Jessica Jewett is an author, artist and a spiritual intuitive, or often referred to as a psychic medium. Her birth name is Jessica Jones but she takes her professional name, Jewett, from her maternal line. The name she chose to use professionally is to remember and honor the strong women whose blood carries that name — women like nineteenth century Maine author, Sarah Orne Jewett. At 30, Jessica has accomplished more than most twice her age with the publication of several fiction and poetry titles, success as a commission portrait and landscape artist, and now as a spiritual intuitive with public readings in such venues as Hot 104.5 The Beat of Knoxville. She comes from a 300-year genetic line of various types of intuitives going back to France and has been an intuitive herself from birth. Her areas of expertise include Tarot reading applied to a variety of areas and individual questions, past life readings; she have skills as a physical medium when the situation arises, and she also does spiritual counseling.

Artistically, Jessica began her expression through paint and pencil before she could read. Family, friends and teachers quickly recognized that her paintings and drawings surpassed her peers in skill and precision. She grew up winning numerous awards in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as Northwest Georgia and Atlanta, having no trouble competing with able-bodied artists. Her unique approach, using pencils, brushes and other tools in her mouth, amazes and inspires all who meet her.

Jessica’s interests are inspired by her background and are present in her everyday life. She spends a great deal of time both researching the nineteenth century and her family’s genealogy. Her heritage is a typical American mixed bag of German, French Huguenot, English and Native American (Oklahoma Cherokee, Choctaw on her father’s side and possibly Lakota on her mother’s side). She is a member of the expansive Jewett family, which was among the first families to come to North American shores in the late 1600s, settling Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire. Her family tree includes such notable and intriguing figures as General William Tecumseh Sherman, General Pershing, Sarah Orne Jewett and John O’Connell, who was Jesse James’ embalmer and coffin builder in St. Joseph, Missouri. Her family has fought in every American war since the Colonies were settled, and Jessica aspires to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Daughters of the Union.

Living in different regions such as Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin and Tennessee, has afforded Jessica the opportunity to be exposed to different people and traditions. She believes there is a story waiting to be told inside of every person, which is why she keeps several different writing projects going at the same time. The nineteenth century, with an emphasis on family dynamics, social culture and sexual politics, is her favorite subject to write. She also has a great passion for paranormal studies, such as reincarnation and investigating haunted locations, and they often highlight her written and artistic themes.

A unique woman with an unconventional perspective, Jessica Jewett has a great deal of creativity and insight to share with the world.

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