Queen Victoria’s wedding dress

With the opening of new exhibits at Kensington Palace, it seems that a few of Queen Victoria’s dresses are on display. Take a look at her wedding dress. Couldn’t you just die? Isn’t it gorgeous?

2 responses to “Queen Victoria’s wedding dress”

  1. mitzi says:

    What a great Birthday gift for me…Thank you Jessica!

  2. Edain McCoy says:

    This is beautifully preserved. The first thing I noticed was that Princess Diana’s gown was created in this same, super-flouncy, Victorian-style, minus the lovely lace-work. The Princess seemed to be lost in all that fabric and the huge train. I planned to be in London this August, but the Olypmics–in which I have little interest–have made prices in England this summer ridiculous. I would love to see Queen Victoria’s gowns in person. I saw a few of Varina Howell Davis’s (Jefferson Davis’s wife) about 30 years ago and they are still fresh in my mind.

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