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I received a past life and spirit guide reading from Jessica and I have to say it was jaw dropping. She was spot on with my personality, picked up on something that has been carried from the past life she read for me into this one that literally sent chills up my spine. She named my spirit guide Emily and I couldn’t believe how they were able to point out some of my current issues that I’ve been having. I’m planning on getting a more in depth reading from Jessica and am recommending her to my friends as well.
– Cerian H.

I received my reading last night and I am still in shock over how accurate it is and how much of my past lives have effected my current lifetime and personality. I am not a skeptic or a doubter at all, but I decided not to tell Jessica anything about myself before my reading. The things she brought to light were nevertheless SO dead on the mark, and so personal, that tears were literally rolling down my cheeks as I read through it all. I could relate to everything she told me. All the fears I have make more sense now, as do certain life experiences that I’ve had along the way. I still have a lot of work to do on myself, but it was nice to hear that I have already started the process of putting some of my demons to rest. Probably the most shocking piece of information was about my spirit guide – my biological mother from a past life – whose role is to offer me the motherly guidance and love she could not give me then because she died when I was an infant. This was comforting to me since I was adopted as an infant in this lifetime as well, and have always felt very much on my own, fending for myself from a very young age. I dont know who my biological parents are, and I have never felt a close connection to my adoptive parents. It kind of brings everything full circle for me. I feel more at peace now, knowing I am not alone on my journey. I will definitely be ordering more readings in the future!
– Anonymous

Have you had a reading with Jessica? Submit your thoughts here!

My past life reading from Jessica has changed my life. The world is suddenly a brighter place because I now understand things that have been building up inside of me my entire life; she was “the voice” of my past life lover who wanted to make amends with me from the Civil War era, and she brought up issues from that life that have been transferred to my current life – issues that I was totally unaware of but know now my in heart to be true! I am beginning to feel confident and at peace with the way things were in that life and I feel as though I can begin to heal from the scars that carried over from it. I have learned that love indeed lasts forever while emotions like jealousy and anger don’t have to. Jessica also got me to understand that I need to trust my inuition instead of searching for validation on things from outside sources because the answers are already inside of me! She was also VERY patient with me and my persistant pestering regarding my understanding of this past life lover of mine and aspects of reincarnation in general over email and Twitter before I even got my reading (thanks for putting up with me, hon!). I highly recommend Jessica. This girl IS THE REAL DEAL. I know I’ll be scheduling more readings with her in the future for sure! Thank you so much, Jessica!
– Jenny T.

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I was amazed at how spot on my readings from Jess were! She gave me so much insight about why I am who I am today thanks to the amazing past life and spirit guide readings she gave me!
– Stacey B.

Jessica did a past-life reading for me. The reading concerned my life during the Victorian era, which spooked me, as I was fascinated by that era as a child in this current lifetime. I have always had (and still have) a strong pull towards the local historic houses/museums in my town which are dedicated to that era. On an emotional level, the reading hit the nail on the head regarding a pattern of low self-esteem as a result of suffering abuse. One of my life lessons must be to learn to stand up for myself; I have had that message hammered home by several people in the past week, and the reading confirmed it! Thank you very much 🙂
– Alison T.

I had been wanting a combination reading for quite some time and was particularly interested my past lives, as I’ve had reoccurring dreams since I was a child and was curious as to whether or not Jessica could give me more information on what my past lives were & whether or not my dreams are derived from them. When I received my reading, I was stunned…I cannot begin to put into words how accurate & remarkable her reading for me was!!! I haven’t had a chance to write a testimonial (until today) since I received my reading a couple of weeks ago, but I am still in awe of what she was able to tell me & how much it has clarified dreams & events that have taken place in my life! Thank you so much, Jessica! I will definitely be back for more readings & I’m sure my family & friends will be, too (I’ve been your walking advertisement since I read my reading…lol!) 🙂
– Jen B.

Jessica, you totally nailed my reading and the past life reading I received was amazing! The parallels between that incarnation and myself now were so undeniable I even had co-workers dropping their jaws in disbelief when I read it to them. Vey gift and talented person, thanks so much!
– Robert B.

I received my couples reading last week. I was amazed at how accurate you were. Everything you said about my now ex boyfriend was so true. Right down the proverbial ten pound fish stories he tells. He really does have a big heart but he needs guidance in his life. Now I understand why I am so jumpy around loud noises. I am fascinated to learn even more about my past lives. Thank you for the insight into my past. I would recommend you to everyone who wants a reading. I will definitely be back for more readings. Thank you so very much for the reading. It opened my eyes to the truth about my relationship.
– Maegan A.

