own souls but I went along with the meditation and her visualization exercises. Anything was worth a try.

She called on Archangel Michael to create a protective shield around me and in my meditative state, I saw an androgynous looking figure in white and blue robes doing something around me. Typically in my meditative state, I only see blackness unless something is happening. Later, she called on Archangel Gabriel to help clear out my energy so that I can speak my messages from the other side more clearly. Again, another androgynous looking figure came into my field of vision except his robes were a bit different and his hair was different. A third androgynous figure came along who I understood to be the healer (Raphael?) and he touched parts of my body that had been giving me trouble for a long time. I understood that my relief was a temporary respite because I had things to learn from coping with daily physical trials. These three figures had no wings. Their clothing had no particular historical style. They did their work in silence, save for communication through energy without words. They were much bigger than me and looked human but seemed neither male nor female to me. The names by which we call them are creations of mankind and they understand that but I don’t think they really have names.

I came out of that session feeling lighter, relieved and rejuvenated. I was told not to use my intuitive gifts for three days in order to give myself a chance to heal. I interpreted it as I had injured myself and I was basically to go on spiritual bed rest to get better. I decided it wasn’t a good idea to go against the advice of the other side through my mentor so I obeyed and stayed quiet for three days going through basic meditations and rest to put myself back on the right track. I started calling on Archangel Michael for protection after the period of rest and I found that it worked. I felt stronger in my work.

Was I really touched by angels or was it something by the power of suggestion? I wasn’t sure for a long time but I still remember the event very clearly and I usually forget things fairly quick. Also, the power of suggestion would not have lasted this long. I still call on them for help and I still feel immediate relief. In a way, I suppose I do believe angels exist after all. However, I disagree that people who died became angels. Angels are not human and never have been human. They’re an entirely different spiritual species from humans. There is no way those figures I encountered were ever human. People can argue that their deceased loved ones have protected them, so therefore, they must be angels now but I feel that spirits of deceased loved ones definitely have the ability to guide and protect. Angels just do it on a much larger scale with much more power and influence.

Basically, I’m a skeptical believer in angels. I believe human spirits are human spirits and angels are a totally different species.

How do you feel? What has been your experience with angels? Do you believe?

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Why testing psychics is bad

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Oy. I’m having one of those, “Why do I even bother?” moments that so many people have every day in their jobs, hobbies and pursuits. I realize, however, that not everyone is blessed with the gift of common sense or the ability to reasonably look into a subject before making an assumption. There is a lesson in everything. So rather than throw my hands in the air, grumble and stomp my feet, I’m going to make this situation into a lesson for more people.

This evening I received a very short message amounting to another psychic telling a person that he or she is the reincarnation of a Confederate spy that died in the war. Then I was told to guess the spy.

Pause for a deep cleansing breath.

I didn’t answer the message. Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood to play a guessing game. I instead posted on my Facebook status for other people thinking about doing the same thing to other psychics:

FYI, testing the psychic doesn’t sit well with most of them. Don’t go into a conversation or a reading with the idea that you’re going to make them guess or trip them up. It creates bad energy.

This is absolutely the truth. The act of conducting any type of psychic reading whether it’s communication with deceased loved ones, discovering past lives, healing illnesses, clearing chakras, reading tarot cards, etc., etc., is all based on the exchange of energy. It’s actually a rather intimate act. It requires a certain level of soul vulnerability for the best results. The client’s energy has to be open and free flowing to the reader, while the reader’s energy has to be open and free flowing to receive the client’s energy as well. So when you ask a psychic a question that requires use of the energy exchange to answer and your intent is to trick the psychic or anything except pure intentions, you will block your own energy. You will sabotage yourself. You will also harm the psychic because the harder the reading is, the more energy is used. It’s difficult to manage our energy as it is without people treating this like a parlor trick or a game. That’s why I don’t play guessing games with people just looking to see if I get it right or wrong.

A little while after I posted that status, I got another message announcing who the person was in their previous life according to the other psychic. There was also an insinuation laced with negativity that I’m not really Fanny Chamberlain because any real psychic knows they can’t read themselves, thereby also insinuating that I’m not really psychic. Trust me, sometimes I wish I wasn’t.

Pause for another cleansing breath.

Before I could respond, said person made use of their block button. I’m posting my response now, should that person ever come across this blog.

That conclusion did not come from reading myself. It came from spontaneous past life memories beginning as a toddler, followed by investigation as an adult to verify those memories, which is a common and accepted phenomena in reincarnation studies. I urge you to get to know my case before assuming that I read myself because I did not. People cannot read themselves, as you pointed out. Additionally, getting to know my case would show that I resisted it for years and never wanted it. I have been through hell and back with it. I apologize for any offense I have made but your first message rubbed me the wrong way, as it would anyone in my profession. It isn’t a guessing game to me. If you didn’t mean it that way, that’s one thing, but if you did, please reconsider before you approach other psychics in that way. Most don’t like feeling tested.

Indeed, I did not read myself. It’s a gross assumption that I did because I have always been very open about my reincarnation case since I came out with it. Anyone who has spent more than a week in my life probably has the full story. If they don’t, they can ask. If they don’t, they can read my zillions of blog posts out there on my previous lives, or better still, read the book that I wrote in order to help the very people that test my patience sometimes. Making assumptions with a negative attitude is not at all acceptable in this case when there is so much information to the contrary out there.

Moral of the story?

Testing psychics is a bad idea and puts them in bad moods.
Education should always come before assumptions.
Practice safe energy exchanges!

Just in case there are any lingering doubts about my reincarnation case, please read about my case on the Historical Figures Reincarnated website for free, or purchase my book, Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated, on most major online retailers.

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