Video Blog – A Flood Relief Thank You!

My home was destroyed by a flood on July 10. Due to the outpouring of love and support, I felt a video blog formal thank you was necessary. I didn’t name anybody specifically just because there were so many people who contributed. If I forgot anyone, I didn’t want there to be any hurt feelings. So here’s Beulah’s first video blog!

3 responses to “Video Blog – A Flood Relief Thank You!”

  1. Jonette says:

    Jessica, don’t worry about the makeup! You look beautiful no matter what!! What a wonderful video blog. I can’t wait to see more!!

  2. Jo-Anne says:

    Thinking of you! You’ve managed to stay pretty upbeat in the midst of a bad situation and that is amazing. Stay strong and hopefully you’ll be back to some resemblance of normal soon! And by the way, you’re beautiful without makeup, don’t worry about it.

  3. Bobbie jean says:

    Jessica u r one of the most inspirational people I know. Your gonna get through this. Sounds like you have a great support system going on. Miss our talks and hope otherwise everything else is well. Say hello to your uncle for me.

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