>I’ll be on Darkness Radio on 4/19


Shameless self-promotion.

I’m going to be on the radio tomorrow night again (4/19) at midnight EST with my research partner, Nellie Kampmann. It’s 100.3 FM News Talk in Minnesota/St. Paul. You can also listen live online for free at www.DarknessRadio.com which is the show I did.

I was interviewed for my expertise in reincarnation research, my partnered website with Nellie Kampmann in which we collect famous reincarnation cases, and my book, Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated. If you miss it and you want to listen, I’ll tell you where to download the show on iTunes later. The show is archived and you will be able to download the episode on iTunes for free.

So y’all better listen!

This is a side by side comparison of Fanny Chamberlain and myself to whet your palette.

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