The great Ouija board debate

Recently, I saw a discussion involving a woman who burned her Ouija board in an effort to put a stop to paranormal activity happening in her home. Some people said burning the Ouija board was the wrong thing to do. Some people said burning it was the right thing to do. Others said getting rid of it wasn’t going to solve the problem.

I have seen the Ouija board debate rage on for my entire life. Some say they’re just toys. Some say they’re inherently evil. Based on my experiences, I would say they’re neither a simple toy, nor are they tools of the devil, but they are certainly not meant for the inexperienced. As a 16 or 17-year-old girl, people brought an Ouija board to a party at my house and, being the impetuous teenager that I was, I decided it would be fun. About a year later, I had to move across town because the activity unleashed in that home was out of control. I made the fatal mistake that everyone new to the paranormal makes – I let my ego decide that I could control things even though I had nowhere enough education to even think about touching an Ouija board. When you play with any divination tool without proper training, you’re opening doors to allow any kind of entity in your life no matter if you asked for it or not. Without that proper training, you’re not going to know how to establish proper energy boundaries and you’re not going to know how to close those doors and banish whatever came through. That kind of thing happens a lot.

But are Ouija boards themselves inherently evil? I say not necessarily. Here’s why.

I don’t feel that any divination tools are problems on their own, just like a gun or a knife isn’t a problem by itself. It’s only when people use the objects for misguided or bad purposes do they become dangerous. Ouija boards, tarot cards, dowsing rods, digital recorders, cameras, etc., are simply objects until people put energy and intent behind them. Using any object as a focus point in opening/closing spiritual doors can either be dangerous or not depending on the level of experience the user has, as well as their intent in doing it. I could go grab a straw out of the jar in my kitchen right now and focus intent and energy on it, declaring that spirits can pass through the straw to communicate with me here. Then a simple piece of plastic becomes a divination tool. So in my experience, no object is more dangerous alone than any other. It’s the people who focus that energy of inexperience and lack of education that will unintentionally facilitate things getting out of control.

So what should you do when you accidentally get in over your head?

Ridding homes of divination tools is a start. It doesn’t really matter how you get rid of it. However, it doesn’t completely correct the problem. The doorways are still open and the energy walls (also known as boundaries) are still down. How do you fix a levee once it bursts open? You can never completely stop the water from coming through but you can slow it down and get better control over it. My suggestion is to give unwanted divination tools to people like who collect Ouija boards and know how to handle them. Then begin the slow process of trying to repair energy walls around the property and closing all open spiritual doors. Like I said though, once a levee bursts open, it’s almost impossible to completely close it again. Once you start dabbling in the paranormal, you become more susceptible to it and you may never completely escape activity. Think very carefully about looking into the unknown because the unknown is never going to forget your face.

I don’t really know if there is a situation in which using an Ouija board is necessary. I haven’t used one since that party. Very few investigators that I know have used them on a regular basis as there are better ways to establish contact. I’m not going to be one of those people wagging my finger and saying don’t ever touch one but I encourage all of you to seek a good mentor and proper education before doing anything with the paranormal. Education is the key.

7 responses to “The great Ouija board debate”

  1. Robin M Clayton says:

    Ouija boards are like any other tool,if used right and with the right knowledge then you can interact with the spirit,but so many stories have been told and passed down over the years about the mis use of them

  2. Jenny says:

    Excellent blog and I totally agree! It’s about knowledge to use the tool, not the tool itself.

  3. Adrian says:

    If you don’t know what you’re doing you shouldn’t try any form of contact with Spirit, ouija board, divination tools or anything else. Even something like meditation needs a request for protection from your guides and Archangel Michael to be perfectly safe. The medium leading the Open Circle I’m in won’t get involved with tarot cards and a group discussion on Facebook about psychic tools failed 2 evenings in succession. A properly written guided meditation is much better and safer particularly if you’re new to the subject and on your own.

  4. denise says:

    they are no flippen different than dowsing rods, Frank’s Box, Spirit Box or an up side down shot glass. I own 20 of them and some are over 100 years old one is even my great grandma’s never been possessed, stalked, haunted, incubus or succubus. It is a tool but if you do not know how to use these tools correctly then leave them alone. Mine have all been ritually cleansed and if used would be used correctly. Granny was a Spiritualist I am on the Earth Based side so I have had some training in the Occult arts if you are the mundane leave the suckers alone so mote be!

  5. Everyone:

    Y’all are basically restating my whole point of the blog – they’re harmless tools on their own and require education and training to use, just like any other tool. I’m not sure what the aggression is about when you’re pretty much restating my point! 🙂


  6. Robin's Egg Bleu says:

    I’m interested in your opinion on the Ovilus? My first experience with one (not in my own home) was pretty incredible. It was during an investigation in a museum reknown for paranormal activity. I asked a question about a very specific and not well known early dessert with a funny name, what it was, what was in it. It answered “dessert” and the main ingredient, “cider”. I was greatly surprised. I was not the person operating the device.

    I’d found the reference to the dessert in a newly discovered 19th century journal of a member of the family who had lived in the house. She described many foods she missed that her mother had made when she was little and this was one of them. The other food items described were obviously food but the name for this one was just so odd and funny I figured asking the Ovilus what this was would be a good way to test it. NO one had read this journal in the last hundred years other than myself. No one could possibly have pre-programmed this information into the device.

    It referenced many topics specific to what I’d just read in the journals. Three word sentences, not just one word responses. I recorded the session and transcribed all the questions/responses and was very surprised at the result. Hard to keep track of what’s going on in real time so recording and transcribing very helpful. It knew the names of people connected to the house (which are not in the dictionary and must be phonetically formed), nicknames, etc.

    I had not imagined this instrument to be more than a silly toy that spewed random words that could be applied to anyone or anything, much like I view the method of ‘cold reading’. It was much too specific, almost too specific for my comfort.

    The group doing the investigation has many years of experience investigating the paranormal, it was not a situation where someone just purchased the Ovilus on a lark and decided to play around with it one night.

    If these things really do provide a means of thinning the veil, I can see where they’d be very dangerous in terms of addiction at the very least. It’s bad enough that people don’t live in ‘real time’ anymore but live virtually on their phones and computers. Always communicating with someone who’s not physically present while ignoring those who are right there beside them in person.

    What are your thoughts on the Ovilus?

  7. Emily says:

    The first time I used one was when I was about 10 or so with my mom and the ouija board we used had belonged to my (then) recently deceased grandmother. Neither of us knew how to use it properly but as far as I can recall, nothing negative ever happened beyond the usual activity we had. Although I had an uneasy feeling about it for a while afterwards. Mom threw that one out and I didn’t touch another one till I was 2011 and just bought one for kicks. I never thought of it as a game but I understood the possible negative effects it could have. I used it twice with my ex-girlfriend and refused to touch it afterwards because of something she had asked. I got rid of it shortly after my father passed away last year. I am grateful that.nothing negative ever happened but I don’t feel the need to use one again.

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