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In honor of Halloween beginning in about an hour, I thought I would turn this blog over to you. Usually I post annual blogs about the sorted history of Halloween but I decided to do something different. Have you ever experienced paranormal activity? It could be ghosts, creatures, aliens or anything else out of the ordinary. Describe your experiences in the comments. Let's hear what you have to say!

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  1. Kristin Miyagishima says:

    >I haven't had many paranormal experiences, but I have had a few. Mine have occurred at the Queen Mary, which is permanently berthed in Long Beach, CA. It's one of my favorite Southern California locales and I could readily live there if given the chance. Anyway, about ten years ago I visited the ship with my dad so that I could test out a new 35mm SLR camera. It was a rainy January day and the ship was closing at 6PM. Before exiting the ship, my dad and me decided to make one last stop in the engine room. We were the only ones in the engine room because it was getting to be toward the end of the day. Anyway, there's an escalator one must take to get to the upper deck; as we boarded the escalator, I heard a rumbling sound behind me, akin to a group of adults running really fast. I turned around, and then the sounds disappeared. A couple of moments later, as I got off the escalator, I distinctly heard five heavy footsteps behind me. I thought it was kind of weird because the escalator was working and so it would be kind of hard for someone to make those heavy footsteps. I turned around and walked back to the escalator to see who was behind me, but the footsteps had stopped and there was no one else around besides my father.

    Another incident happend a few years later, this time in the heat of July. I was showing a couple of friends around the ship and we went down to the Isolation Ward, which is at the stern. We were the only ones down there. As we were looking at the exhibits, I started to hear a banging sound. I retraced my steps and walked down a corridor, but the banging stopped. I came upon a small gate and swung the gate to see if that was the sound I was hearing. It was. No one else was around.

    I have also heard whistling in corridors. Small things like that.

    But I wouldn't give those experiences up for anything! I absolutely love the QM!

    – Kristin

  2. Hailey says:

    >Hello! I have several experiences to share. My dad died a couple of days before my 18th birthday and I graduated high school a month later. The class walked around the gym in a horseshoe pattern in order to get to our seats. I was approaching my row of seats and looked at the back of the gym and saw my dad standing at the back smiling. I stared at him as long as I could and had to glance down to make sure I didn't trip over chairs and when I looked back he was gone.

    A year or so later, I was taking a public transit bus to work. I was one of two passengers on the bus, one of whom was reading the paper. It was about a 15 minute bus ride. I got to thinking about my dad and was really sad. A few minutes before my stop, I got a strong whiff of my dad's cologne that he wore on Sunday mornings. It was STRONG and it was all around me. The other passenger was still reading the paper and didn't seem to smell anything. The driver was still driving. No one had sprayed anything. The scent lingered for about a minute and then it was gone and I couldn't smell it at all. I know it was my dad comforting me.

    The most recent experience with my dad was last December. I was feeling really down during the holidays because my dad's birthday is right before Thanksgiving. I had been depressed for a few months. One night I woke up suddenly around 3 or 4 AM. I saw my husband at the dresser and it looked like he was looking in a drawer. My eyes were really blurry at first. But then I heard my husband snoring in bed next to me and looking over and saw him. I sat up quickly, scared that there was someone in our room. I looked back over and my eyes went up and realized that whoever it was was see-through and just standing in front of the dresser looking at me. My eyes focused on his face and as soon as my brain knew it was my dad, the apparition just kind of faded out like smoke. It was alarming and frightening and somehow a relief at the same time. I started crying and woke my husband to tell him what I saw. I still sleep with a night light now because waking up to a ghost in your pitch black room isn't fun – even if it is your dad.

    And on a non-dad note, my sister used to live in a house that was haunted. We all had experiences of footsteps and whispers in that house.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. cheezfri says:

    >I have had some unexplained things happen to me which later were explained. So no, I've not had it happen. And when I was younger, I was very much a believer, so I think I would have been receptive to *some* sort of supernatural event. I am no longer a believer. I should say 99%. There is always that possibility I suppose. And it would be kinda cool if there were other things out there, but I'm busy enough 24/7 with the normal things going on around me!

    Ok let the haters comment now… 🙂

  4. Jan says:

    >In April, 2008 we saw 4 full-body apparitions in Gettysburg. We saw them up on Culp's Hill – we didn't get out our restaurant til 9:45 & the Military Park closed at 10:00 PM. I suggested we go up Culp's Hill before it closed. My friend said it'll be spooky !!

