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A night with DDub and the Knight

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>Last night I had planned to meet my friends at Life (the club) and have a good time with them and catch a glimpse of Donnie on stage. As usual, the night had different plans for us. Angela and Kimmy came by my house yesterday afternoon to hang out and make plans for the party since my mom has a really difficult time managing my wheelchair and me by herself anymore. They promised my mom that they would help her with the wheelchair lifting and stuff so we could both go and have a good time. When people work together, it makes all the difference in the world!

Pre-party picture after makeup. I don’t like wearing a lot.

We all met at the club, which had no handicapped parking and valet was $20, so we self-parked in the strip mall next to the club to avoid the staggering drunks. Trust me, there were a lot of drunk girls. Johnny was walking around the line outside and of course people were trying to butter him up to get to Donnie. We didn’t though. I pretty much smiled and said hello and he cleared people out of the doorway so I could get inside. We all got drinks and staked out a spot along the railing by the stairs to keep people from standing in front of me so I could have a good view of the stage. This is after we got settled in our spot.

A lot of people came up to me saying they know me from Twitter and my blogs and stuff. I really, really tried to remember everyone to say hi today but as the night went on, I kept getting stopped and I couldn’t remember everyone. I’m sorry! I love meeting all of you though!

While my mom went outside for her cigarettes, one of the hostesses (I think she was a hostess) came up to us and gave us the VIP wristbands. It was a shock because we hadn’t gone to the party with the intention of trying to have facetime there but for whatever reason, we were given the chance. As soon as other staff saw the wristbands, they took Kimmy, my mom and me to the front of the line where there was a room Donnie was using for pictures with the fans. Robo was back! He was checking wristbands and grabbed my hand and pretended to pull on me and teased, “Gimme that wristband!” Robo was there for my very first show and brought Jon to me in Utah and used to call me Jessica Simpson so it was really nice seeing him again.

Robo led us into the room and Donnie was finishing up with the fan ahead of me. When he was done with her, he motioned for me to come to him and said, “Come here, baby girl.” Remember my mom was pushing my chair and she’s not much bigger than me so she can’t always see how far the front sticks out. Well, Donnie was coming toward me and I was coming toward him and bam, the lump under my wheel was his foot. He laughed and joked, “Oh you ran over my foot!” Me? Embarrassed. My mom and Donnie? Laughing about it.

I have always been intimidated by Donnie (and Jordan too). Donnie can be somewhat aggressive with women and I have never quite been able to figure out the inside of him, not the entertainer. I was nervous about one-on-one time with Donnie without Jon being there because Jon always comes at me with his own agenda and I never feel pressured to think of clever things to say and I don’t have to be an extrovert around Jon like a lot of Donnie girls can be. This time, though, Donnie was not all “on” like he is in big groups. He gave me a good long hug, got down on my level and talked to me in a low voice, which calmed my nerves a lot. He asked me how I was and there was some small talk. I asked if he remembered me (Jon does tend to monopolize my meet and greet time) and he said, “Honey, all five of us will always remember you.” It was babe or honey or something to that effect.

Then he started pulling up his sleeve and pointed out a bracelet among other bracelets. I peered down at the little yellow bracelet and read the letters “JONATHAN”. My face burst into a smile and he was waiting for that reaction and he smiled the same way and said, “See, I’m the biggest Jon girl.” I cracked up and said yes he was. The photographer was taking pictures and the flash was distracting but Donnie asked if I was okay and if I was set up in a good spot. I had a flashback of being in Nashville and Jon asking the exact same thing, if I was okay and if I had good enough seats. I realized that those two men might be more alike than I thought. I told Donnie that I was set up by the railing and I wasn’t sure if it was a good spot but it would be okay. In my head I was thinking that the railing was as tall as I was and I wasn’t going to see over it very well but I wasn’t going to say that to him. He said he was going to take care of me and set me up in a good spot and he started yelling for Robo. We were getting pushed out by then but when Robo came, I heard Donnie tell him (paraphrasing), “She’s one of the most loyal fans we have. Set her up. Take care of her. There is another fan in a wheelchair too and I want you to make sure they are set up good.”

We went back to our spot at the railing because Robo was still working facetime security and wasn’t able to follow Donnie’s orders at that point. A club staffer came by and asked if we could get me down the steps to the floor and be right in front of the stage but she said it could only be me and not the rest of my party. I said no to that offer because I had no interest in being separated from my friends even if it meant being front row to see the action. My friend Angela (whoppers4Jordan on Twitter) started frantically texting me saying Donnie wanted me in VIP or something (it was dark and I couldn’t read it very well) so we hauled ass back to the other side of the club to see what Donnie wanted or whatever the issue was. Security led us through VIP and set us up on the left side of the stage if you looked at it from the audience perspective. I was not too far from the DJ booth behind the black couches. While we were dancing and drinking (well, they were dancing and I was drinking Coke), Johnny passed through a few times and touched my shoulder and smiled at me.

