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Dreams of rage, sex and storms

Dreams of rage, sex and storms
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Dreams are the keys to what’s really happening inside of ourselves if we know how to interpret them. I’m a very vivid dreamer. Sometimes it’s so constant that my dreams just fade in and out to new topics like a television show fading in and out of commercials. My dreams range from spirit communication, to past life flashbacks, to random nonsense imagery from my day, to highly layered and symbolic imagery telling me about my mental and emotional state. On rare occasions, I wake up before I’ve finished dreaming and that creates a lingering transparent image before me as if looking at a ghost. Luckily I’ve learned to tell the difference between a real ghost and a moment of sleep paralysis. I’m often baffled by people who say they never remember dreams because mine are so vivid. It has also been said that vivid dreamers are typically people gifted with psychic or mediumistic abilities. I can’t speak for everyone but that theory does fit with me and the other psychics and mediums I work with every day.

Lately I have been having a series of rather disturbing and complex dreams about various things. I would say that it has been going on for about nine months, maybe a year. It has gotten really intense in the last 6 to 7 months, however. I can divide them into a few different categories to try and help other people going through the same thing.


I had to put this in one major category because nearly all of my water dreams are linked. The subjects are varying, however. The vast majority of my water dreams involve being on either ships or smaller boats that are sinking. The sinking is not frightening for me in most of these dreams. In fact, I surrender to it rather easily. Just before the water claims my life, I usually wake up from the dream and consciousness brings the natural fear that comes with nearly drowning but I was not experiencing fear in the dream state. Usually dreams are highly symbolic and telling us about the anxiety we are dealing with in everyday life. In this case, a dream of this nature signifies being overwhelmed by responsibility of some sort. Water in dreams usually symbolizes emotion and psychic intuitiveness. Being overwhelmed and killed by water would then signify being overwhelmed by some sort of oppressive emotion or intuition about some issue in your life. It’s an overwhelming sense of something you already know but you’re not dealing with it in your conscious world. Avoiding an emotional issue causes dreams of drowning more often than not.


The category of storms in my case covers tornadoes and hurricanes. Most of the time, the hurricane dreams go hand-in-hand with the sinking ship and drowning dreams. This is an example, step-by-step, of how layered the dreaming process can be for all of us. Hurricanes usually signify anger and emotional upset because it has a lot to do with water. If you think about it, hurricanes are basically water in its most angry state. So not only is drowning symbolic of being overwhelmed by emotion, the hurricane added to it means you are being overwhelmed by rather negative emotions such as anger or jealousy or bitterness. Water by itself without any storms usually signifies sadness, sorrow and psychic intuitiveness.

I don’t really have very many dreams with tornadoes in them but a lot of my friends do and they ask me about it all the time. Tornadoes usually happen happen in terms of chasing down an individual or group of people. These tornadoes are aggressive as if they have their own consciousness. Tornado dreams of this nature are usually about extreme anxiety. Sometimes a loved one will come along and rescue you from the tornado (I hear about this a lot) and that signifies the safe harbor of trust and love. If that person has passed away, it probably represents the loss of that kind of trust and love while the tornado becomes a symbol of grief, and the anxiety that comes with grief. If you are watching the tornado destroy people you know, think about what qualities in those people strike cords with yourself. The tornado is representative of your own insecurities and the desire to destroy what you consider to be back qualities inside of yourself.


It’s pretty much common knowledge in the dream world that the subject of sex is almost never about sex. It’s about control. In my case, my dreams concerning sex are usually violent and symptomatic of untreated PTSD. I won’t go into to much detail about these dreams because they are such frightening experiences for me. Thank goodness they don’t happen very much anymore. Basically, they are flashbacks to being molested by a former male member of my family. Sometimes the person doing the assault is not that former male member of my family but he is always inside of the skin, so to speak.

Under normal circumstances, dreams about sex are by and large about control, whether that control is feeling a lack of it or trying to exert too much of it. If the person is someone you know, think about the qualities that person has that you either want or dislike. What determines which qualities you should be looking for would be the type of dream it is. If the dream is violent, then you should be looking for what qualities in that person make you uncomfortable and if they resonate inside of you. If the qualities resonate inside of you, then it’s probably about you trying to establish control over parts of yourself that you don’t like. If the dream is positive and a good experience, then you want to look at what kind of qualities that person has that are good and make you feel good. Are those qualities you want to attain for yourself? Are they qualities you want in a lover? Or even a friend?


