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Tasty men in history

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>Ladies, I give you Leopold George Christian Frederick, King of the Belgians. He was Queen Victoria’s uncle. If you ever saw The Young Victoria, Uncle Leopold was the one pushing the marriage between her and Prince Albert. Forget the actor, the real Leopold was a stud!

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When you are hated by strangers

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To my friends, I love you forever. To my haters, I hope someone loves you because you sure need it.

This status I posted on Facebook and Twitter last night was inspired by someone I don’t even know who decided to take time out of her life to inform me that I’m bipolar because I’m “suicidal” one minute and the next I’m not, and people only hang around because they feel sorry for me. There was no rhyme, reason, or anything logical to it. Aside from the obvious ignorance in that statement by insinuating being bipolar or suicidal is somehow something to be ashamed of and justifies insults (neither condition deserves such ignorance), my first reaction was to ask why she even cared about what I talk about because her Twitter account wasn’t even following mine. For the record, I am neither bipolar nor suicidal but that’s beside the point. Really, what is the point? Are those kinds of hateful comments supposed to make me say, “Gee, you’re right. You clearly don’t know me but you must be right! I’m going to delete myself from the internet altogether just to make you feel better.”? No.

There has been an epidemic since the inception of the internet that people can hide behind their computers and lash out at anyone who mildly irritates them. It’s still shocking because most people would never have the guts to bully you to your face. This kind of thing used to really bother me. People really seemed to enjoy spreading rumors about me, attacking me, and so forth, until I nearly drove myself crazy trying to answer every rumor, every piece of hate, etc., with the truth.

Then I realized one day that this is not my problem after all. It’s theirs.

Usually I let these things go and pretend like they’re not there. People tell me to do that because I tend to be scrappy. I’m naive enough sometimes to think I can reason logically with hatred even though I know logic and hatred are incompatible things. I’m a person who likes to turn a negative into a positive, so if one person can learn from the things I’ve been through and develop their self-confidence from it, then I’ve turned an act of hatred into an act of love. It takes away their power. I’ve heard it said before that silence is acceptance. This does not mean fight back with negativity and verbal daggers of your own because then you are no better than them. It does mean, however, that you can translate negativity into positivity. So, here I am, making this into a lesson for anyone else on the receiving end of such negativity. Read on, soak it in, and consider it as adding to the principles of the way you live your life.

No matter what we do or say, people are going to believe whatever they contrive in their heads. We are in the information age where everything is delivered to us in convenient little sound bites until no one person has a complete picture of the truth. Judging an entire puzzle by a handful of pieces doesn’t work. You get frustrated when the pieces don’t fit with the picture in your head and you lash out at the puzzle, which did nothing wrong to you, instead of thinking, “Maybe I just don’t have the whole picture right.”

The truth is I feel sorry for people like the girl who threw verbal daggers at me last night, as well as everyone else who does it, because something clearly hurts her so bad that she has to lash out, be bitter, and try to hurt strangers. Instead of arguing with those who unfairly judge, it may be a better idea to remember that there is something broken and insecure that makes them lash out without justification. It takes a bigger, more spiritually evolved person to have compassion for those who need to spread negativity to make themselves feel better. If you strip away the villain facade to see the insecure creature underneath, then the power to hurt you no longer exists. This does not make you better than them though, and they are not better than you. You are just different people battling different demons. The people who exhibit the least compassion are the ones who need the most compassion.

True, the mud they sling at you is going to hurt. You’re human. You have feelings. The key is to put the idea into practice that a bully or hater or whatever you want to call them only has power over you if you allow it. It’s one thing to say it but it’s quite another to believe it and apply it to the principles of your life. Does the gossip and hate change anything about your life? Does it change your belief system? Does it change the truth of who you are? Does it make your friends and family run away in disgust? No, no, no and no. It’s just an inconvenience like a parking ticket or a mosquito bite. It’s an annoyance on the abstract fringes of your life and the key is to keep it there rather than affecting the core of your life.

Nobody can change your truth.
Nobody can change who you are.
Nobody knows you better than you know yourself.

If your heart, intentions, thoughts and deeds are in fact based in goodness and living an authentic life without pretense, then nothing anybody can say will change that. If you’re afraid of people leaving your life because of gossip and hate they might hear, then they were never really a valuable part of you in the first place. It sounds cliche but it’s actually true. I’ve learned this the hard way by trusting the wrong people and learning in the end who really supported me even when I was at my lowest. Those are the people who matter in your life. When you have real, genuine friends who are there through everything, not just fair weather friends, then you begin to understand the nature of true and lasting friendship. Anyone willing to listen to gossip and hate doesn’t really value you. Move on because you will find people who genuinely love you.

