>Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn


One of the biggest issues I have with doing past life readings for people is that they can’t comprehend how to forgive their enemies or release trauma inflicted upon them by other people. It seems impossible to forgive those who have done us serious wrongs. I struggle to explain it because, within the constraints of the earthly body and pressures of society, forgiveness and healing are not easily achieved.

In her novel, Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn, Nell Gavin takes great pains to explore the many layers of human behavior and its affect on spiritual development. Tackling such a relationship as that of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII and how a man could, in essence, murder his own wife seems insurmountable. I’m not even sure that I could have explored the spiritual implications of that time but Gavin weaves Anne Boleyn’s tapestry of lifetimes with seeming ease. The novel, although fictional, has a ring of truth to it that leaves the reader reflective on their own spiritual path and how they might have done this or that differently in order to live a better future.

The beginning of the journey occurs at the moment of Boleyn’s death at the sword of her executioner and carries her into the afterlife where she is greeted by “the Voice”, whom I typically tell my clients is the spirit guide. Boleyn’s feelings of rage and betrayal at the way Henry ended their relationship must be healed before she can move on to her next life. Threads holds the reader’s attention through Boleyn’s voice as she recounts her previous lifetimes and relationships with the souls from Henry’s court in several past lives. We are carried mainly through her life as Anne but also through ancient Egypt and western Europe, through plague, anger, love, betrayal and everything in between as Boleyn must recount her deeds as well as the deeds of those around her. Gavin skillfully paints the picture of what is typical with after-death experiences in which we are all made to go through a period of review before we lay out the skeleton of our next lifetimes. Throughout this painful process of reflection, Boleyn wrestles with her love and hatred for Henry and those who did her wrong in her latest lifetime. Forgiveness or forsaking those souls is the tension and suspense throughout the novel.

Overall, I found the novel to be an accurate reflection of the learning process all of our souls are going through even though it is merely fiction. I have always believed that fiction is at its best when the reader is left wondering if it was really fiction at all. That was the feeling I had upon finishing this novel. Not even the few places of slow pacing or repetitive points by Gavin could detract from the sense that this is an inspiring novel that holds up a mirror to our own souls.

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