John Lennon’s to-do list transcript

It seems Yoko Ono has released a to-do list written by John Lennon. The list, written in ink on yellow paper, is going to be auctioned for a minimum of $3,000. I was sent the image by my friend Martina and I then found out that Lennon made out the list for his personal assistant. Some media outlets are reporting that he’s writing to himself, but if you really read it carefully, he wasn’t so dense as to need to coach himself on dealing with cable repair guys or about his hair dryer. He was clearly writing to someone else – his personal assistant.

Here’s the image of Lennon’s to-do list.

John Lennon to-do list

A few of my friends have said they can’t read his writing, but oddly, I got all of it except a few words. Here is a transcription of the list.

1. H.B.O guy coming between 3-5: BE THERE. *
(His other guy didn’t know what was wrong)

2. Ask Sam Green for Thor Heyerdah book (return)

3. Ask Steve D. re herbs for cat.

* i.e. when he arrives the desk tells you.
”   ”   ” you let him in
”   ”   ” you tell him what to do
Yesterday they made an offer to attach F.M.
radio (or something) – I’m not sure what they
need – but [???] it must improve
F.M. radio receiver – find out – maybe we do
want it (I didn’t know what he was talking about)

4. Marmalade ([?] jam for [?] [?] already)

5. Would it be a good idea to make sure BOTH CARS have full GAS TANKS?..

6. Margaret Trudeau book:

7. Blue Mystery: The Story of the Hope Diamond
– Suzanne Steinen Patch.

8. Put back Sean’s large mattress. (Today) (His own bed)

9. Tell me about my hair dryer – yea or nay

10. Photos in books (do it while you wait f. H.B.O.)

11. Hook on door in our bathroom falling off

2 responses to “John Lennon’s to-do list transcript”

  1. Robin says:

    I wonder who the to do list was for?

  2. Read the top. It was for his personal assistant.

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