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1. Please be aware that Jessica copes with quadriplegia, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Her ability to work continuously is often interrupted by her chronic conditions. Patience is appreciated. No client is ever forgotten no matter if it takes more time or not to complete the order.

2. By booking a session you agree not to create fictional stories, fictional names, scenarios, and pseudonyms. Both Jessica and the client exercise a right of confidentiality for the session. You may share the experience of the session publicly with Jessica’s consent. In turn, Jessica may share any reviews or testimonials with your consent. Jessica retains final approval for discussion of the reading on any form of social media, including but not limited to websites, blogs and etc.

Jessica cannot and will not discuss your reading with third-parties such as spouses, family or friends. All email readings are confidential and for the individual only. The reading and the details of the reading are between you and Jessica. Unauthorized copying, publication, reproduction of the reading may result in legal action.

You may record the session for your private use. However, you may not share the session on any form of media without Jessica’s consent. In turn, readings are for private use and may be shared with friends, and family only. Jessica owns final copyright and approval over all reading materials.

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