Jessica has devoted many years to the subject of reincarnation and past lives. Much of this information has been included throughout this site and this page provides quick links to those resources.

“The purpose of reincarnation is to learn through predetermined lessons how to be more tolerant, generous, humble and loving souls. Free will exists in the afterlife as well as life. Before birth, we plan out our own obstacles and how we react to those obstacles in life will determine success or failure, happiness or unhappiness. We choose the look and health of our bodies for various reasons, we enter into agreements with other souls to be our family, friends and enemies, and so on. We all incarnate into soul groups”. – Jessica Jewett

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Reincarnation Experiences Submitted by Visitors

Well my son in the past has said things about his “other family”. He once gave quite a few details. He said he had alot of brothers and sisters. Talked about his “other mom”. Always said my other mom. He said god shot him down to me, as if he totally remembered it all. He was only 3 1/2 to four at the time. As he’s gotten older, he speaks less and less about it though. I do feel out of all my children that I have lived with him before. Strong feeling. Ya know. Myself, I always feel as if I died going off a bridge into the water. At times on travel, it feels as if I am reliving that experience, when going over certain bridges. Like I’ve been there before. BUT I haven’t. I also feel for some reason I could be my greatgrandmother. I was named after her. I’d never been to her gravesite, yet my first time, I walked straight to it like I’d been there a thousand times. It was very eerie. She too was into psychic stuff like myself. My name is Jennifer, BUT I don’t connect with the name at all. My name is Jenny. Hers Jennie. – Jenny, 37.


“My past life reading from Jessica has changed my life. The world is suddenly a brighter place because I now understand things that have been building up inside of me my entire life; she was “the voice” of my past life lover who wanted to make amends with me from the Civil War era, and she brought up issues from that life that have been transferred to my current life – issues that I was totally unaware of but know now my in heart to be true! I am beginning to feel confident and at peace with the way things were in that life and I feel as though I can begin to heal from the scars that carried over from it. I have learned that love indeed lasts forever while emotions like jealousy and anger don’t have to. Jessica also got me to understand that I need to trust my inuition instead of searching for validation on things from outside sources because the answers are already inside of me! She was also VERY patient with me and my persistant pestering regarding my understanding of this past life lover of mine and aspects of reincarnation in general over email and Twitter before I even got my reading (thanks for putting up with me, hon!). I highly recommend Jessica. This girl IS THE REAL DEAL. I know I’ll be scheduling more readings with her in the future for sure! Thank you so much, Jessica!” – Jenny T.

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I have had several experiences but the one I wanted to mention here is my brief life as a young jewish girl who was killed in a concentration camp. When I was about 10 or so, my mother was brushing my hair and I “freaked out”, started crying and saying, “you’re going to cut off all my hair and take away all my pretty dresses.” This was out of nowhere and completely embarrassed me. Much later as a young adult, I dreamed that I was in a small dark chamber with a group of children, we all had shaved heads and knew we were going to die. I suspected that I was gassed in a concentration camp. But the big “zinger” came a few years ago when I had a dream that put this all together: I was a little girl standing in a line of children. In one hand I held a beautiful porcelain doll, the other, a suitcase. I had gorgeous golden curly locks of hair, just like my doll. I didn’t understand what was happening, but I saw that the children in front of me were getting their heads shaved and their possessions searched, confiscated. when I got to the front of the line, the woman there looked at me with such hatred and took vicious, almost obscene pleasure in shaving off my beautiful hair. When I looked into her eyes, I realized that is my current mother. It explains so much about her and our relationship but I won’t go into that here. What made me decide to write about this today, was that I was daydreaming on the couch and thought about this, and got that I was a “daddy’s girl”, I was probably Russian or Polish, and that my daddy called me Mishka. I went online and did research on the name and it has both Russian and Jewish meanings, but it is especially a term of affection used when someone looks like a cute little teddy bear. Very likely that a doting father would use that on his child. So I think this is an accurate memory. I think I was very young, about ten years old when I died, and I think that is why I freaked out on my mother that day, it was the day she shaved my head in my past life. I just didn’t know it then. — Madeline Moon, 39.

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