Review of All You Need Is Love by Jewelle St. James

Last night I finished reading All You Need Is Love by Jewelle St. James on Kindle, which is a book recounting the journey through the author’s shared with the soul known today as John Lennon. She was thrown into profound grief upon Lennon’s murder in 1980 despite not being a fan of his music and that began the slow discovery over two decades that she once knew him in the 1600s. Without giving everything away (because I want you to read it), St. James discovered that her past life was Katherine James who was born in 1666 and had a romance with a young man named John Baron who we know now as John Lennon. The romance ended in tragedy, bringing a repetitive pattern in all of her subsequent lives of trying to mourn what she was denied and understanding the nature of life and the universe. Despite the terrible difficulty of identifying people from that long ago, St. James was able to go to the sleepy English village over several visits and found documented proof that these people existed.

The book reads like a real-life mystery, leaving the reader wondering what happens next through the many twists and turns that go along with the past life discovery process. The Kindle edition has a few typographical errors but nothing to detract from the readability of the book. St. James’ narrative voice is concise, readable, and feels like listening to a story over coffee in her kitchen. Even if you are not a believer in her story, it is still an important journey of self-discovery and finding peace that strikes at the root of any spiritual exploration. The best of books require you to think about where you have been, where you’re going, and how you can change the world in your own way. In this way, St. James succeeds where many authors in this genre fall short.

I first heard about this book when a friend of mine sent me an email of an article from a Beatles magazine talking about the numerous mediums who claim to have communication with the spirit of John Lennon. At the end of the article was a list of books on that subject, including All You Need Is Love, and I admittedly found it a bit dubious. A lot of people claim to have shared past lives with celebrities or even claim to be reincarnations of dead celebrities as well. I put the article away for months until St. James herself contacted me recently because of my reincarnation website and I decided it was time to give her story a shot. After all, my own past life book, Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated, strikes many people as dubious too but I would want them to give me a chance, so I gave St. James a chance in return. Needless to say, I finished the book in two days.

When people write books of this nature, it’s impossible to say with absolute certainty that everything they wrote is the truth. These things are virtually impossible to prove without a shadow of a doubt but I found the emotional aspects of her story to ring true with my own experiences. People telling the truth about these cases will not go out seeking past lives until a catastrophic event occurs to inspire the search. For me, it was nightmares of Civil War hospitals as a child. For St. James, it was John Lennon’s murder. Additionally, people who are having genuine past life experiences will not feel a sense of peace once the mystery is solved as one might think. It leaves questions open, pushes you further into uncovering cycles that need to be broken, and requires you to take stock of everything in your present life. It’s never as simple as, “I was X in a past life. I lived in Y and Z happened. Anyway….” It doesn’t work like that and people who write with unflinching honesty about how difficult it is to apply old lessons to the present strike me as truthful. For those reasons and more, I find Jewelle St. James to be truthful.

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