Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress

A little while ago, I was going through some old family things in an effort to choose what things should be preserved and digitized in my ongoing family history project. I saw a rare wedding picture of my grandmother from December 1950 and noticed right away that she was dressed like a blonde Jackie Kennedy (who married Jack in 1953). Her gown was of a similar silhouette and color, as were her hair and veil. It struck me, since Mrs. Kennedy is a hero of mine, so I hurried and searched her wedding gown just to be sure I remembered it right. Then I found out the gown is at the Kennedy Library in Boston.

I have to go see it. And maybe bribe someone to let me touch it. Anybody up for a trip to Boston?

The good news is my grandmother allegedly still has her wedding dress. If it hasn’t yellowed and if I ever sell myself into the indentured servitude of marriage (big if – said spouse would have to be spectacular), maybe I’ll wear it.

In the meantime, worship Jackie with me.

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