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Help save this South Carolina plantation!

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>I volunteer for an endangered plantation called Red Doe in Florence, South Carolina, (see photos at the end) and we are in desperate need of help to rescue this historic place from desecration and decay. For a little history, Red Doe was built by Evander Gregg in 1846 and he later served as a sergeant major in the 3rd South Carolina State Troops during the Civil War. After changing hands many times for 160 years, this plantation has fallen into disrepair and relies almost entirely on volunteers to keep it safe. If we are able to keep the plantation going, repair it and so forth, we would like to open it to the public so they can learn more about South Carolina history and draw a little more tourism for the local economy. One of my jobs will be to advise in making Red Doe an ADA compliant tourist attraction. My job cannot happen until Red Doe has been restored into better condition.

We cannot rescue Red Doe alone. We need your help. Red Doe Plantation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible and it needs donations of money, supplies, volunteers, etc. Currently, there is a need for donations of money and Christmas decorations because we are opening the home to tourists December 2-4 for our fundraiser program, Christmas Through the Ages. Step inside the big house and travel back to Christmas past as living historians portray scenes from colonial, antebellum, pre-WWI and post-WWII life during the holidays. Learn about traditional home-made gifts, music, dances and sample seasonal recipes. Then vote with donations for your favorite themed room. The top three rooms will be back next year with the fourth being a surprise! If you are in South Carolina that weekend, please join us. I will be there portraying my usual Fanny Chamberlain.

If you cannot come and visit Red Doe yourself, please consider making a secure, tax deductible donation through Red Doe’s website at and please email if you are able to volunteer time, supplies, labor, etc. There are 4900 people on my Facebook, 1200 people on my Twitter, and who knows how many read my blog. If each of you donated just one dollar, that would make a huge difference!

P.S. Refer to this blog for information about Christmas Through the Ages:

I would consider this a personal favor. Thank you.

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