Review of The Lennon-Bronte Connection by Jewelle St. James

The Lennon-Bronte ConnectionJust as with Jewelle St. James’ first book, All You Need Is Love (read that review here), I finished reading The Lennon-Bronte Connection within a two-day period. This book describes how St. James came to be guided through spiritual intervention toward the astounding probability that Branwell Bronte was later reborn as John Lennon, one of the Beatles. For those not so hip to nineteenth century literature, Branwell Bronte was the brother of Anne, Emily and Charlotte Bronte. These women published such classic books as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. Branwell was an artist and writer as well, although quite a tortured soul and struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, eventually dying at the age of 31 of tuberculosis among affects of his drug and alcohol abuse.

St. James describes the striking parallels between Bronte and Lennon, asserted by many reincarnation researchers to be a probable case as well. She traveled to England for further investigation and, if the reader chooses to assume total honest disclosure, the path that led her to these discoveries is uncanny with other people in tune with the spirit world. Whenever she lost her path or felt uncertain, something would occur to leave little room for doubt and the journey became as much a test of personal faith and fortitude as it was a lesson in the immortality of the soul.

I had been quite dubious of St. James upon first hearing of her to the point of deciding not to contact her despite similar intervention pushing me that way. The street ran both ways, I found out later, and after months of not making efforts toward contact, we finally hooked up and I decided to give her books a shot. Our conversations have shown me that she is quite normal and not prone to sensationalism. Quite the opposite, in fact. There is an underlying sense of feeling a burden of information, as if she was put in charge of sharing these things much against her wishes. Indeed, there is a bit of a burden in being so aware of time, the immortality of the soul, and just how exhausting it is to go through centuries of life lessons. I would have been more dubious had St. James presented herself as overly excited about her discoveries. In general, her lack of interest in the “John Lennon” period of this soul’s journey tells me there is truth in her experiences because a fan making up a story would be more interested in him than his unknown lives. One or two famous lifetimes in centuries does not make a soul – it makes pieces of a soul.

“My wish personally is not to be thought of exclusively as John Lennon,” he said in a channeling session in 1993, “as this is a mere shell. What lies within is the essence of who I am. I fancy myself as a guide at this time, as a need to sharing reincarnation recollection, vital to mankind as a whole now and in the important years to come.”

The Lennon-Bronte Connection reads more like a collection of notes and journal entries translated into third person rather than a clean narrative as with All You Need Is Love. For many readers new to spiritual guidance, the shorter blocks of text will actually make it easier to understand and gain footing in these matters. St. James spares the reader of the fluffy mystical overtones and overly scientific terms that can often make paranormal books too heavy for the average person.

The most interesting side affect for me through these two books was seeing England through her eyes and the eyes of spirits, allowing me a new appreciation for a country that I have so long hated. My time in England in the 1500s was terrible and I don’t think I have been back since because it was so traumatic. Part of me is willing to see it through the eyes of a tourist now. For any author, touching a reader or helping a reader in any way makes the blood, sweat and tears of writing a book worth it. St. James has done her job for me. Both All You Need Is Love and The Lennon-Bronte Connection are highly recommended books, especially if you are new to the principles of reincarnation.

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