The most recent type of dream I have been having has been about me expressing serious rage at people. Sometimes I don’t even recognize the people. They’re just images my subconscious creates. Other times, they are people from my life. The rage is not rational and I see myself doing it in the dreams but I can’t stop myself. Someone will just set me off with something stupid and I will completely scream and become hysterical. Sometimes other elements overlap into this kind of dream, such as a hurricane happening around it or the rage happening on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The rage has been directed at one person in particular who has never done anything to remotely make me angry. I’m angry with something happening to that person but I’m not specifically angry with that person. In other words, my rage is being taken out on something I can’t control but it has the face of this person I care about because it’s happening to that person.

It’s not hard to decipher what it means when you are expressing rage at people or situations or even objects in dreams. It’s pretty literal. Rage means anger. You have to be careful when interpreting exactly what the cause of your anger is, however, because it may not be that actual person, situation or object. It might be something happening to them, something they make you feel that you don’t like, something they are doing to you, or anything like that. Think outside of the box when it comes to interpreting rage and try to figure out what is really causing you that anger. Look beneath the surface of that person’s face.


Countless books have been written about dream interpretation. I have only given you a tiny little bit of what I know from my own experiences. Luckily, I managed to do it without giving away too much personal detail about my dreams. As you can see, they are highly layered and are never what they appear to be at first glance. It’s not hard to see that the majority of my dreams over the last year have been dealing with a sense of overwhelmed feelings, intuition and not dealing with my emotions properly. I spend so much of my time looking after other people and helping them sort out their own problems by doing readings and such that I often neglect my own development. A lot of it does go back to unresolved feelings toward a couple of people. The thing I want you to understand when you have unresolved issues with people in your life is that resolving it is not going to happen from them. Peace and resolution has to come from yourself and working out whatever overwhelmed feelings are happening in your own psyche. Nobody can make your life better except yourself. Nobody can give you emotional direction except yourself. There are people who can give you support and nudge you in the right direction but at the end of the day, it comes down to you and your desire to find peace.

Sweet dreams!

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Example of hate mail I get

Example of hate mail I get
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An example of the hate mail I get on a daily basis, copied directly from the email.

“The bible is very clear concerning psychics and mediums. Also, when you die, you move on to a different life and DO NOT interact with this world after you leave it unless you decide to return to learn. Try reading the bible instead of scamming people you cunt.”

Yeah. I just got that not five minutes ago. I thought it was appropriate to use the picture of myself as the devil from Halloween many years ago. My feelings would be hurt if it wasn’t blatantly hypocritical and hilarious that someone told me to read the Bible and called me a cunt in the same breath. I get emails like this a lot. Sometimes they’re anonymous. Sometimes not. Most of the people claiming to want me to save my soul, read the Bible, etc., are the ones who use the most abusive language. Being called a cunt is just the tip of the iceberg. In the beginning, these emails used to bother me a lot but over a few years, I realized these are the extremists out there. They don’t represent the goodness in the Christian and Catholic communities that I have come to know through people who love me and accept me for all that I am. Such people who abuse others for having different beliefs are not embracing the true teachings of Christianity. One thing I have always wondered about these people is why are they on my website if they don’t agree with its content? Why waste their time?

I posted this example of hate mail because I know many psychics and mediums who have romantic ideas about doing this kind of work in a public way. Think long and hard about what you want to do with your gifts. There are always going to be extremists out there calling you names like fraud, asshole, bitch, devil worshiper, and cunt, among a myriad of other colorful names. If you can’t become tough, grow thick skin and let these extremists roll off your backs, you might want to reconsider doing this work in a public way. It takes a very strong human being to go against commonly accepted beliefs and stand tall in who you are no matter how many stones are thrown at you. These people can’t be avoided. Letting their venom poison your opinion of yourself can be avoided, however.

By the way, I have read the Bible cover to cover – the children’s version when I was 8 and the King James version when I was 18. I was also a regular at Mass for the majority of my youth. I’m probably more well-versed in different religious teachings than most of these extremists. My advice to everyone is to read everything from every religion and join discussions with different faiths rather than attacking and throwing around insults.

The Devil in Georgia

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My great-great-great grandfather was drafted in the Civil War?

My great-great-great grandfather was drafted in the Civil War?
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I found this image by accident on tonight. My great-great-great grandfather was Samuel L. Jewett of Cooper County, Missouri. He’s listed in this book, as you can see here. What does this mean? Was he drafted? The book says July, August and September 1865 but the war ended in April 1865. Please explain what this is if you recognize it and explain to me why the book is from after the war ended. I was under the impression that he never served in the war, although I haven’t a clue of how he got out of the draft. Click the image to see a larger version.

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