The show started and Donnie saw me pretty much right away. I made eye contact with him a lot when he was toward the back of the stage. At one point, a woman squeezed right by me and I realized shortly after that it was the lady from The View. She had a back rub, which I’m told was a lot dirtier in Chicago than Atlanta. And then when Jordan came out, the club erupted. It was deafening. I’m usually not a screamer but he was really close and revving up the crowd. Those Knights, I tell you, they make women do things way outside of their normal personalities. I lost my voice because of Jordan. He looked at me several times but I’m not sure if he realized he follows me on Twitter or if my wheelchair just naturally drew his attention like it does for everyone.

All in all, the party far exceeded my expectations not only with Donnie, who really is an extremely thoughtful and considerate man, but because I got to spend the night with my girls. Angela, Kimmy and Jess are the best! The only thing that would have made it better was if Jon and his Frankenfeet could have been there. It was a little strange being at one of these things without seeing him there and I missed his smiles and blown kisses from the stage but the way Donnie took such good care of me was reminiscent of Jon being there too.


Now I’m off to get ready for Jordan Idol. If anything good happens there, I’ll blog about that tomorrow, but I’m really just going to support Angela who is auditioning.

I want to say big thank yous to Angela, Kimmy and Jess for sharing such a cool night with me and for being there to make my mom feel welcome. She hasn’t been out to do anything like that in months and months and she needed a break from rebuilding for six weeks after the flood. If Donnie ever sees this, I hope he knows how grateful I am for his care and concern. He made the night extra special, especially for my mom, who is a Donnie girl (yet told me when I was little that Jon was a bad influence on me — explain that one LOL). Donnie, I may have been intimidated by you in the past but it took one-on-one time to understand you better. Jon may have a little competition now! Thank you for everything! Kisses! Get me on Twitter — JJ9828 🙂

Update: Here are the official pictures from meeting Donnie. In the first one, he is showing me the Jonathan bracelet he was wearing and in the second one, it’s our group shot.

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>Dressgasm of the Day: 1895 Boston Ballgown

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Have you ever heard that all fashion styles recycle themselves in time? Today’s dressgasm comes from 1895 but it also looks like it could have been a 1985 prom dress, except this dress is exceedingly well-designed and expensive. A polyester or rayon prom dress discarded after a night of drinking and dancing, it is not, but it resembles the princess dresses we all wore in the 1980s.

This ballgown is listed on eBay at the moment and it is another acquisition from a museum. The gown is said to have been owned by Blanche Goodhue-Pfaeltzer, who lived in Boston and Paris, and the label inside says Maison Truffert, San Francisco, which was a dressmaker on Taylor Street according to a reference in 1890. This dress in particular is dated to 1895 and it would have been considered fabulous Boston high-end fashion. If Blance had residences in Boston and Paris, then she certainly had a good deal of wealth at her disposal.

Golden silk satin makes up most of this ballgown along with a brocade bodice. The end of the nineteenth century into the early twentieth century saw the most severe synching with corsetry at the most unhealthy levels. Blanche’s golden ballgown has a bust of 31 inches and a mind-boggling waist of 21 inches, which is not even the smallest I have seen from that decade. The gown is of all French construction with a lace-up back and a bodice lined and stayed (like boning) to give even more structure over a corset. What makes this dress even more unique is that the shoes and stockings are still with it. The stockings are made of golden silk and the shoes are high heeled and made of satin. If only 1980s prom dresses were this lovely!

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>Dressgasm of the Day: 1856 Green 3-Tier

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This whopper of a dress on the left is the dressgasm of the day. It was sold on eBay a few months ago after the seller acquired it from a museum in the Northwest, as I recall. It sold for a mind-bloggling price of $1,275, but the dress is absolutely worth every penny considering the great condition. The lady who wore this dress was tiny. Keep in mind she was wearing a corset and the dress had stays sewn in as well but the bust was only 31 inches and the waist was only 24 inches. Her natural waist without the corset was most likely about 26 or 27 inches. Let me put that into perspective. I am five feet tall on the dot and my measurements fluctuate between 32 and 34-inch bust and 28 and 29-inch waist. With a corset, I get no smaller than a 27-inch waist. This woman was probably no taller than 5’2 and the average height for a woman in 1860 was between 5’0 and 5’2, so if you look at me, I’m about average for that time. I fit into a lot of these dresses but even I’m too “fluffy” for this dress.

This dress is made of forest green silk taffeta. This is clearly a mid-to-late 1850s dress because of two hallmarks: the multi-tiered skirt and the pagoda sleeves. While these things carried into the 1860s, they were far less prevalent as the blockades limited fabric importing and all efforts and resources were put into feeding, clothing and arming the armies. Black velvet foliage patterns line the edges of the skirt tiers and the sleeves. The trim around the collar and sleeve cuffs is called point de gaz. This woman was clearly quite wealthy if she could afford silk taffeta in that quantity and intricate and unique black velvet trim on top of it. It is a quality piece in structure since there has been very little serious damage between 1856 and 2009. It probably had some machine stitching when it was made.

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