I did the past live readings. AMAZING!!!! She is VERY very good!!! Well worth the price!!
– Lisa F.

You’re quite a person and I think I like what you do. Friends from the fsce. of life. I like your suspence, drama, thoughts and cares for our population needs a new thought every now and then. BLESS YOU JESSICA. I LOVE YOU FOR GOD IS THE CREATOR OF ALL!
– Brian

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Wow, I’m impressed to say the least! that tarot reading was bang on. Which worries me considering what you have said about what is meant to happen down the road.
– Nicole

Everything Jessica had to say was right on the mark with the parallels between this incarnation and one from my soul’s past that she was able to read for me. It put together a lot of pieces in the puzzle that has become my life today, and has given me a new outlook on how to handle the challenges that I’ve been facing. Thank you so much, Jessica, and I will definitely be getting readings for my whole family as soon as I can!
– Kristi

I’ll be getting my third reading from Jessica. Can’t wait!
– Grace

She is amazing! She’s read me, my husband…is doing an in depth one for me and will eventually do ones for my little boys. I can’t say enough good things about her!!
– Maggie

I highly recommend Jessica. She read for me about a year and a half ago and she was so thorough! I live in California and she was amazing!
– Erin

Jessica did a GREAT reading for me a year ago, and I was very pleased with it!
– Tami

I had been wanting to get a past life reading for a long time, then found Jessica’s site. My husband ordered a reading for me and we were both floored with how accurate she was. She was spot on with my personality and even shed light on a very real fear I have always had that I learned I have dealt with in other lives as well. I highly recommend Jessica if you want to learn about your past incarnations.
– Sandra

I have had Jessica do, I believe, 2 readings for me. I am not new to readings and understand they help provide insight but a lot of what I use to get was things I already knew and just got validation. But Jessica has actually given me different perspectives and things I did not think about but made sense once she brought them up. I have to take a couple of days to really let it sink in and go back and read it again before it becomes part of my sub-conscious. Than without thinking about it anymore, I start to see the very issues she spoke of and get reminded of the reading she had done. Would definitely come to her again (in fact, already planning on it.
– Patricia

I have always believed that there was more to my past than what I knew. I related to many of the things Jessica discovered in my past lives. For instance, I was a daddy’s girl — well I really still am. I am thoroughly satisfied and thrilled to not have been a murderous, treacherous, meanie in my past.
– Rebecca

We love having Jessica do past life readings for our family. It is always fascinating to hear what she sees when she looks into your eyes.
– The McBride Family

I’m actually responding because I’m the more social one, but both my husband and I enjoyed the past life reading you did for him. He did have a feeling that he was indeed involved in the German military during WWII and also that he spent time in France during the Revolution. Aside from giving support for his feelings, you also completely nailed his personality (which I found wonderful and hysterical). What’s really great is he now has a direction to go in in regards to researching who he was in those lives and why he’s here now. It’s a fun puzzle for him and exactly what he needed. Thank you so much. As usual, you did not disappoint. Great job.
– Maggie

I have had the pleasure of being read for by Jessica on four separate occasions. I am hoping to eventually save up for couple readings for myself and certain members of my family, as well as a few of my close friends. I think it’s an extraordinary treat to be given information that we aren’t necessarily aware of in this life. To be reunited with parts of ourselves that need that recognition could help us get over certain obstacles and fears that we are faced with. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate if you are having uncertainties about receiving a reading. Jessica is very thorough and will answer any questions you may have. I will continue to be a loyal customer and spread the word about this site and her unique services to my family and friends. She has brought much peace to my mind and has filled my heart with great joy.
– Meghan

Jessica was amazing with her past life reading of a guy I’m getting close with. It tied in to my own past life. Talk about mind blowing! Definitely trust Jess. She knows what she’s doing and having a past life reading is a great way to find out why you do the things you do, why you’re close to some people in your life and not others and so on.
– Sarah

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Jessica has done a couple of readings for me; both of which helped me understand situations and tendencies in my current life. She is very thorough in her explanations and always right on target. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone for a reading. I have a feeling I’ll be a customer of hers for many years to come. Thanks again, Jessica!
– Jessie

I have had two past life readings completed by Jessica and have been happy with both. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in discovering more about him or herself.
– Lauren

