Experiments in psychometry


One form of extra sensory perception that does not receive as much attention as others is psychometry. In basic terms, psychometry is the ability to touch an object and read the energy left from those who previously owned or had special connections to that object in order to describe them. Many intuitives have this ability but they don’t necessarily know the word for it or they don’t know that it is its own classification of “extra” senses. It is instinctive for these people to walk into an old home, for example, and touch the walls, or touch a window, or a door frame. The instinct to touch but not truly knowing why is the intuitive ability trying to come to surface. Why do we touch things? Why do we hold certain objects in such reverence? Because the energy from people before soaks in and remains present long after they’re gone. Many of us feel that energy without quite knowing how to interpret it. Remember that energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, but simply changes form. Our energy is left in so many ways that we are truly immortal.

I have limited ability with psychometry, not because the intuitive ability isn’t there, but because my quadriplegia disallows me from touching things much of the time. However, when I went to Maine to visit the Chamberlain house where I made my home in a previous life, I was determined to touch things and see what I could feel. The house is still filled with many of our things. When I was left unattended by the house curators in Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s library, I could not resist the urge to touch furniture and books. The chair photographed on the right was one of the pieces I touched with the help of a friend. Some of the books did not actually belong to the family, however, and the sensation was completely different between things that belonged to the family and things that did not. The only way I know how to describe it is to employ the example of immediately knowing the scent of your mother’s home or your grandmother’s home verses all other homes. It is like that, except instead of a unique scent, it is a unique vibration, a unique energy, when you encounter different objects with palpable energy. Touching an object with leftover energy from a previous owner may feel like static electricity, a heavy sensation in the chest or the stomach, and any varying degree of involuntary reaction up to but not always including visual, emotional, or audio glimpses into the life of the person who owned it.

I went to Maine for a second time a few years later and experienced the accidental encounter with the floorboards in the Longfellow room at the Chamberlain house. Pictured at left, the floorboards to the right of the table are where I laid when my brother needed a break from carrying me to that second level. People who spend decades walking the same floors will often leave trails of energy behind and when one is sensitive to such things, it can be quite easy to track movements of long departed people by touching the floorboards. In my case, I compare it to a hound picking up the scent of a person or animal to track their movements. However, it is not a scent in the nose. It’s a vibration elsewhere in the senses that, when sitting on those old floorboards, translated into visual tracking of energy trails in the third eye or intuitive portion of the brain. This does not mean I’m tracking intelligent, or interactive, ghosts but it does mean I’m tracking the imprints of previous people who spent significant energy there. It was not all Chamberlain energy either. There was child energy from rental tenants after he died. And there was female energy belonging to someone outside of the Chamberlain family as well.

In the last year or so, I have begun guiding a friend of mine along in her pursuit to develop her intuitive abilities. Every person has the ability to develop some sort of intuitive ability. The trick is to find which one is the individual’s special gift. We have been working on her empathic skills primarily. Empaths have the ability to feel and soak up what other people or spirits are feeling, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. Often, being an empath is not easily controlled. It can become overwhelming and crippling if there is a raw sensitivity for it at all and it isn’t managed right away. That’s why I started there with her. We have been working on meditation and developing a sensitivity to spiritual presences as well.

Psychometry was something I tested on her one day on a whim. Sometimes we go to antique stores in order to practice using her intuitive skills. She was doing quite well with detecting leftover energy in objects on sight and sense but she, like all developing intuitives, continued to struggle with interpreting the energy and doubted herself whenever she delivered intuitive information. We came across the table on the right and my impressions of it were very strong without touching it. I asked her what she felt about that table and she looked at it for a long moment before somewhat hesitantly describing the female that I had seen. I didn’t tell her if she was right or wrong. Instead, on a whim, I said, “Touch the table and tell me what happens.” She did as I suggested and described the sensation of electricity traveling up her arm. Aha! I thought to myself. She has the gift of psychometry. At that point, my teaching shifted to that skill and she became far more confident each time she delivered information. Her accuracy significantly improved as well.

If you suspect you might have the gift of psychometry as well, I will share my teaching method. Find an object with old history (any object has the potential to contain people’s energies but older objects are better for learning purposes). Touch it. Rub it. Turn it over in your hands if you can. Let it sink in with you. Pay attention to how things feel when you touch them. Is there a feeling of static electricity? Where is it – your hand, chest, stomach or somewhere else? It’s important to recognize the physical experiences you have when there is intuitive energy present because once you learn how your body reacts to it, the faster you will recognize the signs when they happen and not question them. Once you are certain that you are experiencing someone else’s energy, begin concentrating on broad questions first. Is the energy of a person or an event? If it’s a person, is the energy male or female? Can you detect an age – infant, toddler, child, teen, young adult, middle-aged, or elderly? Then you may begin concentrating on deeper questions. Why is the energy attached to the object? What happened to the person who affected the object? What are the emotions associated with it? Concentration on such specific questions will allow you to not only strengthen your ability but also to deliver information detailed enough to be researched and checked for accuracy.

Every intuitive needs confirmation in order to develop confidence. Don’t feel bad if you need it. Don’t feel like you’re reaching. Doctors need to see their patience heal in order to develop confidence in their practices. Lawyers need to win cases to develop confidence in their practices. It’s no different for we intuitives. When you practice developing your skills, have an outside party research your impressions to have them confirmed or unconfirmed as correct. When you are correct more than 70% of the time, you have found your special gift, whether it’s psychometry, clairvoyance, reading energy in photos (I’m not sure if there’s a word for that), auras, healing, etc. Practice, practice, practice. Meditate, meditate, meditate. This sort of thing requires a lot of discipline on a daily basis but the rewards are astonishing. The ability to help people and give them peace in the troubles that bring them to you is quite liberating. Thinking of others before yourself is the biggest high anyone can hope to achieve. Intuitives understand this better than anyone.

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