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Before you read this blog, you should read the first two blogs in order to have a full understanding of what has been happening to me.

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The second blog: Questions about John Wilkes Booth

Even though this has been happening for months, my various encounters with the infamous assassin, I’m still not accustomed to it, nor do I understand why I’m on the receiving end of these occasional visits. Every time it happens, I usually think to myself, “That was probably the last time,” but then some time passes and then another encounter happens. There is never any warning. It happens as fast as the blink of an eye and even my family is beginning to notice his presence.

The main thing I’m noticing is that if I’m not devoting enough time to writing about the subject that brought on his initial visits, which is a narrative that seems to paint him in a more human way, his energy gets more pushy and present in my home. I’m still investigating other possible causes of this particular phenomena, but in the last couple of months, I have been hearing knocking on the support beam next to my bed. It always happens when I have turned off the television and I’m ready to go to sleep and it is extremely annoying. It’s loud enough to keep me awake. I get so annoyed that I have to eventually yell, “Stop it!” Sometimes it does stop. Sometimes it doesn’t. Normally I don’t jump right to the paranormal conclusion because I’m so used to trying to find alternate explanations, so if I don’t see an immediate natural cause, I think it must be some kind of pipe or something making that noise. It wasn’t until it was complying with my verbal commands that I started to wonder if it was paranormal in nature. What led me to believe that it might be John Wilkes Booth was that this is not a behavior Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain has never exhibited, nor is it a behavior that any of my other entities have exhibited either. So the logical conclusion is the new sound goes with the new entity. The incidences also seem to coincide with long periods of time in which I have not written anything about his story.

It’s one thing for one person to experience paranormal phenomena are related to a “famous” entity. People could say they’re just making it up or they’re misinterpreting natural things or it’s wishful thinking or any number of alternate explanations. Even for me, I don’t give as much credibility to ghostly encounters described by people in which there are not more witnesses to it. So when my mother started coming to me in describing strange phenomena happening to her, I really started to feel it sink in that this is really happening and I’m not crazy. Isn’t that funny? I have been a lifelong medium and I still go through moments of thinking I might be crazy!

There was a time when I was far too distracted to devote any time to my regular work let alone appeasing John Wilkes Booth quite recently. My knee had been injured somehow and I was concerned that it was broken. I was taking narcotic painkillers and I even visited the ER where they put me on morphine for an afternoon, which are things that deaden the ability to sense and communicate with the other side. So there were a few weeks in which I which is completely focused on myself and not concerned with doing readings for people, writing my own books, and dealing with my periodic regular visitors from the afterlife. Naturally someone who is used people falling all over themselves to get his attention is not going to like being ignored. It’s important to remember that he’s not around all the time. Not even close. I would estimate that it’s a couple of times a month. But when he is around, he wants my full and complete attention. When he doesn’t get it, he acts out and forces my attention. The problem is when I was on narcotic painkillers, nothing he could have done would have gotten my attention because it just completely makes that part of my brain go dead.

One morning my mother immediately came to me after I woke up and said quite excitedly that somebody was pacing around my bed trying to be intimidating and forceful. She said it was so strange that my dog stood in the doorway of the room where I sleep but she refused to come into the room. She was standing there looking at my bed and following an invisible figure with her eyes. My mother is a medium as well and she can tell when the incident is paranormal and she said there was definitely somebody pacing around my bed that morning. The fact that my dog seemed almost afraid of it told me quite clearly that it was not Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain or any of my other regular entities because she’s quite used to strange things happening to her mommy. And my mother kept describing the entity as “he” and “him” so she must have had some kind of indication of who it might have been.

About a week later, my mother had a day off from work, so she decided to sleep in for a morning and she came downstairs earlier than I expected. I asked her why she wasn’t in bed and she said around 7:30 that morning, she was lying on her side and two distinct fingers poked her on the hip bone and shoved her over on her stomach in bed. She thought it was my uncle, her brother, being irritating but when she looked up, there was nobody in the room with her that she could see. I realized that it was John Wilkes Booth waking her up because I checked my Ghost Radar and in the 7 AM hour, the words received were all in relation to him and things were very active.

The ghost radar is something that I have been playing with on my cell phone for several months. At first I thought it was nothing more than a joke, a game or something of that nature, but when my friend and I began experimenting with it, we realized that the incidences happening with the radar were too bizarre to be coincidental. Basically it uses your cell phone as an energy detector and assists entities in converting energy into words for communication purposes. This is not unlike other paranormal equipment of this nature. The first time I played with the ghost radar, I tried to do real-time interaction like they do in paranormal investigations by asking questions that could be answered in non-coincidental ways. It took a while for me to figure out what the energy measurements meant and how to properly use it but once I did, I started asking what entities were present in my house. Much to my surprise, it started giving me words in response to my questions. I got several names, including John, and at first the names made no sense to me until a couple of days later when I started doing some reading about him for the project I’m writing for him. I found out that the names being listed on the ghost radar were all of John Wilkes Booth’s siblings. One of the results during that session was actually the phrase “locate Asia” and even though I’m not sure what he meant by that but asking for name and getting Asia was beyond coincidental in my opinion. Asia was his sister and they were very close.

There are times when I just leave the ghost radar running while I go about my business to see what I get and most of the time nothing happens because most entities really don’t communicate during the day. Also, one cannot really expect them to be around all the time. However, I noticed that every time my friend came over for a visit, within five minutes of her coming into my house, it would say words like “plain” and various other words that described a person’s opinion of her looks and her personality. We both kind of laugh about this because it happens every time she’s here. She has rather short hair like a pixie cut and she never wears dresses and she would be considered rather plain by Victorian standards, so we both have this hunch that it’s John Wilkes Booth expressing his opinions about her since he was so used to beautiful, feminine, compliant and swooning women in his lifetime. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain nor my other entities would be so audacious as to express opinions of that nature about someone I love so much like my friend. That kind of audacity has to come from someone with an audacious personality. John Wilkes Booth. These are not just assumptions though because there are times when the word John comes up on the screen when I’m looking for identification.

