The difference between past life, tarot, spirit guide, and custom readings


The most common thing people ask me when they’re trying to decide on which type of reading to get is what’s the difference between them. I will link this on How It Works but more people read my blog, so I’m going to primarily post it here. As always, if you have more questions, you can email me at for more information. Sometimes I get swamped and it takes me a little bit to get back to people but I will.

So without further ado, here is the breakdown of how my services in past life, tarot, spirit guide, and custom readings work. I will try to explain it as best as I can but each reading, like each person, is an individual and will be different depending on what comes through. Therefore, the descriptions below are in general terms.

If one of these types of readings strikes your interest, please visit to order your reading. They are available at five different price tiers. $1 = 1 min. The longer you want me to spend on your reading, the higher the tier.

Past Life Readings

A past life reading entails being presented with information about lifetimes that you have lived before this one. Details can often include, but not always include, information like historical periods, locations, themes in life lessons, sometimes names in the previous lifetimes, members of your soul group present in your life now from previous lives, etc. The purpose of getting a past life reading is to examine possible harmful cycles that need to be broken, life lessons that need to be completed, etc. Some people book readings and say things like, “Tell me who I was so I can go track myself down in records.” While I understand that need for validation, that is not the point and not the correct reason to get a past life reading. Therefore, I may not always receive information you want. I receive information you need in order to better develop your soul in preparation for finishing this lifetime and moving into future lifetimes. There is a big difference between information you want and information you need. Also, the vast majority of people are so average that you’re going to have a tough time tracking yourself down if that is your only goal. Choose a past life reading if you want insight into the path your soul has been taking, how you can improve your path, and insight into your relationships with other people.

Tarot Readings

This is the opposite of the past life reading. If you’re looking for insight into your possible future paths in this lifetime, this is the one you want. Tarot cards themselves are harmless and have no divine power but they are tools that help me focus my intuitive strength on your energy for the proper information. Most people come to me booking tarot readings when they need information on their finances, employment, romantic relationships, family/friend relationships, health, future children, baby genders, etc. This is the type of reading that will give you the most specific answers to your questions. It is important when booking a tarot reading to understand that the answers are only based on the current life path. You can change your life path at any time through your decisions and if you don’t like what your cards show you, it is up to you to change the future. Tarot readings often hold up a mirror to you and show you where you are going by the decisions you’re making right now. Sometimes information about how to improve your future comes through as well.

Spirit Guide Readings

For a detailed explanation of spirit guides, please read this blog. This is the kind of reading you want if you want to get to know your spirit guide better. We all have one. A spirit guide’s function is to nudge you here and there when you are pulling away from the purpose of your life, or when you need nudged toward a goal, or to avoid danger, etc. Spirit guides are not tarot cards. They are not very likely to tell you specifics about your future because they understand that the future can change at any time. A spirit guide will give you insight into why you behave the way you do, special warnings about your health or unsavory people around you, some details about where you’re headed, why you chose that spirit guide, how to recognize the presence of that spirit guide, how to establish communication, etc. They definitely will try to answer your specific questions but most of the time, they are going to communicate what you need to know rather than what you think you need to know. It’s best to just allow your spirit guide to say whatever needs to be said.

Custom Readings

When your goals with an intuitive do not fit with the above three choices, you need a custom reading. This choice is also good for those who have never been read before and aren’t sure which reading they want because the above reading types can be combined. You can get any combination you want with this one reading like a sample platter. This is also the type of reading that should be chosen if you’re looking for me to use my skills as a medium in contacting those who have passed on to the afterlife. I will warn though that I do not conjure or do seances. If your loved ones do not come to me of their own free will, I cannot help. That’s why I don’t have a specific reading type as a medium. I can’t guarantee the results. Custom readings are very flexible though and I will do everything in my power to accommodate your needs.

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