Jackie Kennedy in Paris

In honor of my decision to start saving in earnest (on a schedule and everything!) for my dream trip to France, aka the Motherland, I bring you pictures and video of Jackie Kennedy’s trip to Paris in 1961. There was also some guy called JFK on that trip. Wink, wink. I tend to be drawn to strong, elegant, fashionable women in history with troubled lives, such as Marie Antoinette, Princess Diana and so forth, so it’s no surprise that Jackie Kennedy is one of my biggest idols. She represents everything classic, elegant, educated, fashionable, well-mannered, nurturing, etc., that a real lady should be, despite a philandering, troubled husband. My admiration for her is so known that friends on a recent camping trip repeatedly pointed out, “Jackie would/wouldn’t do that!” to my various habits. And yes, I favor pearls because of her. I enjoy looking at pictures and video from Jackie’s time in Paris, so I’m sharing them here with you.

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