    As we rounded the second bend on the stretch across from the Pardee Field Hill and between St. Barbara and the 2nd Maryland Rgmt. marker on the right hand, we came across a youngish man (wearing Union colors, from what I could tell) running, 'carrying' another youngish man who seemed quite dead to the world. His head was bobbing around and his arm hung down like there was no life there. He seemed to be only dressed in his red underwear… Ahead of these two ran 2 small boys dressed in confederate grey. As we came up on them, the one carrying the man turned to look at us as if we had startled the heck out of him and caught him doing something wrong. We drove right past them even though they were running at quite a clip. I had to keep my eyes on the road so I didn't drive off the hairpin turn at the end of that piece of road when the girls all yelled – 'Oh, that poor little boy !!' Apparently one of them had his left leg go under him and he rolled down the hill… At this point Steve turned around to check, being the policeman that he is but didn't say anything further til we cleared the hill. We started wondering where this guy had parked, thinking his friend must have had a seizure or something. And they were traveling in the opposite direction from the large group of reenactors by Spangler's… I stopped on the downside of the hill and we agreed that the rangers would be along soon and that, if they need help, they could arrange for it. Only, when I checked in the rearview I could see the ranger driving past that section and he didn't stop. It was then that Steve said, when he looked back – they weren't there anymore !!! We ran into another set of friends on the next day and we took them up to that spot. Tim – fellow ghost hunter and amateur historian – confirmed, as I had thought, that what we had seen were grave robbers… He said that being out after curfew was an extremely serious infraction – and that it would have been at 9:45 ! Also, he said, most probably what they were after – get this – was the guy's long johns !! He said back in the day, a good set of cotton underwear was invaluable compared to the flannel ones. I kept getting flashes of the grave robber when we were at the Inn. We had caught him out. I told a friend the tale next day and he said, didn't I remember that at that very spot he smelled rotting corpses and saw a couple of guys in confederate colors going through the bodies of the dead.

    It was pretty amazing that on one of the earlier days, Mike had smelled the rotting corpses, then I got the EVP of a small boy yelling for 'Tom' and then we saw the 4 apparitions all in the same area. I have little doubt that the Tom the young boy was calling to was the older boy carrying the dead soldier and that that boy was one of the 2 who ran ahead of them.

    I returned in April of this year, I was on my own and on my first full day there, drove up on Culp's Hill to the area that we'd seen the 4 ghosts. I started an EVP session and thought I might as well address myself to 'Tom'. I was chatting with him then asked if he'd ever been in the army – all at once a long series of gunshots came from the side of the hill that the Confederates would have charged up. The also came in a 'fan' pattern starting from the front of the part of the hill I was on and moving to the back of where I was sitting. I fumbled and got out my video camera and another set of gunshots rang out. After turning the camera off but still leaving the digit recorder going, there came a 3rd volley.

    What an amazing experience !

  5. MoonDog says:

    >as a child I had an irrational fear of fire. I mean to the point that as a teen I could not even light a match for the stove! I assume it is leftover from a previous life. anyways one time I woke middle of the night lying on my side facing the dresser and mirror on it. behind the bed there was a space before the wall and in that space in the mirror I could see flames. I was terrified! when I looked to that side of the bed there was nothing.I was able to go back to sleep eventually. I later found out that that part of the house had indeed had a fire at some point in its life.

    I visited a friends mom's house along with her children and mine. I slept in one room she in another with our girls and her baby and I had my older son with me. (older like 7ish) I woke in the middle of the night seeing someone sitting on the end of the bed. I wasnt afraid. just intrigued. it was bright white, a glow that filled the room. My son didnt wake, slept right through. I asked my friend in the morning but they didnt know anything about anything like that happening before.

    maybe not paranormal but odd circumstances for sure, I took my two small kids to the library. we had a branch library but for some reason I decided to go to the big one downtown. I also decided not to take the freeway and took a back route. and on the way I came upon an accident where a very large dump truck and run a stop sign and hit a car. sitting in that car was my mother! She was fine but scared. If I had gone to the branch library near my home I wouldnt have come upon her!

    When my grandmother was dieing we were home on a saturday and said well, what should we do today? we looked at the clock and said well its 11:15 so here are our options. awhile later we got the call that grandma Peg died at 11:15.

    Sometimes I see her in my dreams, I believe she is visiting me. I wish I could see things when I am awake though.

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