Hate Mail 101


Sometimes I get some really interesting email. I operate two websites, a Twitter page and a few Facebook pages, so the occasional troll is to be expected, especially when I’m rather public about reincarnation research and paranormal investigation. That’s not always a popular topic among certain types of people. I’m quite used to the usual, run-of-the-mill, “You’re a crazy devil worshiper!” mail bombs that come my way multiple times every month. I delete things like that and pretend like they never happened.

Occasionally, however, there are some rather … erm … interesting emails I get from time to time. The interesting ones tend to ramble and not make much common sense, let alone grammatical sense. I never understood what possessed people to waste the time and energy attacking someone they don’t know – or in this case – multiple people they don’t know and how they choose to express their beliefs. If I encounter a website I don’t like, I just click away from it and move on to something else. Makes sense, right?

Here is an example of a very recent piece of hate mail delivered to my inbox. You might need a map to follow the logic in this one. While the hate wasn’t directed at me per se, it was by proxy because it’s my website.

I have something – ever so – well NECESSARY to say about THIS SUBECT, any MORON who claims to be Mozart reincarnated – especially a woman is a FRAUD,I’m quite sick of people claiming to be he reincarnation of peple they can study – possibly lie-laden historical details of BUT IT IT QUITE SIMPLE, if the GHOST OF SOMEONE IS STILL AROUND then anyone claiming to be the REINCARNATION of the GHOST IS A LYING FRAUD, and Mozarts ghost was seen – in four nations in the seventies, SHE”S TOO OLD to be what she’s LYING ABOUT. he is an inersting ghost, his medium seemed to be a teenager, french-gypsy. due to this fact, people were way more likely to learn more about Mozart’s teenage years. A suspectgerman parapyscholist called Wolfgang was suspeced by some trying to establish the full range of teh event to be the ghost – OR channeling him.

…. Huh?

Yeah, that’s what I said.

I’m pretty sure this email was in reference to the Mozart reincarnation case (click the link) profiled over at Historical Figures Reincarnated, a research website operated by my friend, Nellie, and me. Unlike the lovely person above, I actually know the people involved. I never associate my name with cases that I don’t know for certain to be true. That’s why such hate doesn’t really bother me – it doesn’t change the truth – but I do get a little curious about why people are that way. My uncle thinks I should be a psychiatrist.

What do you do when you encounter such intense negativity? Do you let it seep into your soul and fester like a rotting wound or do you wash it away?

I will certainly get hate mail as long as I’m working publicly in the paranormal field. That doesn’t bother me so much. Delete is the best button ever invented. What does bother me is the fact that there are people so mired down in their own negativity that the only way they know to cope is to lash out at everyone else. It’s always easier to judge other people when you really should be looking in the mirror and examining yourself. Nobody wants to face it when they do wrong, behave unfairly, etc., but that is really the only way to grow and develop a more evolved soul. Of course, in order to become a more evolved soul, a person has to be willing to go through the process of admitting they need to rethink the way they behave and interact with the world. Those who are not willing and seek shelter on the false security of a high horse will always look down their noses at everyone else, even when they engage in the same behaviors they claim that they can’t stand. That kind of thing runs rampant in the paranormal community especially.

What lessons can we draw from this example of hate mail?

We should all take a closer look at the way we respond to things we don’t like, whether it’s behavior, beliefs, etc. If you find yourself responding with either passive-aggressive or direct judgment, consider whether that response is really necessary or not. Everybody is different. Everybody has different beliefs, tastes, lifestyles, manners of doing things, and so forth. What may seem crazy and weird to you is perfectly fine to someone else. Is the behavior or belief hurting you directly? If not, then it’s not your place to pass verbal judgment on another person. The golden rule applies even when you’re an adult! If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. Why? Because if it’s not hurting you directly, then being rude and passing judgment is just creating more negative energy around you. Once you get surrounded by negative energy, you can no longer take pleasure in life and you will be alienated from your loved ones because they will eventually retreat in order to protect their own energies. It’s instinctive.

Think about the purpose of your words before you react. The hate mail didn’t accomplish anything except making me stand up for the credibility and integrity of my very dear friends.

Let’s calm our nerves with my beautiful Nettl’s signing voice, shall we?

Mozartballs/ Abendempfindung

Lynette, (Nettl no “e”) | Myspace Video

3 responses to “Hate Mail 101”

  1. Stephanie Ann says:

    >Hate mail is so stupid. You can politely disagree but why act like an idiot?

  2. Heather A Posey says:

    >I like this Jessica.

  3. Courtney says:

    >I've never understood why some people feel the need to be so ugly. I swear, the internet brings out the worst in some folks!

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