Concerning past life readings, tarot readings, etc.

Just a quick note.

I’m doing the best I can with past life readings and tarot readings and stuff. I realize things don’t move as fast as they should but you guys need to remember a few things.

One: my health is unpredictable. I get sick without much warning and when I do get sick, my body shuts down. Right now I’m on antibiotics that are making me want to throw up all the time. I cannot work when I’m sick.

Two: my family life is unpredictable. I live in about 900 sq ft with two other people and several animals. My schedule doesn’t always agree with their schedules, which means there are lots of times when I expect quiet and privacy to work but I don’t get it.

Three: Do you see me doing art in the afternoons? That’s when my home health caregiver is here. I can’t work in the afternoons on readings because of her working here. Home health is supposed to assist me in daily life, not sit here and watch me work on the computer. Your tax dollars pay for these caregivers and they need to be utilized correctly.

So when I say I think I can get to you on a certain day but I don’t, that’s not me putting you off – that’s stuff here at home coming up and getting in my way. I work when I can. Much of this is outlined in the confirmation emails when people sign up for readings, so it’s not a surprise. I work when I can and I get to everybody as fast as I can. Yes, it can be a wait to work with me. I’m sorry about that but yelling at me isn’t going to make it go faster. Wait times for readings with other more famous intuitive people can be as much as two years and it’s almost never as quick as a couple of days like people want when working with anybody in this field. Average wait times are weeks or months in advance for all of us.

This work is hard and it makes most of us sick or develop fatigue conditions over time the more we do it. I used to force myself to do 12 readings every day, 6 days a week. Sure everybody was happy and I made more money, but you know what? I ended up in the hospital because I got so sick from pushing myself that hard. I will not do that again.

Be patient. Nobody gets forgotten. I have a list and an email folder where my orders get filtered. It just takes me longer, which is spelled out on my website. I WILL GET TO YOU. Please allow me to determine at what pace I can work.

Okay? Thank you.

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