The fracturing of the soul

There is one type of spirit phenomena that isn’t so readily discussed. The fracturing of the soul is a phenomena that some mediums have experienced in their dealings with spirits of people who were either severely mentally ill at the time of death, or in rarer cases, endured some kind of severe trauma at the time of death. Sometimes mental illness can cause a soul fracture long before death and the fractured piece will remain in that moment. The mental illness or trauma creates its own energy from that moment of the person’s life that splinters off from the rest of the soul that goes on to the afterlife and is then recycled into the reincarnation process. So while a person may go on to reincarnate, sometimes darker parts of themselves can linger behind.

I’m not too certain how well-known this is in general terms but I know of several mediums, including myself, who have witnessed such things. In truth, I think it’s possible that most people have a few splintered pieces of themselves still out there, reminders of previous lives and the things that went wrong in them. I am an example of a fractured soul, in fact. Once upon a time, my name was Amy and my life ended very suddenly at the bottom of a twisting stairwell. You can read about my time as Amy here to understand why and how the fracture happened, but the point is, apparitions of Amy are still seen in Oxfordshire, England, from what I have been told. Obviously I cannot be in two places simultaneously, so therefore, I suspect part of myself that simply couldn’t believe or accept the way that life went splintered off and got stuck there. I know a few other people who have encountered somewhat muddled or messed up versions of who they were in past lives as well, just like seeing any other ghost. One case leaps to mind of Jeffrey Keene (get his book here), who saw an apparition of himself as John B. Gordon before he knew he was that man.

Another “famous” fractured soul is Lizzy Borden. We all know her story. A life that took such a direction would be ripe for the fracturing of the soul. Several years ago, I visited the Borden house but did not go inside because it was rather cramped for a wheelchair. However, I noticed a peculiar feeling about the “Lizzie” entity there that I hadn’t felt before. It was not an aware, intelligent sensation, but there was indication that frightening or malicious prankster interaction with the living guests and employees of the bed and breakfast. I felt confusion, foreboding, fear, and many other things that I typically associate with angry, intelligent entities; however, that entity did not feel complete or totally aware. It was something I couldn’t articulate with language, so I went away from that place somewhat relieved that I did not go in for a tour. Years later, I watched an episode of The Dead Files in which Amy Allen, another medium, described all of the things I felt at the Borden house, including things I did not mention to others, such as the¬†perverse¬†sexual practices that took place in the house. She described a piece of an entity in the house stuck in the moment of something terrible in her mental condition but it wasn’t the whole entity. It was just the mentally damaged part of Lizzy. She called it a fractured spirit or soul (her exact words escape me at the moment) and everything suddenly made sense.

I have trouble articulating exactly what a fractured soul is in terms of apparition categories. We all know the big categories are intelligent spirits and residual energies, but fractured souls don’t seem to fit in either category because they have behavioral characteristics of both types. In visual terms, they often look distorted or behave in unnatural ways, sometimes meant to frighten the living or sometimes because it’s just what they’ve become in that splintered state. Amy Allen described one as crawling around the walls. That sounds insane to outsiders, I’m certain, and it would have sounded insane to me if I hadn’t seen it myself as well. Several years ago, I went to South Carolina for New Year’s Eve and my friend took me to see Columbia during my time there. We went to the old lunatic asylum on Bull Street, which was opened in 1828, but I wouldn’t even get out of the car. I had no idea there was such a think as a fractured soul at that time, so it frightened me to see distorted faces in a few windows, as well as a body hanging upside down and then crawling out of a window like some cheap horror movie. Truthfully, I thought I was either going insane or my friend was playing a sick joke on me. Nobody else saw what I did though. I was either insane or I saw some kind of phenomena that I couldn’t explain. Years later, with the benefit of hindsight, I know now that those things I saw were not the complete people, not their complete souls, but fractured pieces of their mental illnesses left behind.

I don’t find this rule to be true in every case of severe trauma or mental illness though. For example, John Wilkes Booth is a soul entirely in tact, at least from his time as “Booth”, but he lived with enormous mental illness. Obviously. Look what he did with his life. So what rules define which souls get splintered and which do not? I don’t know. I’m just barely beginning to understand this phenomena in the most broad terms.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I love this blog entry and want to marry it. My dad is bipolar and an extreme alcoholic. He has the emotional capacity of a seven year old, and that it 100% true (except I’ve met seven year old with more compassion for others). My reiki healer who used to be my father’s massage therapist said that she felt the mental illness and alcoholism was taking on “a life of its own” in our house when I mentioned that I was feeling a strange presence in the house that wasn’t a spirit but was very negative and I couldn’t understand what it was. She called it an entity but that it was actually negatives parts of my father’s energy combined into something separate from him. And I can feel it in that house. There is something there that my father has created unknowingly, something very dark and painful that I feel is a fractured part of him; I find this interesting because my father is still alive and this has happened already. Anyway that’s my story. Thank you again for this blog.

  2. This is interesting. I saw the episode that you mentioned, but I must have missed the fractured spirit reference. Could these be a plausible explanation for some “shadow” figures? And if so, do you think it’s possible to move these spirits to the other side? They don’t conform to rational thought or existance. Does this trap them in this existence? I can understand the mental illness aspect and the ability to separate the psyche or soul in order to survive. But it does make one wonder where such darkness manifests itself from? Is it all circumstance, or is some of it a predetermined part of them? Sorry, thinking as I write… Great blog.

  3. Gandee says:

    The Reiki strategy believes that if the interior power that transpires in a person’s physical body is low, he is a lot more most likely to experience different sort of illnesses. On the other hand, if it is high, it simply materializes a active and healthy life for a person.

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