If you don’t watch Push Girls, I don’t want to know you!

Seriously. This is big news in my world.

Today I was revisiting my teenage years by watching My So-Called Life on the Sundance Channel when I noticed a certain commercial repeating every break. There is apparently a new show coming out in June called Push Girls. It’s a reality series that follows the lives of four paraplegic women in Los Angeles. They’re fierce, tough, stylish, independent and they certainly don’t let their paraplegia define who they are at all. Instead, they’re living their lives like other women and they manage to thrive in a very image obsessed city.

It’s getting great reviews in the media from what I have seen, not that I would need good press to encourage me to watch this show. I’m thrilled that there is a show coming out that finally portrays disabled women in a realistic and positive light rather than focusing on the tragic circumstances that brought them to such a condition. People often see me traveling, going places, having adventures, white water rafting, camping, paranormal investigating, etc., and they can’t believe I do those things. I don’t particularly think those things are strange until people point it out to me. You know, I must be so extraordinarily brave for facing the world when the world can still be rather cruel to people like me. The way I see it, I have two choices: I can either hide at home and let life live me, or I can get out and live my life. That’s how I see these women. And it gives me hope to see that there are other tough women just like me out there. My disability is more severe than paraplegia but that’s just semantics. These women are stunning. If I as a quadriplegic can be half as fierce, fascinating and stunning as they are, then maybe I’m going to be okay after all.

Push Girls premieres on the Sundance Channel on June 4 at 10 p.m. EST. All of you ought to watch it. There is a lot you can learn from these women. Watch the preview of this new series below.

3 responses to “If you don’t watch Push Girls, I don’t want to know you!”

  1. agnes says:

    I wish i could see it but here in Poland it couldn’t be possible yet maybe on web.We will see:)

  2. Donetta Swift says:

    Hey fellow Bureaucrat, I was going to send you a message to make sure you knew about this show 2nite, then saw I’m a little slow, you already blogged about it. I am enjoying the show right now and I am glad I’m watching it. It is interesting and informative. I look forward to watching the future episodes.

  3. Todd King says:

    “The way I see it, I have two choices: I can either hide at home and let life live me, or I can get out and live my life.” Amen. As a bilateral A.K.A. I look at it the same way. I remember having that exact conversation with myself in Intensive Care. I get the “I can’t believe you do that” remarks too.

    The first episode of Push Girls was last night and it is available on Hulu for free. http://www.hulu.com/watch/365468/push-girls-everyone-stares-

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