>The Haunted Plantation

>Out of interest for the organization that owns the plantation, I can’t name the place without knowing for sure if they would be okay with exposing the “other” residents. When local kids catch wind of any haunting, they tend to break onto whatever property is in question in order to try and see a ghost of their own. I don’t want to see that happen to this plantation. It’s already delicate and in disrepair. The souls there are some that I feel protective of as well. They need help breaking free from the control of another very angry soul there too. He’s downright evil. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

The first night I visited the plantation, we were there with some friends who try to give the place an inhabited impression to keep lookie-loos off the property. I settled by the bonfire and immediately felt the prickling on my skin that I get when souls are in the vicinity. I looked at the main plantation house and noticed the silhouette of a young lady near the building who seemed very interested in what we were doing. Her countenance was kind, lonely and thoughtful. She was desperate to come see what we were doing by the bonfire so I invited her to join us. She could not move beyond the immediate vicinity of the plantation house though. She was afraid and I couldn’t figure out why because she was too far away and too quiet for me to get a solid lock on her energy. I felt bad for her but there was nothing I could do at that moment. I gave my attention back to my friends.

A little while later, my conversation was interrupted by a violent feminine scream. I spun around toward the woods and asked if anybody else heard that but it was quite evident that nobody else had heard it. When you’re just hanging around your friends, you don’t immediately jump to the ghost conclusion. I thought for sure someone was being attacked out there because of how clear the scream sounded. Since nobody else heard it, I calmed myself down and considered the situation from a medium standpoint. The information I received was that a slave woman had been killed back there and I asked if there were slave cabins back there. My friend exchanged looks with my other friend and said that she thought the same things as what I was telling her. I purposefully went to this plantation with no historical background so that I could stretch myself as a medium. I also had impression of a lanky man with coveralls or funny looking suspenders. Again, everybody looked at each other and said that he was a well-known figure to them as well.

A few nights later, my friends introduced me to another medium friend of theirs. We kept silent on our previous experiences at the plantation until we got there and went through it room by room. On the property itself, I had dueling impressions of Revolutionary War soldiers and Civil War soldiers on the land. As I told the story of what I was seeing, the car got silent. I wasn’t sure of my accuracy until I asked if anything I said made sense to them and the things they had seen there matched up with my impressions almost dead on correct. I felt myself getting back into the swing of being a medium, something I had set aside in order to do past life and tarot readings for people. These things all utilize different intuitive skills but being a medium was where I began as a child. I felt like I was getting back to my roots. The sun began to set as we made our way into the abandoned plantation house.

The first room I encountered was so dark and heavy that my fellow medium had long since abandoned his previous attempts at entering the room. I wanted to know what had him so uneasy about it so I had my friend push my wheelchair up to the doorway and as soon as I hit the threshhold, I made her stop. I could not go inside either. I saw a scene from approximately the early 1840s with a bed against the far right wall. A young woman was in labor with a doctor positioned to receive the baby. I realized there was blood everywhere – on the bed, splattered on the far wall, etc. – and then I realized the doctor was a murderer. He cut her and let her bleed to death. As the horror sank in for me, the doctor looked at me and said, “You get out of here now!” My friend’s dog ran right into the room toward the doctor’s image and I snapped, “Hampton! Come here!” I left immediately. Despite being a medium and used to all sorts of entities, I take threats seriously and I don’t mess with any entities that threaten me.

We moved toward the front parlor area of the house and at that point, I encountered the young lady who wanted to join us at the bonfire before but could not. I soon realized that she was the lady in labor in the vision I saw at the back of the house (it was not literally in front of me but a visual impression). She was clearly controlled by the doctor entity. I had heard of other entities being controlled in a house by a dominant, dark, angry entity but I had never personally encountered it. The young lady stuck to me as we moved through the house and I felt physical touches on my bare arms like she was petting and being affectionate. The other medium reasoned that I reminded her of a friend that she had in life. I was able to converse with her, receive a name, confirm things for one of the caretakers, and so on of things that I could not possibly know. Through the house, I got from her that she had an illegitimate child and was sent to relatives at that plantation to give birth. The doctor killed her for some unknown reason and she doesn’t know what happened to her baby. I expect that is a big reason why she never left and when the doctor died, his anger toward that incident tied him to that plantation and he is the dominant force there, although the other entities try to contain him to that back room.

We moved into the kitchen area behind the parlor and found “the caretaker” that everybody knows. He’s playful and enjoys touching women, something I was not as prepared for before I arrived as I thought I was. He tickled my knee, touched my thigh and put his hand on my chest in the time that I spent in the house. He’s a protective figure who makes his rounds around the property a lot during the night. I quite enjoy souls with a fun sense of humor despite their desolate situations.

We went upstairs and L (I don’t want to write out her whole name) was eager to show me the room that she had claimed as her own in life and death. I followed her to the room and the bad energy of the bottom floor no longer existed. She gave me visual impressions of her pretty things that she had been so proud of, how her room was arranged and so on. Everything I said matched up with what the other medium had said before and we seemed to connect based on seeing and experiencing the same things. She missed her silks, so we promised to bring her a silk pillow for the room (there is nothing in it right now). Despite her fading energy by that point, the offer made her so happy and I felt like I had done something to relieve her situation a little bit.

In another part of the upper floor, we found a child that was from another period than L. I will refer to her as V. She was about five, blonde and had a big bow like you see in Edwardian photographs. I felt like she died of a disease like scarlet fever and I was told that there were indeed epidemics in the area. V hardly ever ventures downstairs because of Dr. Evil. We had dogs with us and they apparently saw the other residents as well because my friend asked her dog, “Where’s V? Go get V!” and the dog ran to the room where the child dwells. A while later, we were talking in another room, and the dog sat in the doorway very still and relaxed, the same way he looks when he’s getting a good scratch. V and L both enjoy it when we bring the dogs to see them. Animals have the uncanny ability to not only see entities but to treat them no differently than the living, which is something that I think bonds entities and animals. As with the living, animals know when entities are evil and they will growl and bark at seemingly nothing, which is what dogs do near Dr. Evil’s territory.

So while L wants the silk pillow we offered, V wants a doll, which is what we’re going out to get later tonight. She was very specific about how the doll should look to the point that the other medium and I were talking over each other saying the exact same things. V teases me about looking like a doll because I’m tiny and she sees my wheelchair like a baby carriage stroller thing. She wants to play with me and named me Molly, which is why we decided we needed to bring her a doll of her own. It will be interesting to see if the doll or the pillow move around at all in the house without us doing the moving.

This is why plantations need to be rescued from decaying into history. Old buildings may look abandoned but they are most certainly not. This place is still home to V, L, the caretaker and Dr. Evil, among so many other soldiers and slaves. They can’t move on until Dr. Evil releases his choke hold on them. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. While we have the ability, we will work to make this plantation comfortable for them, preserve their stories and help them understand that we do care and they are remembered. We are close to having enough historical documentation to back up our medium impressions as well. It isn’t a game. It isn’t a flight of fancy. These people are quite real and still feel quite deeply.

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  1. Stella says:

    >Is it completely out of the question to hold a cleansing ceremony and possibly send Dr. Evil on his way? My understanding is that this has been done in other cases. I'm curious if there is some way you can do more for these spirits than just make them comfortable here.

  2. Keith Miller says:

    >I cannot claim to be as intuitive as you are; but I am pretty good. I worked in a building where in the past there had been human (child) Sacrifices committed before we took over the building. I saw it in my minds eye. We fortunalty had to move the business out of the building because it became condemned. I avoided that part of the building.

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