Reincarnation In The Media

Occasionally, legitimate and fascinating reincarnation cases turn up in the mainstream media. It’s a huge victory for reincarnationists in the Western world, a place so resistent to accepting these concepts as reality, when the mainstream media treats the subject with the dignity, sensitivity and respect that it deserves. Below, you will find several YouTube clips that I have collected of reincarnation cases discussed on American and British television shows.

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This clip came from the Sci-Fi Channel (now SyFy) show called Proof Positive several years ago. Jeffrey Keene tells the story of how he discovered that he was the Civil War Confederate General John B. Gordon in a past life. Jeff’s case is one of the most stunning out there with amazing evidence. I know Jeff today as I knew him when he was General Gordon. My husband at the time, General Joshua L. Chamberlain, officially accepted the surrender of the Confederate Army from General Gordon in 1865. They became friends and lectured for years together trying to bring the country back together again. Jeff and I found each other on the eve of the surrender anniversary and he has become my mentor in the last few years. I love him forever.

A few years ago, an Academy Award winning film company made a documentary film called Mozartballs, which explored various ways people are still devoted to the composer today. My friends, Steph and Lynette, were featured heavily in the film to discuss their reincarnation cases as Mozart and Anna Storace, respectively. Anna was Mozart’s singer for many years and they were in love. Despite Mozart’s return as a female in this life, they found each other again and live very happily together. This is a clip from the film.

Mozartballs/ Abendempfindung

In these two clips, the show Primetime Thursday reports on a small child who went through the ordeal of remembering his past life as a fighter pilot in World War II. Without previous exposure to the violence of World War II, the child was able to identify different fighter jets and offer descriptions of being shot down by the Japanese in great detail.

Part I:

Part II:

This documentary discusses another case of a small child in Scotland remembering a past life in a place he’s never seen. In an effort to validate the life and give the child some peace of mind, his parents begin digging into the past life and eventually take the boy to the place where he lived before. Very interesting documentary.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:


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