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The following glimpses into my past lives are ones that I have experienced through spontaneous memory recall, self-guided meditation, or by information related to me through established and legitimate intuitives. I’m not certain about all of them but I recorded them for further investigation later. This is an accumulation of experiences and work that began when I was 4-years-old (I’m 30 now), so it’s important to understand that this information just isn’t collected overnight. My experiences with past lives are largely involuntary. Most people have a “gateway life” that forces its way to the surface and opens the intuitive door for exploration into other past lives. My gateway life was Fanny Chamberlain. For that reason, I wrote a book called Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated in order to teach people by example that it is possible to live a perfectly normal, respectable life and still know about your past lives and how they affect your present life.

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Baby Boy ~ Early 1950s

Reincarnation most recent lifeThis was my last life prior to the one I’m living now, as told to me by an intuitive. I was born as a male in the early 1950s to who is my brother today. He and his wife were struggling with their marriage but my birth was the catalyst that brought them back together for a time. I only lived six days. Since my life was so short, there would be no way for me to remember anything about it. When babies die, there is no accident about it. It happens for a greater reason, usually to help resolve relationships between other souls or to expose pain in order to strengthen other souls. I have no emotional attachment to the 50s, 60s or 70s, most likely because I was barely here at all.

Fanny Chamberlain: 1825~1905

This case is featured at Historical Figures Reincarnated.

Fanny Chamberlain reincarnatedThis was my “gateway” life. Spontaneous memories began when I was a toddler and I fought it for so long that it led to depression and heightened my anxiety disorder. Fanny (Adams) Chamberlain was born in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and spent her early years in Roxbury, Massachusetts. She was adopted at 4 by her cousin, Rev. George Adams, and was raised in Brunswick, Maine. A professional artist, singer, musician and music teacher, she was very independent, stubborn and almost commitment-phobic until she met Joshua L. Chamberlain. They were married in 1855 and had 5 children (only 2 lived past infancy). Chamberlain became a Civil War general and earned the Medal of Honor for his leadership at Little Round Top outside of Gettysburg in 1863. Some parallels between Fanny and me today include several physical similarities, health problems, personality traits, tastes, linguistics and handwriting. A few identified members of my soul group: My current brother — Tom Chamberlain. My paternal grandfather — Rev. George Adams. My mother — Sarah Adams, Fanny’s adoptive mother. Jeffrey Keene — Gen. John B. Gordon. Common dates: 9-8-1828 was her husbands birthday and 9-8-1983 was my ex-fiance’s birthday. Fanny’s home was built in 1825, the year of her birth. The house was rescued from demolition in 1982, the year of my birth. Fanny went blind in 1893. I was declared legally blind in 1993. Fanny’s first child was born 10-16-1856. I miscarried my first child 10-16-2005. October 16 is a common date in the life prior to Fanny as well…

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Joceline: approximately 1770~1793

French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, reincarnationNegative events leave deeper scars on the soul, so most people will remember the bad before the good. I’ve had recurring nightmares of events surrounding the French Revolution and my death in that revolution for a long time. Compared to Fanny, I know very little about myself in France. What I do know is that my name was Joceline but I was called Celine and I was a member of a low-ranking noble family. I had an older sister, Madeleine, and she had a fiance named Claude. I know Marie Antoinette was my idol. Again, I was an artist and musician. I don’t like to talk about this life and I get very uncomfortable. French symbols evoke strong emotions in me, good and bad. As a child, I actually hated all things French but I now understand that I went to the guillotine with deep resentment and anger. As with Fanny, there are parallel dates in October and November — Marie Antoinette’s execution taking place on the aforementioned 10-16-1793. Fanny went to Paris in the 1870s and attended a party at the Palace of Versailles, where Celine often visited in her lifetime. Fanny’s decorating tastes reflected aristocratic finery despite near-poverty and her last daughter was named Gertrude Lorraine. Lorraine was part of Marie Antoinette’s full name. My mother today was my governess as Celine. I’m also acquainted with who Marie Antoinette is today, as well as other members of my soul group who shared that life.

Aztec Woman ~ Early 1700s

Native Americans reincarnatedThe further you go back into your past, the harder it is to uncover information, like trying to remember details from when you were a toddler. I was part of some Native American tribe in Mexico in the early 1700s according to the intuitive information I was told when I was 17. It was a short life, again. I was about 15 when I was pregnant with my first child and I died after days of stalled childbirth. The woman who acted as sort of a midwife was named Nauwa and she stopped incarnating after that to become my spirit guide. After I was given that information, I looked up the name Nauwa to try and see if it was any type of word in any language in that region for some validation. As it turns out, Nauwa means “drum” in the Aztec language. Other than my relationship with Nauwa and my death in childbirth, I know nothing about that life, although I’m fairly certain about the identity of the father of the child. Identifying people in your soul group is tricky business and should not be forced, nor should it be done purposefully without the consent of who those people are today.