Time does make it fade. By that, I mean in the heat of the moment, it may feel like you’re never going to recover from unjustified gossip and hatred. Your feelings are raw, you’re furious, you want to fight the source of the hatred, etc. That is the moment when you need to go over the principles of compassion, taking away their power, being more spiritually evolved, and leaning on the people who really matter. Then a few days later, you’ll notice there isn’t so much pain involved. Before you know it, you’re looking back on the incident with indifference because you are still you and you were not dragged down into the black hole of negativity. Next time verbal daggers are thrown at you, you’ll remember how liberating it was not to get sucked into a hate cycle and it’ll slide right off your back.

Don’t hate those who hate you. Bless them, send them on their way and remind yourself….

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The difference between past life, tarot, spirit guide, and custom readings

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The most common thing people ask me when they’re trying to decide on which type of reading to get is what’s the difference between them. I will link this on How It Works but more people read my blog, so I’m going to primarily post it here. As always, if you have more questions, you can email me at for more information. Sometimes I get swamped and it takes me a little bit to get back to people but I will.

So without further ado, here is the breakdown of how my services in past life, tarot, spirit guide, and custom readings work. I will try to explain it as best as I can but each reading, like each person, is an individual and will be different depending on what comes through. Therefore, the descriptions below are in general terms.

If one of these types of readings strikes your interest, please visit to order your reading. They are available at five different price tiers. $1 = 1 min. The longer you want me to spend on your reading, the higher the tier.

Past Life Readings

A past life reading entails being presented with information about lifetimes that you have lived before this one. Details can often include, but not always include, information like historical periods, locations, themes in life lessons, sometimes names in the previous lifetimes, members of your soul group present in your life now from previous lives, etc. The purpose of getting a past life reading is to examine possible harmful cycles that need to be broken, life lessons that need to be completed, etc. Some people book readings and say things like, “Tell me who I was so I can go track myself down in records.” While I understand that need for validation, that is not the point and not the correct reason to get a past life reading. Therefore, I may not always receive information you want. I receive information you need in order to better develop your soul in preparation for finishing this lifetime and moving into future lifetimes. There is a big difference between information you want and information you need. Also, the vast majority of people are so average that you’re going to have a tough time tracking yourself down if that is your only goal. Choose a past life reading if you want insight into the path your soul has been taking, how you can improve your path, and insight into your relationships with other people.

Tarot Readings

This is the opposite of the past life reading. If you’re looking for insight into your possible future paths in this lifetime, this is the one you want. Tarot cards themselves are harmless and have no divine power but they are tools that help me focus my intuitive strength on your energy for the proper information. Most people come to me booking tarot readings when they need information on their finances, employment, romantic relationships, family/friend relationships, health, future children, baby genders, etc. This is the type of reading that will give you the most specific answers to your questions. It is important when booking a tarot reading to understand that the answers are only based on the current life path. You can change your life path at any time through your decisions and if you don’t like what your cards show you, it is up to you to change the future. Tarot readings often hold up a mirror to you and show you where you are going by the decisions you’re making right now. Sometimes information about how to improve your future comes through as well.

Spirit Guide Readings

For a detailed explanation of spirit guides, please read this blog. This is the kind of reading you want if you want to get to know your spirit guide better. We all have one. A spirit guide’s function is to nudge you here and there when you are pulling away from the purpose of your life, or when you need nudged toward a goal, or to avoid danger, etc. Spirit guides are not tarot cards. They are not very likely to tell you specifics about your future because they understand that the future can change at any time. A spirit guide will give you insight into why you behave the way you do, special warnings about your health or unsavory people around you, some details about where you’re headed, why you chose that spirit guide, how to recognize the presence of that spirit guide, how to establish communication, etc. They definitely will try to answer your specific questions but most of the time, they are going to communicate what you need to know rather than what you think you need to know. It’s best to just allow your spirit guide to say whatever needs to be said.

Custom Readings

When your goals with an intuitive do not fit with the above three choices, you need a custom reading. This choice is also good for those who have never been read before and aren’t sure which reading they want because the above reading types can be combined. You can get any combination you want with this one reading like a sample platter. This is also the type of reading that should be chosen if you’re looking for me to use my skills as a medium in contacting those who have passed on to the afterlife. I will warn though that I do not conjure or do seances. If your loved ones do not come to me of their own free will, I cannot help. That’s why I don’t have a specific reading type as a medium. I can’t guarantee the results. Custom readings are very flexible though and I will do everything in my power to accommodate your needs.

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