>We need your help! Save this plantation!

>There is nothing sadder than an old plantation falling into decay and ruin. That is what’s happening to Red Doe Plantation in South Carolina because there isn’t enough money to begin serious restoration efforts. I’m very close to one of the women who works with this plantation and I’ve offered to use my clout with the thousands of people who follow my Twitter and Facebook accounts to help draw attention to this beautiful place. Nothing is more shocking to the senses than pictures, so I will show you the current condition of Red Doe first.

Pretty sad, right? I have been to this plantation several times and I can tell you from my own experience that it needs a lot of work. The rain porch was not stable enough to trust my wheelchair with being safe out there, so the work needed is not just cosmetic. It’s structural. Inside, it looks like a stereotypical dilapidated haunted house with different eras of peeling wallpaper, paint and so forth. Underneath the decay, however, there are beautiful gems of historical integrity waiting to be uncovered and restored. Believe me when I tell you that this plantation is very much alive and does not deserve the slow, painful death brought on by lack of public donations.

The historical marker on the road reads: Red Doe Plantation was built in 1846 for Evander A. Gregg (1818-1874), a planter in what was Marion District. Its high masonry basement and porch form, indigenous to northeastern S.C., make it a fine example of a raised Carolina cottage. It was acquired by R.L. Singletary (1830-1910) in 1867 and by J.W. Wallace (1861-1928) in 1912. The plantation was named Red Doe in the 1930s.

You may be wondering what good it will do to save a plantation. For one thing, plantations are excellent teaching tools to educate school children and the public about American history. These places bring in tourist dollars and create jobs in the local community. Additionally, my friend says that they want to restore the big barn on the property (pictured below) to house horses for the local humane society. Simply put, this plantation needs to be saved!

So what can you do? Well, here’s how you can help!

My friend who works regularly with Red Doe has established Lucky’s Dollars for the Doe to carry on the legacy of her dog, Lucky. He has cancer and she wants to use his name to leave a legacy long after his passing of restoration and hope that we can all work together to bring Red Doe back to life. The picture on the left is Lucky sitting on the front steps of the plantation that he has known for years as his second home. Lucky’s Dollars for the Doe is a very simple program. Dig through your change jars, lift up your couch cushions, etc., and find a dollar to help Red Doe survive in Lucky’s name.

In Lucky’s own words:

Hi, I am asking all of my friends and their peepuls to please consider sending one dollar in an envelope to the non-profit group Red Doe Plantation, Inc. in care of my mama (since I am not allowed to walk to the mailbox alone). You will receive a receipt!

This is my most favorite place to spend time and I would like to leave a legacy of luck at “The Doe” long after I can’t fight my cancer anymore. Some peepuls don’t realize how much a doggy can do so help me show them! Time has taken a toll on the house and outbuildings and it is in desperate need of donations in any amount. (Take a peek at the pictures on the group page “Red Doe Plantation”.

So flip up those couch cushions, reach under the car seats and check the bottom of the washer! Spare some change to save this piece of history pwease! You know you can’t resist my cuteness, hee hee.

(P.S. Any doggy currency that is received will NOT be eated by me I promise. It will be taken to the local humane society.)

Red Doe Plantation, Inc.
c/o Gretchen Huggins
3695 Willow Creek Rd.
Florence, SC 29505

Lucky Huggins
via Gretchen Huggins

Everybody can afford a dollar. Just stick it in an envelope and send it today. If all of my Facebook friends and Twitter followers send one dollar, we have the potential to raise about $5,000. A lot of good can be done with $5,000! Please help us. I will consider it a personal favor and you will receive a receipt for your donation!

Lucky sitting on the front porch. Don’t disappoint this dog in the last phase of his life!

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  1. Stephanie Ann says:

    >Is there a group on facebook?

  2. virginiebarbeau says:

    >I only have Canadian money. Is that allowed? :p

  3. Anna Burns says:

    Is this plantation for sale to restore?

    • The plantation was owned by a nonprofit group when this blog was posted. I think they still own it but I’m not sure since my connection no longer has the ability to volunteer there.

  4. Is there a FB account ? How can I find out more to help

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