Lakota Woman ~ Early 1600s

Lakota Woman, Native American  incarnations, Jessica Jewett's past livesThis life I stumbled onto through my practices with self-guided meditation, although I displayed knowledge of Lakota, Nakota and Dakota culture and language from the age of 9. I had an uncanny ability to understand and speak the Lakota language with very little instruction. It wasn’t until about three years ago that I realized I had lived in the Lakota people before heavy colonization. In my meditation, I flashed on a scene of being inside a lodge (teepee). I was extremely pregnant and the lodge was open at the top to let the smoke from the fire out and the supporting poles formed a spiral against the night sky. My husband was in the lodge with me. He said something funny in Lakota and we laughed. He started to come toward me and when he smiled, I got jolted out of the scene because I realized my husband at that time is my brother now. The switch from sibling to spouse and back is very common but my life now will naturally be uncomfortable with remembering my brother as my husband and father of my pending child.

Lady Amy Robsart Dudley: 1532~1560

This case is featured at Historical Figures Reincarnated.

 Lady Amy Robsart Dudley, murdered, reincarnationFor a long time, I refused to identify myself during the Elizabethan period even though I know who I was because I felt intense fear about anything connected with the period. Also, claiming more than one “known” person in history tends to diminish credibility. I know other people who have published their one “known” reincarnation case but keep others close to the chest out of fear. My name was Lady Amy Robsart Dudley and I was known for my mysterious death during the reign of Elizabeth I. Since childhood, I have expressed strong distaste for England and that particular period. My husband at the time was Robert Dudley, who had high ambitions of becoming Elizabeth’s husband, if I wasn’t in the way. He was not kind to me after bonding further with her. I encountered him in this life again as a romantic interest and he is one of those stagnate souls who hasn’t really improved or grown at all. Residual scars from that life leave me phobic of staircases because that was how I died — pushed down a flight of stairs and my neck was broken. I address this part of my past only because it’s a case that shows why people need to stand by their convictions. My death is controversial today — some experts say it was an accident, others say it was suicide and a few say it was murder. I know it was murder just as strongly as Sherrie Lea Laird knows Marilyn Monroe committed suicide and was not murdered. September 8 was the date of my death (see Fanny for that date), February 4 (my current birthday) was significant as well as other parallel dates.

Germanic Midwife ~ 1400s

germanic midwife, Bavaria, Germany, past life reincarnationThis one I’m not entirely sure about because I was told about it by an intuitive but I don’t have any memory of it. Having no memory doesn’t make it untrue, though. It simply may mean I completed that life successfully, I have no karmic ties to it and I have totally moved on from it. I was told that I lived in what is now Bavaria and I was a midwife, as was my mother before me. She said I was brought to assist the wife of a political figure through a difficult pregnancy and when the birth went bad, I was accused of botching the whole thing. She was unclear about how the scandal ended for me. One of my friends did have a past life as a political figure in that region at that time, so it’s possible that it was his wife I assisted, but again, without some outside confirmation, I’m not totally prepared to back up the claims of this life. The only minor proof that this life might have happened is my early obsession with Germany, the fact that I taught myself the language easily and my fascination with watching childbirth television shows. Those things don’t necessarily point to a past life connection but there is nothing to say they don’t point to a connection either. Sometimes it’s just not going to click together and that could be for a variety of reasons – it’s either inaccurate or I have no emotional ties remaining to that time.

Italian Farm Girl ~ 1300s

Italian farm girl

This life is an example of how meeting certain people can trigger feelings of deja vu and even trigger literal memories of a past life. A few years ago, I met someone who I accidentally read and I discovered that he had lived on the edge of the Dark Ages into the early Renaissance in a rural setting and had struggled most of his life with a decision involving going into the priesthood. Along the way since that meeting, a couple of intuitive colleagues described to me the circumstances of that lifetime that confirmed my brief memories. I had remembered an argument between the man and the father about the priesthood because I was a child living with my family on the neighboring farm. I developed a non-romantic relationship with the man when there was a severe storm that destroyed our home. His family, our neighbors, helped us rebuild our home and he became somewhat of a protective brotherly figure to me. Later in that life, as a grown woman, it appears that he did become a priest. There were many members of the clergy in the city nearby and I apparently had an affair with a different priest, who is someone I know today as well, and there was an infant girl produced from that affair that was called Cecilia.

