Why testing psychics is bad

Oy. I’m having one of those, “Why do I even bother?” moments that so many people have every day in their jobs, hobbies and pursuits. I realize, however, that not everyone is blessed with the gift of common sense or the ability to reasonably look into a subject before making an assumption. There is a lesson in everything. So rather than throw my hands in the air, grumble and stomp my feet, I’m going to make this situation into a lesson for more people.

This evening I received a very short message amounting to another psychic telling a person that he or she is the reincarnation of a Confederate spy that died in the war. Then I was told to guess the spy.

Pause for a deep cleansing breath.

I didn’t answer the message. Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood to play a guessing game. I instead posted on my Facebook status for other people thinking about doing the same thing to other psychics:

FYI, testing the psychic doesn’t sit well with most of them. Don’t go into a conversation or a reading with the idea that you’re going to make them guess or trip them up. It creates bad energy.

This is absolutely the truth. The act of conducting any type of psychic reading whether it’s communication with deceased loved ones, discovering past lives, healing illnesses, clearing chakras, reading tarot cards, etc., etc., is all based on the exchange of energy. It’s actually a rather intimate act. It requires a certain level of soul vulnerability for the best results. The client’s energy has to be open and free flowing to the reader, while the reader’s energy has to be open and free flowing to receive the client’s energy as well. So when you ask a psychic a question that requires use of the energy exchange to answer and your intent is to trick the psychic or anything except pure intentions, you will block your own energy. You will sabotage yourself. You will also harm the psychic because the harder the reading is, the more energy is used. It’s difficult to manage our energy as it is without people treating this like a parlor trick or a game. That’s why I don’t play guessing games with people just looking to see if I get it right or wrong.

A little while after I posted that status, I got another message announcing who the person was in their previous life according to the other psychic. There was also an insinuation laced with negativity that I’m not really Fanny Chamberlain because any real psychic knows they can’t read themselves, thereby also insinuating that I’m not really psychic. Trust me, sometimes I wish I wasn’t.

Pause for another cleansing breath.

Before I could respond, said person made use of their block button. I’m posting my response now, should that person ever come across this blog.

That conclusion did not come from reading myself. It came from spontaneous past life memories beginning as a toddler, followed by investigation as an adult to verify those memories, which is a common and accepted phenomena in reincarnation studies. I urge you to get to know my case before assuming that I read myself because I did not. People cannot read themselves, as you pointed out. Additionally, getting to know my case would show that I resisted it for years and never wanted it. I have been through hell and back with it. I apologize for any offense I have made but your first message rubbed me the wrong way, as it would anyone in my profession. It isn’t a guessing game to me. If you didn’t mean it that way, that’s one thing, but if you did, please reconsider before you approach other psychics in that way. Most don’t like feeling tested.

Indeed, I did not read myself. It’s a gross assumption that I did because I have always been very open about my reincarnation case since I came out with it. Anyone who has spent more than a week in my life probably has the full story. If they don’t, they can ask. If they don’t, they can read my zillions of blog posts out there on my previous lives, or better still, read the book that I wrote in order to help the very people that test my patience sometimes. Making assumptions with a negative attitude is not at all acceptable in this case when there is so much information to the contrary out there.

Moral of the story?

Testing psychics is a bad idea and puts them in bad moods.
Education should always come before assumptions.
Practice safe energy exchanges!

Just in case there are any lingering doubts about my reincarnation case, please read about my case on the Historical Figures Reincarnated website for free, or purchase my book, Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated, on most major online retailers.

5 responses to “Why testing psychics is bad”

  1. Sparrow says:

    >Testing a psychic is usually the energetic equivalent of expecting someone to do well on a test while you are sitting there in front of them loudly muttering "I'll bet you can't do it. Neener, neener, neerer," the whole time. Their negative energy, even if it is merely doubt instead of an active desire for the psychic to fail, disrupts the flow of energy that the reader needs to read them by.

    And really, it's pretty tacky of them to expect you to give them a mini reading for free regardless.

  2. Wendy says:

    >There are butthead customers, no matter what the "ware" is you're selling. Cleansing breaths. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    >I know someone who once visited a psychic with a list of items, like a shopping list. She would not tolerate remarks, answers, etc that did not fit within the line of her preference.
    I said to her: What you are doing is expecting full HD, 3D, surround sound effects, but you only tolerate old fashioned radio from the 1940s.
    When you visit a psychic you cannot show up with a list and get exactly what you want. You will get what you need, whether you like it or not. And that does not lie in the hands of the psychic.


  4. brean says:

    >I believe that we are all born with this ability but external pressures often force it from our conscious mind. If you have had, some kind of unexplained feeling, event or just curious, you owe it to yourself to validate your power by taking a psychic test.


  5. Nellie says:

    What I also find odd is seeing folks test people for mediumship abilities by having them predict Venner cards. That’s like determining how good of a celloist someone is by having them try to play the trumpet. Those are related skills, and someone might be able to do both, but they definitely aren’t interchangeable.

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