More fabulous historical clothing

I’ve collected some more historical clothing that I find interesting and fabulous for various reasons. These are not just limited to the Civil War period although many of my favorite pieces come from that time. I’m also beginning to appreciate early twentieth century fashion thanks to watching Downton Abbey so much. I’ll post the pictures in chronological order.

Polonaise gown, painted silk from the V&A Museum, 1780s.


Robe à l’anglaise, 1780-85 France, Les Arts Décoratifs

Early 1790's open robe from LACMA

Pelisse 1820, British, Made of silk.

Mourning Dress 1861

Evening Dress, House of Worth, 1862, French, Made of silk

Dress 1865, American, Made of silk taffeta

1868 green silk dress with the polonaise revival bustled skirt


Dress 1868, British, Made of silk, velvet, and lace


Silk and velvet bustle dress with fringe, c. 1880. Claret ottoman with self piping, lace and crenelated trim at neck, bib front and cuff, floral cut velvet bodice and skirt front panel, draped skirt trimmed in chenille fringe and pointed pleats, crocheted buttons, polished cotton lining. B-30, W-22, skirt front L-37, back L-52.


1881 Dress | American | wool, linen, silk, mother-of-pearl


Silk evening dress, circa 1881


Ballgown, ca. 1900.

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