>Manifesting your own reality

>The Law of Attraction is a practice of manifesting thought energy and intentions into real, tangible results that make your life and the lives of those around you better. Everybody knows about The Secret, which is an overly commercialized version of it that has become a fad, but the principles of manifesting your own reality have been in existence for eons in many different cultures.

It’s not as simple as saying, “I want ____,” and those things drop out of the sky for you. Manifesting your own reality takes serious discipline in reprogramming the way you think, how much effort you put into creating your reality, and doing the daily exercises to reach a heightened level of awareness of your thoughts and actions. Most people aren’t even aware that they sabotage themselves throughout the day with negativity. The biggest obstacle is the process of removing all negativity from your thought processes. Why?

The basic underlying principle to everything in manifesting your own reality is that thoughts are intentions, real things, pieces of your energy, and have power. The energy that you put out into the universe is what comes back to you. Putting out negativity brings negativity back to you. Putting out positivity brings positivity back to you.

In order to reprogram the way you think, you’ve first got to examine the very nature of your thoughts. There are various exercises to really look at yourself such as writing your thoughts – honest, real thoughts – in a journal and then counting up how many negative words you use vs how many positive words you use. Negative words are ones such as: can’t, won’t, don’t, hurt, pain, sad, unhappy, depressed, etc. Positive words affirm your ability to leave a mark on the world that is good and helpful to yourself and others. When you eliminate negative words from your vocabulary, you lessen the unintentional or intentional chances of sabotaging yourself with bad energy brought into your life.

Sometimes we think we’re helping ourselves but the words we chose have hidden darkness in them. For example, I once saw a person trying to use positive affirmations in her day to day life and one of them was, “I don’t want to hate myself anymore.” At first glance, that looks good. However, the words “don’t” and “hate” have negativity attached to them. A truer form of a positive affirmation of that nature would be, “I love myself more every day.” That is truly positive. At first, you may not believe the things you tell yourself each day but the important thing is to get into the discipline of reprogramming the way you think. In time, you will begin to live and breathe positive thinking, as well as knowing you can take action to make your dreams come true. You see, it’s not enough to simply say, “I want ____.” In addition to manifesting those needs through meditation and visualization exercises, you must also take daily action toward helping yourself along. The universe will not reward you without result.

A good exercise to get yourself started is to write down your intentions for the week or the month (your choice). Then you write three steps you can take toward making that intention a reality. Here is an example.

State the intent:
I will be hired in a satisfying job.

Think of three actions to help it along:
I will search online for jobs.
I will consider new career routes.
I will seek advice from friends who are satisfied in their jobs.

Another thing you can do to help focus your energy in a positive direction is to create a vision board, which is a collection of images that represent your goals. It helps the mind during meditation to have something visual to focus on and when you place copies of the images throughout your house or your office, the visual reminders will keep you focused throughout your day. Many people put their vision boards on their refrigerators and use them as desktop backgrounds on their computers among other places. The images you choose can be literal representations of your goals or they can be metaphoric and speak to things that only make sense to you.

Here is my current vision board.

Some of the images on my vision board are literal things I would like to acquire, such as money or the King Charles Cavalier puppy. Other images are metaphoric, such as the ocean waves representing my desire to get over my fear of water or the picture of me with people representing my desire to stay close to friends or Scarlett and Rhett representing my desire for a little romance in my life. Some pictures can be misleading, like the one of Jon Knight might make one think I want him but in reality, he is the symbol of fun and independence in my life, just as the images of the meditating figure and the rosary are symbols of being grounded in my spirituality.

What images can you think of for your own vision boards?
What positive affirmations can you use to improve yourself?
What ways can you alter your thoughts to eliminate negativity?

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  1. Sparrow says:

    >Good timing! I am currently taking an online intensive with Sandra Anne Taylor about the power of positive thinking, the myths and over simplifications that abound in regards to it, and how to work around them. It's a companion workshop to her latest book, Truth, Triumph, and Transformation. I highly recommend it.

  2. Romeld says:

    I am so grateful for all the love,support and diertcion God the universe gave to my daughters and I after fleeing our abusive home. God and the universe has made sure that we have never been without.has provided me with a wonderful job,a safe home and an abundance of love and happiness.we continue to count our blessing each and everyday. I also give gratitude for clean runny water to drink/bathe.to farmers who grow our food which we can run to any store and pick up. For doctors,hospitals.EMS,schools our children’s educations.teachers. For the rain,sun,stars,towers.we are so privileged to live were we live.I am truly grateful for soo many things I can not put them all,my beautiful daughters,our health, our lives. And our lessons in life..there is so much to be grateful for.The guidance of God and angels.listen closely and you will hear them revealing the answers you need, I mean really listen. Give your worries to them and remember to thank them.you will live a much more peaceful existence. Try and think of ten new things a day you are grateful for,it is really not hard, I am even grateful for the worms for give me rich soil to grow my vegetables..yes I really do..blessings to everyone out there..

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