Nobody says it like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

I had to share this passage from a November 22, 1862, letter that Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain sent to his wife, Fanny. Something about the restlessness struck me tonight as I am quite restless now and not where I should be.

And, dearest, what do you think I think I do all this time I am clinging to you so? Do you think I am sitting solitary and musing? No! let me tell you. Busy, Busy. Official papers plunged into, masses of them — the camps of my Brigade visited and inspected — the conditions and quarters and food of the Men looked after — the cleanliness of camp — the least and the lowest things sometimes, — I am about, earnestly, impatiently, almost, as is my habit. Then, this done, if I return and there is still loneliness, that is, if I am myself — not wholly tired out — if my whole being, as to day, cries out for you — why — darling — there is my horse — my noble fellow — ready always to go with me — my own wild way. He looks at me and he knows — and with a snort and snuff of air away he goes and away I go after you and somehow — in some strange way, I find you. I find you, in doing good as I am able to men: but I find you most in my wild rides. So today — with my aides behind me trying to keep near — stopping at brooks and hedges which 1 leap without knowing it — wondering at me no doubt — have been riding after — and with you.

Source: Desjardin, Thomas (2012-05-22). Joshua L. Chamberlain: The Life in Letters of a Great Leader of the American Civil War (General Military) (Kindle Locations 3733-3741). Random House Inc Clients. Kindle Edition.

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