My bucket list

20120706-005247.jpgOne thing I have noticed about being 30 is I’m starting to think more about the things I want to do before my time on this earth is concluded. I’m sure everyone does that when they reach a certain age. For some, it’s later than 30. For others, it’s earlier. I find myself thinking about life passing me by more often these days because I have been facing the reality of mortality through rather serious illnesses of a few people I cate about very much. We don’t know when our time is through. We do have control over this moment though. I want to accomplish all of these things by the time I’m ready to turn 40. They are listed in no particular order.

My Bucket List

1. Spend a few months in France.
2. Spend a few months in Italy.
3. Study painting in Europe.
4. See my ancestral castles in Europe.
5. Learn French, Italian, Russian, Tsagali and Lakota.
6. Finish my American history degree.
7. Be a public voice for those with Arthrogryposis.
8. Have one of my books made into a movie or miniseries.
9. Publish books on a bigger scale.
10. Grow as a writer.
11. Be more disciplined about keeping a journal.
12. Earn a reputation as a skilled painter.
13. Find companionship with a man – a meeting of minds and souls that still allows me to keep my independence.
14. Visit Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Barbados and Costa Rica.
15. Be at peace with my body.
16. Allow myself to be loved.
17. Be a bigger voice for real paranormal research, not para-celeb nonsense.
18. Write a biopic for Joshua Lawrence and Fanny Chamberlain.
19. Go skinny dipping.
20. Spend more time sitting under the stars.

2 responses to “My bucket list”

  1. Mel says:

    #19 is on my list, too. I’ll totally go with you. 🙂

  2. Georgiana says:

    Because I think education is so life changing, I encourage you to work on the history degree. A lot of people now days confuse higher education with getting a job and they totally miss the importance of education. It’s helping you see the world as a bigger place.

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