Final book cover of From the Darkness Risen Book II

As you saw in an earlier blog, I was testing my book cover design on you all for my next novel, From the Darkness Risen Book II. I finished both the front cover and back cover tonight, so I wanted to share them with all of you. These are the final designs. The only thing that might change before publication is possibly the wording of the teaser on the back cover but I’m pretty happy with it for the moment. The spacing on the back cover might also look a little wonky right now too but that’s because I had to leave room at the bottom for the bar code added by the publisher. Here are the images and then a transcript of the back cover text below that. You can see bigger versions of the images by clicking on them as well. Let me know how you like everything.

Back cover text:

Escaping a Union military prison was the easy part for Robert and Isabelle Cavanaugh.

The continuation of From the Darkness Risen finds Robert a withdrawn and troubled man raising his children in the pressure of his mother-in-law’s Charleston home. The need for purpose and fulfilling his duty leads him to a recruiting position in the Confederate Army while his wife, Isabelle, endures a difficult pregnancy in a city strangled by the Union blockade. She grapples with the cracks exposed in her marriage, uncertain if her family will survive further Yankee invasion. The wedge between Isabelle and Robert grows when tragedy strikes their young family, followed by the unexpected arrival of her soldier brother, who brings the blackness of the war home with him. The repeated absences of her husband amid a city under siege and a family falling apart force her to rely on her faith to carry her through the ravages of heartbreak, secrets, and a country in ruins. When the dust settles, she must find a way to allow her husband back into her heart so altered and hardened by the independence that she never desired.

Meanwhile, a world away in divided Missouri, Eva Grimm is bored with her position as the new wife of a St. Louis University professor, Thaddeus Grimm. The monotony of a housewife’s simple existence without servants or the gayety of her former life as a Charleston socialite leaves Eva despondent until she receives a mysterious invitation to a Confederate safe house. There she discovers a ring of Confederate operatives seeking those to carry out dangerous assignments in mail smuggling, gathering intelligence, and planting bombs on steamers carrying Yankee supplies up and down the Mississippi River. Excitement fills Eva once again as she becomes more and more drawn into proving herself in the underground war effort, despite Thaddeus’ warning that he would leave her if she ever lied to him again. Her double life becomes a ticking time bomb even more with a Yankee officer, Benjamin Geary, resuming his obsessive pursuit of her. The fear of what Thaddeus will do if he discovers the truth pushes Eva to look beyond her own selfish desires but it may not be enough to stop her from fighting for her country.

About the Author

Born in February 1982 to Lori and Curt Jones in Denver, Colorado, Jessica Jewett showed an early talent for all things creative. Despite her rare disability, Arthrogryposis, Jessica taught herself to write with her mouth before she entered kindergarten. Her first poem was completed in 1988 at the age of six, and she began her first illustrated short story in 1990, followed by the start of her first novel in 1994. She has worked in journalism, freelance writing and constantly evolves as a novelist. Her artwork has been exhibited in a gallery showing throughout the Southeast. She has numerous hobbies in artistic, paranormal and historical fields, which are often the subject of her writing. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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