My book Unveiled hit the top 20 in the reincarnation genre!

I feel like celebrating. It’s like working for years and finally seeing some results.

My book, Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated, hit the rank of 20th in Kindle sales in the nonfiction reincarnation genre tonight, as well as 46th in paperback sales in the nonfiction reincarnation genre, and 70th in Kindle sales for Civil War nonfiction! That’s an improvement over the last time I checked! Yay! Happy dance! The last time I checked was January 17. I cracked the top 100 in Kindle sales for Civil War nonfiction books. I was ranked 29th in Kindle sales for nonfiction reincarnation, 78th in paperback sales for nonfiction reincarnation, and 100th in Kindle sales for Civil War nonfiction.

Granted, I’m no bestseller overall but in my genres, I’m doing decently. It’s very gratifying to see some results and that people are interested in my writing enough to put it on their Kindles. Right now, tonight, I’m outselling books about Marie Antoinette, Edgar Cayce and the Myrtles Plantation. Sales ranks change on Amazon every few hours depending on what your numbers are doing, so it goes up and down a lot, but right now I’m outselling big subjects. That kind of blows my mind. I hope my book is helping people somehow, whoever is reading it. That was my goal from the beginning before I ever committed a word to the page.

Writing this book was incredibly difficult for me and I almost backed out of doing it in chapter three, but Jeffrey Keene pressed me to continue. He wrote my introduction once the initial manuscript was finished. If you don’t know who Jeffrey Keene is, you had better read his book, Someone Else’s Yesterday, about his own reincarnation case of being General John B. Gordon in the Civil War. Tonight was my highest ranking to date. I hope this continues, only because my desire is for my story to help other people going through the struggle of involuntary past life memories. I had very little help or support until I was an adult. I don’t want other people to suffer the way I did. That’s why I told my story. Seeing people take it to heart and learn from it is more gratifying than anything.

If you’d like to read the book for yourselves, you can buy it on Amazon here:

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