>Got any interesting postcards?


I had an interesting idea the other day when my friend Gretchen was helping me put my postcards from Maine out on display. I have very little space to call my own in this house and what I do have isn’t very attractive. I have been using postcards to decorate but I don’t have enough.

That leads me to this blog.

I have friends all over the world, so I’m putting out the request that if you have any interesting postcards, I would like one. I’m not picky about what kind. After I’m done with them as decoration, I’m going to put them in a scrapbook. Yes, I have become a scrapbooker. Soon I’m going to be wearing ugly sweaters, exchanging muffin recipes and racing home to feed my forty fluffy cats. Please stage an intervention when that happens!

If you are interested in sending me a postcard from your area, send me an email at jessicajones9828@gmail.com and we’ll exchange information. Thanks!

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