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When I posted this blog yesterday, I did not expect so many questions from my readers. In general, people have been supportive, which I really appreciate a lot. I assume those who are not supportive are keeping quiet. That’s fine by me! I said I would try to answer as many questions about John Wilkes Booth as I could and there were some funny ones and some very serious ones. Many of them I can answer on my own from the previous encounters with him. Some of the answers I’ve gotten from an intuitive approach. My hope is that I’m interpreting things correctly. If I misinterpret something, I’m sure I will be corrected one way or another. So here are some of the reader questions.

What is Georgiana’s real identity?

Georgiana Tate is the fictional identity of the young lady I have been writing about in regards to her relationship with John, at his urging. I was given a false name because, I think, he just wants people to realize there was more to him than killing Lincoln and a real identity might cheapen the theme. There’s also a theatrical element to everything he does and says, so I’ve already noticed some embellishment and misdirection on his part. I believe Georgiana was Miss Isabel Sumner from Boston. They had an affair in 1864. She was only 16 and he was rather attached to her in my opinion because her affection cooled first and he traveled to her to try and repair their relationship. He gave her a pearl ring with the inscription “J.W.B. to I.S.” and she sent him flowers when he was sick. They exchanged letters when they were not together and there is some indication that she traveled to see him. She fits the description he gave me. There are also passages dealing with Lucy Hale, his fiance after he was with Isabel Sumner. I’m not sure why it’s her that has the focus of the story. Maybe there’s an element of unrequited love on his part. Maybe she’s living out there somewhere now and might read the book, which would fit with his dramatic nature. I don’t know.

Do you know if [Booth] and Lincoln have met since their deaths?

I think Lincoln and John have encountered each other in the afterlife, yes. It’s a situation of trying to communicate to work out issues. They may be finished with each other but that doesn’t mean the individuals have healed their own scars. Healing the self is often the last consideration and very neglected.

Why hasn’t Booth reincarnated yet?

I think John is hesitant to reincarnate. He has a lot of emotional scars. Lincoln is not reincarnated right now either. I think he came and went once since “Lincoln” but I do think John hasn’t returned since 1865. There are many issues going on with him that I have not pinpointed and he has no intention of discussing but it strikes me as some kind of trauma. I think there might be a lot of resentment, regret, emotional wounds, a fear of going through this cycle again, etc. He needs a long break between lives at this time in his journey. He’s damaged and trying to put himself back together, I think.

Did Booth survive the manhunt and live out his life incognito?

This question I cannot answer with certainty. I have not seen John (by seen, I mean dreams and in my third eye while awake) beyond his late twenties, which is how old he was in 1865. That leads me to believe, personally, that he did not live beyond that point and the conspiracy theories are not true. It’s also just as possible that he did survive but he won’t show me that incognito part of his life. I do not feel that he survived and escaped though. He’s so damaged and emotionally scarred that the 1865 incident feels very fresh and raw when he’s around.

Why did he choose you?

I haven’t the slightest idea. That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out since it started. As far as I can surmise, I’m female and sympathetic to him. He does not get along with males unless he’s allowed to be the dominant force and that’s something about his personality that was with him long before he was “John Wilkes Booth”. When I say I’m sympathetic, I mean I comprehend that although April 1865 made him a famous villain, it is only one incident in hundreds of years of life. I believe criminals should be punished to the full extent of the law in order to keep civility in this world and teach right from wrong. John was punished. He’s punishing himself now because he is still very damaged. He needs to heal just like Lincoln does and they need to leave the baggage in the past in order to live better lives in the future. Maybe he sees that I can see beyond the villain. I don’t know.

You said in another life time the energy that became Lincoln had killed whoever Booth was before. Who were they before and what era did that take place? 

It goes back to the Romans vs the … uh … Barbarians? They were both Roman soldiers at some point. “Lincoln” was higher placed and not very good at the job. There was some corruption there that led to “Booth” and others being killed unnecessarily to make him look good. It’s been going back and forth between them since then. They’ll eventually make peace, I think. The animosity is not what it was.

About the missing [journal pages]. Next time he does show up, can you please ask him which two members of Lincoln’s staff was in this? 

I want to say I saw Stanton on the papers but I had a hard time reading things too. I didn’t get to look for a long time. I was also shocked by the entire incident when I woke up and lost several details, like how we even got there. If Stanton was involved, I feel like it was indirect. Someone else made a comment that he might have known something of that nature was coming but didn’t exactly jump into action to stop it. I think that’s pretty accurate. Again, we have to remember that I believe John was mentally ill, so the rambling angry nature of his last pieces of writing might have jumbled the truth. So while he might have written about Stanton and another man in the cabinet, we don’t know the whole story. In all honesty, my attempts at reading his energy show huge black gaps in the last month or so in his life, meaning his mental illness(es) were very bad and he might have been experiencing gaps in memory.

Is he nice to you?

It’s complicated. Yes, he’s a gentleman but I’m very aware that I’m being used. I’m also aware that he hasn’t learned to behave in any other way in his various lifetimes. He tends to choose handsome bodies and traits that are charming and irresistible because those are skills that he has mastered. I don’t think he’s very willing to stretch beyond his comfort zone. I’ve wondered why I don’t put a stop to the periodic visits too but I think since I’m a “fixer”, I may subconsciously think I could have some positive affect on him. Besides, if he wasn’t a gentleman, I’m quite certain he would be dealt with by someone else.

Do you do seances or summon Booth somehow?

No. I do not advocate seances or summoning. He shows up when he shows up and I don’t think I have any control over it. There have been five total visits since November. Frankly, I find him to be so dominating of a presence in my house that I get exhausted by the time it’s over. Think of trying to ignore a small child who has no one else to play with and breaks things to get your attention when you’re ignoring him. That’s what he’s like. 

Have you seen any other famous ghosts?

Just one. I had been told that a certain famous figure will come visit if you ask for it because he’s a people person and enjoys sharing energy. I didn’t believe it, so I tried it, and it worked three times. White feathers have been appearing in strange places since I opened that line of communication (a clue if you really want to try and identify him). I don’t really want to say who he is though.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Nice work my dear one! Tell Booth Pickett said howdy!

  2. Sparrow says:

    >Interesting. I have been in contact with a young women who was one of Booth's lady loves in her past life. Every time I talk to her, he pops up and tries to get me to sway her towards thinking well of him. I am darned curious to find out if she was the same woman you are writing about. Some of the things fit, but she thinks that she was a Southerner from Louisiana.

  3. Reborn says:

    Do you have a book about John Wilkes Booth and Isabel Sumner?

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