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I was told when I was about nine-years-old that I “walk between worlds”. At the time, I had absolutely no idea what that meant and found it extremely confusing considering I couldn’t walk. That’s how I was as a child – I took everything in literal terms. What the lady meant was that I have extrasensory abilities that classify me as “psychic” or “intuitive” or whatever general blanket term is en vogue these days.

Since the beginning of my life, I float in my dreams. I don’t walk. I don’t use the wheelchair. I float with the power of thought and half the time, I don’t even have a body. I’m just, for lack of a better description, an invisible essence or whatever is me without my body. I have asked some people periodically what they think and if they have dreams like these too. The few people I know who have indicated that they float in their dreams too are also people with some degree of psychic ability. I also travel in these dreams. For example, about a week ago, I “traveled” to Mexico and sat on the coast looking at seashells. I was at a resort but the resort was empty except me. To get to the places in dreams, I float through a tunnel that I can only describe as being made of ice, although it wasn’t cold at all. It just looked like blue and white ice with strange lights inside the ice that looked like aurora borealis. Another consistent phenomena that has been present for my entire life is the sensation of tingling around my head. When I wake up from intense dreams or come out of meditation, my head tingles above my eyes and at the back at and below the crown. The more intense the dream or vision, the more intense the tingling. That was something that really made me feel out of place, because the people I’ve asked have all denied knowledge of such a thing.

Last week, I decided to ask a friend of mine who has more experience in these matters. She answered my email fairly quickly and wrote the following:

Ok, the floating – this doesn’t really have to due with your current physical reality. 🙂 Yippee for that as the current physical reality isn’t nearly as much fun! What you are experiencing is the sensation of being in your energetic body or light body. You are still you, your soul is there, but there is no need for a physical body just your energy. Some people might visualize or describe this as being “contained” if you will for descriptive purposes only in a bubble of light. When you are in this state you are you, your soul, your essence. You don’t need a body to have an experience.

The tingling…the area above your eyes at the back of the head is where the pineal gland is. This is the potion of the brain that shows the most activity during paranormal experiences such as meditation or when you are using your third eye or having other spiritual experiences. It is the place many practices teach you to mentally go to, to activate your third eye and connect to higher beings. While your “symptom” sometimes might occur as a persons third eye is beginning to open for the first time, in your case I sense that it is an indication of how easily and fully you are able to go into an altered state where you leave your body and experience other realities and or dimensions.

Now both of these tie together in that the body-less travel and experience is something commonly reported by people who are able to visit other dimensions as well as the tingling as they are able to so fully go to those places while keeping an ever so thin thread intact to come back to this dimensional reality. In short, you are getting better and better everyday advancing your skills. Now to merge the ability to travel to other dimensions and view the physical reality from that dimension…now wouldn’t that be something to clarify those past life flashbacks! 😉

So there you have it! I’m not so weird after all. There are other people who experience the floaty, travely, head tingly things that I do. My decision to post the information in a blog was inspired by the possibility that there might be other people out there who have these experiences but don’t understand them. My goal is always to help people so they don’t feel as alone as I have through parts of my life in these things.

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