My grandmother, who suffers from early stages of dementia, seems to have encountered John Wilkes Booth as well but he generally avoids her. One day I was looking at his picture and trying to get into the mindset of the female character telling the story who was very much in love with him and my grandmother passed behind me and casually said, “Oh, I saw him the other night in the bathroom. Who is he?” Dumbfounded, I turned around and looked at her like she had three heads growing out of her body because normally she doesn’t believe in ghosts – even though she really does – and when she says things like that, it completely takes me by surprise. I said, “What do you mean you saw him in the bathroom the other night?” She said she was brushing her teeth and looking in the bathroom mirror and she noticed a male figure in the bathroom doorway through the reflection in the mirror and he had dark hair, dark eyes and a mustache, and he was just standing there watching her leaning against the doorframe. She turned around because she thought it was one of Ben’s friends (Ben is my uncle) but nobody was there. I tried to remain calm even though in my head I was basically screaming, “Oh my God!” I said that was interesting as casually as she told me about it and she went on about her business. Unfortunately because of her dementia, I usually take what she says with a grain of salt unless I can have some kind of experience to back up her claims.

A couple of nights ago, I was lying in bed watching a special about William and Kate and their royal wedding because I’m a royal junkie, and lo and behold, a shadowy figure strolled out of the bathroom. I wasn’t even thinking about anything related to the paranormal at that time. I was just enjoying the fantasy of being a princess! The shadow figure startled me. I’m not going to lie. I don’t like being startled when I’m not expecting a visitor. It was very quick, like literally a second, and by the time the shadow figure got to the trashcan about 8 feet away from the bathroom door, it had completely disappeared. The shadow figure was too tall to be a woman and it was very slender in figure. Again, this is not a typical behavior attributed to Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. He does not think manifestation like that is necessary. He doesn’t like performing parlor tricks, as he has called things like that to my medium friends. I don’t typically see shadow figures. So again, I find myself logically pairing up the new form of activity with the new entity who passes through my life sometimes. It’s only logical.

I really don’t understand why any of this is happening other than the explanation I keep going back to, which is John knows I don’t completely view him as a villain. I have the ability to see through a lot of his bull and I’m very aware that he has struggled with mental illnesses in several of his lifetimes. I’m sure my capacity for sympathy is what keeps attracting him to my house. That and I used to have a very fan girl reaction to him because, truthfully, he is extremely good-looking. His ego is the size of Montana, so naturally he would really enjoy women fawning all over him. I don’t do that so much anymore because of getting to know him a little bit that I am allowed and once I start to know a man, my attraction usually diminishes by a lot. That sounds really bad! It’s true though. My interest in him has evolved into trying to help him let go of certain things so that he can move on into another lifetime without so much baggage. He has not been reincarnating and I think it’s because of fear in large part. Like most men, however, he does not seem very keen on discussing his feelings or the inner workings of his soul. By discussion, I mean the exchange of energy that allows me to know things about him. I don’t mean I’m literally sitting here talking out loud to John Wilkes Booth. I’m not. Unless he is doing something irritating like knocking on the support beam, and then I just tell him to stop it.

How long is this going to last? I don’t know. I don’t mind him passing through a couple of times a month.  My friend doesn’t mind him being insulting to her because she thinks it’s funny that he’s dead but he still passing judgment on a less than feminine woman. It’s a dysfunctional relationship but sadly it’s probably the healthiest relationship he has engaged in in a long time. At least I’m not asking him for anything other than an occasional confirmation that it is actually him. I just wish he would develop a little patience. Humility, patience, the ability to love, etc., are not exactly his greatest virtues but somehow I think, maybe a little idealistically, hanging around me sometimes my teach him some good habits to carry into his next life. Who knows? Maybe he knows something I don’t. Maybe we have known each other before in some other capacity. Again, who knows? All I know is I can’t be arrogant enough to think I have all of the answers. I’m just holding on for the ride.

3 responses to “>More experiences with John Wilkes Booth”

  1. Anonymous says:

    >This is truly fascinating, Jess! How would JWB feel if you brought a paranormal team over to investigate? Since you're friends with TAPS maybe then can help validate your situation. And don't worry, you're not crazy! 😉

  2. CatBoy says:

    >I find this fascinating, in the fairly obvious way, but for another reason as well. I should preface this by saying that I do not have an especially strong interest or knowledge of JWB beyond that of the average person (although I will admit to the fact that I was always a bit embarrased that I found him and Lizzie Borden to be such attractive people despite their less than attractive reputations).

    Anyway, years ago, the TV film on him was being advertised frequently and at the same time I had seen a filmed version of a one-man show (I think the one on Capote) and I remember thinking that a one-man show about Booth would be interesting. Then I decided the audience might be put-off by him directly addressing them so I decided it should be a two person play– him and a lover in a hotel room, post sex, with him telling her his side of things.

    What you are describing seems a little like my play, minus the sex. If you write the play, I'll be there opening night.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >I'm curious if you came up to Maryland and visited some of the sites associated with the assasination and his escape what his reactions would be.

    I don't know if he'd recognize the boarding house in DC (it's now a Chinese restaurant). But the Mudd house and Surratt Tavern are well preserved.


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