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful reading on my son.. It means the world to me.I also feel that he is strongly connected to the spirit world.When I am holding he looks to the corner and start laughing, I always tell him is those angels making you laugh.The only word he does say is burger, makes him laugh and everyone else too. Thank you again for the wonderful reading on him.
— Linda

Jessica has given me 3 past lives so far, and she’s been right on the money every time. All three of the readings have answered questions about myself that I’ve had all my life. Everything makes so much sense now. This girl is the real deal.
— Crystal

I decided to purchase a tarot card reading from Jessica. A bit skeptical; I read what she had to say about my future. There was one thing she said that I thought wasn’t possible, but when I returned back from vacation and went to work…it happened. A little shocked, but I’m waiting for the coming months to see if everything else comes true. Overall I have a clearer view of how the coming months will play out. I would purchase another tarot reading from her again.
— Tanya

I have been fascinated with the concept and idea of past lives for awhile, and decided to have a reading. Jessica’s reading was amazing! Words cannot even describe the rush of emotions and feelings I had when I read about one of my past lives. I was literally brought to tears. She gave me insight on things that I had questions about that I am dealing with in my present life, that I had never voiced that had also occured in my past life. Since my reading, I have thought about what she shared with me everyday. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone who is interested in learning more about past lives, etc. She is very professional, thorough and courteous. I look forward to working with her in the near future.
— Sissy

I loved the past life reading that I got from Jessica. She was very spot on! It was awesome! I look forward to getting another reading done in the future.
— Michaela

I?ve always thought that there was something after death and since my interest in Buddhism was born a few years ago, I?ve deeply believed in reincarnation. As a result, I was very curious to learn about one of my past lives. I was amazed at the outcome. Many things that Jessica said about my personality were true and I was happy to find out who I was in one of my early lives. Now, I?m seriously thinking about knowing more about my past and I?ve also convinced my mum to do it! I highly recommend her to all of those who believe in reincarnation. Really, you won?t be disappointed! Plus, another positive point is that the prices are very affordable.
— Isabelle

Even though I am only in my twenties, I have been a lifelong historian and interested in the afterlife and reincarnation for more than twenty years. The more I researched about paranormal topics, the more I became disillusioned with the possibility of accuracy and truth. Most stories had giant holes or the people associated with the accounts had something to gain monetarily or psychologically from attracting believers. I began to examine the paranormal from a scientific perspective, while still acknowledging that there is a place for myths, urban legends and the paranormal. I came to the conclusion that stories, whether true or myth, make life interesting and connect people to history, across time and place. I became interested in Jessica’s writing after finding out that she is a fellow historian herself and that we are both writers of the same age group. Somehow I feel that Jessica and I are both able to understand history through unconventional ways, and that we both try to convey that information to the public in order for people to better understand themselves and in constructing their identity. The identity needs not only to be decoded as an individual, but also as what the human condition really is. Jessica’s writing is original, well-written, and has a depth of perception and emotion that is rarely found in historians. She connects with the past and people, linking her findings to the present. I believe that if there is indeed such a truth as reincarnation, that Jessica is a believeable and trustworthy example of such a phenomenon. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and found it to be a worthwhile experience, and would definitely recommend her to anyone- believer or skeptic alike. Thank you Jessica for an interesting and thought-provoking experience to the past!
— Jenni

The reading Jessica did for me was just amazing. Having no real memories of past lives, she put all the strong emotions I have felt into perspective. Pieces fell into place, stories I’ve written became real life, and I suddenly feel like an entirely whole soul for the first time.
— Wren

Jessica’s reading was fascinating and surprising – it has definitely made me think about certain things differently. She is very professional and goes out of her way to help you understand what she sees.
— Christian

I can give her a recommendation. I just had a reading from Fanny yesterday. It was concentrating on some questions I had about a specific past life that I already knew a bit about. She hit on some things that I could verify and filled in on some things I hadn’t known but got a gut feeling as being right. She also mentioned something that jogged a fresh memory of that life. So, I’d say it was definitely worth the money.
— Nellie

I was very surprised in what Jessica was able to find. She answered a few questions I had had throughout my life. I had another reading done by a different person and all she could tell me was that my lives had no significant or tragic events in them and I was successful. Jessica was able to do a better, more detailed reading. I would recommend that anyone get a reading, even if you are skeptical, Jessica is the real deal.
— Robyn

I may be a pretty regular customer. This is wonderful for me!
— Giselle

This was very interesting! It must be really cool to find out so specific who you were in a past life, wow!
— Veronica

Have you had a reading with Jessica? Submit your thoughts here!

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