French Woman ~ 1200s

The timing on this may bleed into the early 1300s but I’m not sure. I seem to have had a rapid succession of short lives during this and the above few lifetimes. I almost never live to be an old woman. The reason why this lifetime is significant is because it’s a shared memory experience, meaning more than one person had the same recollections without prior prompting or knowledge. A close friend of mine has had the same experiences of us being sisters in an extremely old castle setting in which the language spoken sounded like an old form of French. The castle was more of a fortress than anything pretty and we had spouses in what appears to be military dress. My spouse was the same one who fathered my Aztec child and who I know today. The castle was attacked by foreigners. We don’t know if any of us survived the attack but I have suspicions that my spouse was killed by being buried alive under a destroyed stone wall.

Mohawk Woman – approximately 900 ~ 1000 AD

Mohawk Woman - approximately 900 ~ 1000 ADFor a very old life, this one is rather vivid to me, mainly because the soul group I overlapped into was very much in tact. One of the people in the soul group underwent hypnosis to regress back to this life and confirmed many of the details. I was a teenage girl of the Mohawk tribe, except it was M’hak at that time. Viking exploration brought them to the M’hak region of North America. One of their ships crash landed on the coast and we took them in to nurse the survivors back to health. I took in one called Ragnar. He was the navigator and both of his arms were severely broken. He couldn’t do anything for himself and as I took care of him, we developed a hybrid of our two languages. We became spouses. They rebuilt their ship and took their women with them. The ship went down the coast, around Florida and went up the Mississippi Delta. We settled in what historical evidence suggests is present-day Oklahoma. Ragnar and I had three babies but one died early on. All of us were killed about ten years later by warring tribes. Ragnar returned in this life as a very close friend of mine.

Mayan Woman – 250 ~ 900 AD

I’m not certain of when this lifetime took place but I’m fairly certain, based on researching what I saw, that it was what’s known as the classical period of the Mayan culture in the southern part of the empire. If you refer to the Italian lifetime above, the father of baby Cecilia appears to have been my spouse in this lifetime as well. Since it’s so old, I know virtually nothing and I wasn’t looking for this at all either. Things that happen during the meditation state are not always by our own choice but triggered by meeting people in your soul group. I saw step pyramids both being built and completed in a brief glimpse as I was walking. They looked like the one pictured here, which is why I believe it was Mayan culture. My spouse was some kind of provider and responsible for some kind of food distribution among a large group of people. He was killed in a hunting accident. Our relationship was so bonded that I couldn’t deal with life without him, even though we had children, and I gave up and let myself die too. My early lives are marked by this repeating cycle of losing my spouse early and giving up on life in return. It seems that it took more than one life of forced independence to really break the cycle and embrace my own ability to survive that kind of loss.

Roman Woman ~ 1st Century AD

Roman Woman past life in RomeSince this was so long ago, I know almost nothing about it except a few scant details. From what I have pieced together, I was married to some type of officer in the Roman army and we had something like five children all under the age of 10. There was a set of twins in there. It was a miserable life for me. He was only home long enough to make more babies but I was in essence alone with them. He was killed in the fall of a major city (Jerusalem??) and when news got to me, I couldn’t stomach it. The one thing I remember is putting the children to bed and making the decision to kill myself. I did it by hanging. Suicide is not an option. It’s not part of any plan. It’s like cheating on a test or skipping school and getting caught. I don’t know what happened to me afterward but I know it took several lifetimes to straighten myself out from the trauma. I encountered that husband for a period in this life. Several of my friends and family believe they passed through Rome as well.

African Man ~ Unknown BC

This particular lifetime was tied into my experiences with Fanny Chamberlain because it was another example of my relationship with Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s soul. Occasionally as I did meditation work through my process of finding things to prove or disprove about Fanny, another older time and place got wrapped up in it. We both switched genders and races. I only know that we were in an African tribal situation and that I was trying to, as the man, take her as my wife but her father was making impossible demands. I had to bring him animals and things in exchange for her if I’m interpreting what I saw correctly. I couldn’t begin to identify the tribe, nor have I even tried. I only know that she wore her hair in what I would call something like dreads today and the women were topless but wore necklaces and other jewelry. Despite his soul being an African female at that time, I still recognized “him” by the shape of the eyes and the same sensation of love. Each love throughout time has a different sensation as unique as a fingerprint.

Egyptian Priest ~ Unknown BC

Egyptian past lifeEgypt is my mother’s “gateway life” like Fanny Chamberlain is mine. I didn’t understand the ins and outs of Ancient Egyptian culture when I started having the flashbacks and it was my mother who explained what I was seeing. I was a male and some of my first experiences were of bathing myself. I had no hair on my body. Other times I was in a dimly lit stone structure where there were statues and it was always very quiet. Lastly, I approached a dead man on a table like I was going to do something with his body. My mother said those things I described were things that were duties of Ancient Egyptian priests. She feels that she lived there as well but it’s unclear if she was there with me. The Egyptian civilization was thousands of years and many people lived more than one life there. My past as the priest is the earliest life that I can recall and it’s very vague. Remembering lives that old are rather difficult.

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