Had to share this review of Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated


I had to share this review of my book, Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated, that was posted on my Amazon page today. This review is the entire reason why I wrote this book.

I confess that it took me two readings of Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated for author Jessica Jewett’s story to really sink in. This was not due to a lack of a good writing style or intriguing subject matter; Jewett’s book certainly pulled me in from the get-go in those respects. Rather it was due to me learning of my own past life identity not long after my initial reading and being faced with the barrage of emotions associated with it. The initial disbelief and denial. The self-hatred, guilt, regret, and longing directed towards the past. The anger at having to even face issues stemming from a past life in the first place. The wish for it to all just go away. All of these feelings have washed over me like a tidal wave ever since I found out who I was… and why I am the way I am in many aspects of my present life.

My first reading of Unveiled brought me to believe that it is an extremely compelling book and case for reincarnation written by a talented author. The second reading, however, touched me to the core. It comforted and reassured me as I again read, weeping at some points this time, of Jessica’s life-long journey in discovering her past as Fanny Chamberlain. She had to deal with many of the emotions and hardships that I am dealing with now, and to reread about her struggle to accept and be at peace with her past life gives me hope that perhaps someday I will learn as much about my present self by way of the past as she has.

“The understanding of the present cannot be completed without an understanding of the past,” Jewett writes. I truly believe that now, and her story is the perfect example of why that is so true.

Jessica did not write Unveiled for fame and glory. Her story was written in hopes of helping others whether they are simply curious about the prospect of reincarnation or coping with the emotions associated with learning of past lives themselves. She once mentioned that if her work touched the life of at least one person then she would feel as though it served its purpose. Well, Jessica, it has touched my life and helped me understand my own situation in ways I could never have imagined. All I can say is a heartfelt “thank you.” Thank you so much for sharing your story.

I would recommend Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated to anyone. It not only contains plenty of compelling evidence for reincarnation that will make any skeptic think twice, but it will almost certainly inspire and encourage anyone who wants to understand himself or herself better by way of their own past lives.

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  1. jayewalking says:

    >What a great review! It's wonderful to know that you've touched someone in such a personal way. The kind of feedback every author needs.

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