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As most of you know by now, I was a child medium. Working with spirits, energy flow, etc., comes so naturally to young children that they don’t realize it’s “supernatural” until adult influences say so. I haven’t always coped very well with my natural attraction to energy and spirits specifically because people have a wonderful way of making me feel like a circus side show. Sometimes I have a lot of confidence and nothing bothers me about people’s opinions, but sometimes I just want to hide in my house and not deal with it.

For that reason, I have been looking into different books for different perspectives and guidance. I just started reading a book and it’s set up as a teaching tool and makes you work through different exercises to build and control your abilities. I came to the first exercise last night and had a good laugh because it made me have flashbacks to my childhood when I was playing with energy in this manner, except I wasn’t aware that it was energy. I can’t clap my hands due to my disability but I clapped my feet (I know that sounds funny but lots of people who can’t use their hands learn to use their feet) and I was always able to maintain, move, change and feel the energy ball for quite a while. I remember doing homework on the living room floor and playing with the energy ball around my feet at the same time. It was just a habit. It felt cool, so I did it unconsciously.

The book asserts, just as I have asserted for a long time, that everybody has the ability to affect energy fields around them. Being intuitive, psychic, sensitive, whatever word you want to use, is something that anybody can learn and this exercise proves it. Some of us are more attuned to it than others, just like some people are better at playing piano than others, but anybody can learn the basics and expand upon the basics with dedication. Playing with your own energy field is proof. This is something that you can really feel. If I may add advice to these instructions, try focusing on visualizing energy flowing through your hands the way blood flows through your hands. Concentration makes it work better.

Here are the steps directly from the book***.

1. Clap your hands together once very firmly. Don’t cup your hands. Instead keep your palms straight and flat and just bring them together in a praying position.

2. Keeping your hands straight and flat, rub your palms together vigorously.

3. Now pull your hands apart slightly, very slowly. Keep them perhaps an inch apart.

4. Your hands will feel tingly and warm, especially around the empty space between them.

5. Press your hands slowly together against that empty space. You will feel a slight resistance, like two magnets repelling one another.

6. You’ve had your first conscious perception of energy!

***Michelle Belanger. The Psychic Energy Codex: A Manual For Developing Your Subtle Senses (Kindle Locations 274-277). Kindle Edition.

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  1. nirisha says:

    hi, my name is nirisha. i can make those balls, really easily, i can feel them expanding through my hands too, i feel an electric ticklish feeling on my hand, but the thing is how can i use the ball?

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