Example of hate mail I get

An example of the hate mail I get on a daily basis, copied directly from the email.

“The bible is very clear concerning psychics and mediums. Also, when you die, you move on to a different life and DO NOT interact with this world after you leave it unless you decide to return to learn. Try reading the bible instead of scamming people you cunt.”

Yeah. I just got that not five minutes ago. I thought it was appropriate to use the picture of myself as the devil from Halloween many years ago. My feelings would be hurt if it wasn’t blatantly hypocritical and hilarious that someone told me to read the Bible and called me a cunt in the same breath. I get emails like this a lot. Sometimes they’re anonymous. Sometimes not. Most of the people claiming to want me to save my soul, read the Bible, etc., are the ones who use the most abusive language. Being called a cunt is just the tip of the iceberg. In the beginning, these emails used to bother me a lot but over a few years, I realized these are the extremists out there. They don’t represent the goodness in the Christian and Catholic communities that I have come to know through people who love me and accept me for all that I am. Such people who abuse others for having different beliefs are not embracing the true teachings of Christianity. One thing I have always wondered about these people is why are they on my website if they don’t agree with its content? Why waste their time?

I posted this example of hate mail because I know many psychics and mediums who have romantic ideas about doing this kind of work in a public way. Think long and hard about what you want to do with your gifts. There are always going to be extremists out there calling you names like fraud, asshole, bitch, devil worshiper, and cunt, among a myriad of other colorful names. If you can’t become tough, grow thick skin and let these extremists roll off your backs, you might want to reconsider doing this work in a public way. It takes a very strong human being to go against commonly accepted beliefs and stand tall in who you are no matter how many stones are thrown at you. These people can’t be avoided. Letting their venom poison your opinion of yourself can be avoided, however.

By the way, I have read the Bible cover to cover – the children’s version when I was 8 and the King James version when I was 18. I was also a regular at Mass for the majority of my youth. I’m probably more well-versed in different religious teachings than most of these extremists. My advice to everyone is to read everything from every religion and join discussions with different faiths rather than attacking and throwing around insults.

The Devil in Georgia

9 responses to “Example of hate mail I get”

  1. Crys says:

    How trashy and hypocritical. I’m sorry you receive emails like this (I do too). But after so many years doing this work, I’ve grown to dismiss it easily. Those people are the least informed and least educated of all our readers. Their hateful opinions mean very little.

  2. Yulena Union says:

    XD… Devil in Georgia! Anyone whose a frequent user of the internet knows not to take any religious debates on YouTube seriously. I’m not to big on religion myself, but people turn a beautiful way of life into an ugly nightmare.

  3. Brooke Gray says:

    I’m appalled that people would dare call you names like that. I’m offended as a Christian for someone to send that. I am very intrigued by your gift. I was raised not to believe in such gifts, but I believe God has given you these talents for a reason. I would love to do a reading one day. I’m not sure what to expect. I am proud you do not let these crazies bother you. Somedays I just want to slap the stupidity out of people & I’ve been asked “What would Jesus do?” I usually reply, “slap you too” ????lol have a great day Jessica!!

  4. Courtney says:

    I’m pretty sure the Bible doesn’t say anything about psychics or mediums. Where on earth are these people pulling these ideas from?

  5. Holly says:

    These are unhappy people who want to project their pain onto others. It’s a shame. I’m glad you can look past that. Not sure if I could. Hate is ugly.

  6. Kim says:

    Courtney, the Bible does speak against “soothsayers” or “fortune tellers,” depending on which translation you read. I always thought this curious because it also speaks in favor of the gift of prophecy. So how is a person supposed to know the difference between a “fortune teller” and a prophet?

    Jessica, I am sorry people act that way. There’s really no call for it.

  7. Nellie says:

    I want to know what version of The Bible they’ve been reading that left out the bits about “Love they neighbor as thyself” and “Judge not lest you be you be judged.”

  8. Tam says:

    I am atheist/agnostic and I dont tell Christians to live according to MY principles. I respect their right to believe as they choose. So Why do they get to tell me I have to live by theirs? or in this case why should YOU Have to live by theirs? organised religion is messed up

  9. Kathleen says:

    For years I have been conflicted about going professional to do my readings (yes, charging for them is also a way for the “righteous” to give psychics a black eye).
    But consider this~ churches continually pound the pulpit about tithing. What if people take that money and spend it on readings to get the answers they need rather than support a pastor’s $60,000.00 a year salary plus all the amenities? Dang~ churches are big money~money they don’t want to lose.Are psychics a threat? Ya think?
    I personally love Jesus and believe in God and the Holy Spirit and I,believe I was given this gift for a purpose and pastors get paid~ why shouldn’t the rest of us? Especially if it is not all about the money (speaking for myself)~Thanks!

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