Happy birthday, Dr. Winston O’Boogie!

Today would have been the 72nd birthday of John Lennon. He was the most controversial and political Beatle, having rebelled against the very things that made him famous. A deeply flawed man, Lennon was guilty of being an absentee father to his first son and a philandering husband, in addition to a drug abuser. They say the best creative genius comes from difficult lives and I believe much of his behavior stemmed from being basically abandoned by both his mother and father as a child. Many people who were abandoned as children grow up to engage in self-destructive behavior as he did. Regardless of his flaws, he was a musical genius, an artist, and an activist who brought out ideas into the world that are still relevant three decades after his unconscionable murder.

I have noticed that people still either love him or hate him with very little middle ground even today. He died within two weeks of my grandfather, and I was born 14 months later, which means two men who have great influence over me were men I never got to know. Some of the first sounds I ever heard in this world as an infant were songs written and performed by Lennon as well as the Lennon/McCartney writing partnership. I’m a 30-year-old woman who hears his voice and reacts as if a lullaby from my childhood is coming back to me. Music has the ability to affect everything in the world around us and I have been heavily influenced by this man. For that reason, I celebrate his life today on the 72nd anniversary of his birth.

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