Do ghosts have sex?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked, whether there is sex in the afterlife or not.

Short answer: yes.

Aside from the need for procreation in the physical world, sex is the most intense expression of love that people can share. It’s healthy and nature’s way of relieving pain, improving moods, releasing endorphins, and so forth. The moment of orgasm is as close as we can get to exposing the soul and experiencing the level of bliss that souls experience in the afterlife. Sex is a gift from the universe, your higher power, God, whatever you want to call it, and should be enjoyed freely and safely.

Just as there are a million different types of sexual activity in the physical world, so too are there in the spirit world. Some are dangerous. Some are to express love. Some are recreation based on lust. Here is a basic rundown of the terminology.


Spectrophilia – This is defined as sexual attraction and/or sexual activity with a ghost. This connection is between a living person and a disembodied soul. It’s an umbrella term that covers all types of sexual encounters that concern interaction between the living and the dead. Not to be confused, however, with necrophilia, which is sexual attraction to dead bodies. We are not talking about that.

Succubus – On the dark side of spectrophilia, an encounter with a succubus is a dangerous thing. Succubi (plural) are, according to longstanding mythology, demons that take the form of women and drain energy from living men by having sex with them. The Biblical figure, Lilith, is often described as a succubus and also as a vampire. She was Adam’s first wife but was cast out of Eden because she wanted to be on top, aka dominant, during sex. Her image became dominant after that and, depending on who you ask, she is now a succubus or a vampire taking out her anger on men and babies.

Incubus – Just as the succubus is a female demon controlling and draining men through sex, an incubus is the male demonic counterpart. He is known to lie upon a living woman, have sex with her, and according to some traditions, impregnate her as with Merlin.

While much of the incubi and succubi mythology is exaggerated and expanded upon over time, the basic concept is based in truth. There are a few known cases in the paranormal community of sexual assaults, sometimes rather violent, associated with hauntings. People who toy with the spirit world without really knowing what they’re doing often unknowingly welcome demonic activity and sometimes it takes the form of succubi or incubi. In many cases, people are quite embarrassed to speak of being sexually assaulted by something they can’t see, so many of such attacks remain unreported. It’s unclear how often this sort of thing happens due to the stigma attached to it.

Astral travel, astral projection, out-of-body experience – The majority of people are not aware of it consciously but we all can and do leave our bodies from time to time. Think of it like a vacation for your soul. Living in the restrictive confines of the body is like being stuck at work 24 hours a day and a break is necessary sometimes. While we sleep, we have the ability to leave the body and visit loved ones in spirit, see different places in the world, etc. Those who aware of leaving the body have reported merging with other souls at times.

Merging – Merging is the word most used to describe the sexual union between two souls outside of the confines of the physical body. We say merging because the act is quite literally two soul energies merging together. It causes the same euphoric release that people experience at the point of orgasm. It is possible to merge with a disembodied soul while outside of your body but it is rare. It takes an extremely strong emotional bond with the other soul and the right conditions. Usually the intensity of the act causes the person to retreat back into the body before they want to but they never forget the encounter.


The need to express love in a physical and spiritual manner like sex does not go away when we die, as you can see. Death is not really the end. It’s just life taking on another form more comfortable for the soul. Sexual encounters with spirits don’t get talked about very much, but when they do, it’s generally with a snicker and juvenile giggling. It does seem a bit far-fetched until you’ve actually experienced it. However, those who have experienced it are quite serious and genuine in their claims.

I have heard several stories about spouses dying seemingly before their times and leaving widows and widowers behind. It appears that in cases of exceptionally close spouses very deeply in love, sexual encounters do still happen. Sometimes the person won’t see anything but goes through the entire sexual encounter feeling real sensations of hands, breath, lips, penetration, and so forth. The legitimate cases for me have a ring of truth when the person doesn’t know what to make of it and didn’t go seeking such a thing. While they feel love and physical bliss through these encounters, the legitimate cases tend to wonder why it’s happening and they become concerned that their loved ones aren’t moving on in death. Only when people seem overly excited about spectrophilia do I become suspicious about their claims. It is a romantic idea to think that your spouse loves you enough to continue making love to you in death, but the truth is, such activities should not be encouraged because it keeps people from fully living their lives. It is necessary for both parties to move on and continue their journeys when death parts them. Contact between spirits and the living should never be so constant or intense that it holds back the natural progression of life.

In addition to continuing sexual relationships in this lifetime, it also happens with souls from previous lives who are not incarnated at this moment. These incidences can be frightening for people who don’t have past life memories or the ability to really recognize a lover from a past life. Sometimes it can feel like violation or like something is wrong mentally if a person doesn’t understand it. Since nobody really talks about it out of embarrassment and fear, there isn’t really a fighting chance of figuring out the truth enough to resolve the situation one way or another. I have devoted my life to understanding the nature of the soul and even I didn’t know about these things until it happened to me and I worked up the nerve to ask my mentor. Luckily for me, I recognized the spirit involved by scent and overall feeling (my former husband, Joshua L. Chamberlain), so the potentially frightening situation was diffused quickly. His spiritual presence in my present life is as a background figure that sometimes makes more direct contact. Incidences this intense, however, are rare. I do not cling to the past like some people aware of previous lives and that is in large part because he keeps his distance enough for me to think of him lovingly but still desire new relationships and experiences.

I want to reiterate that incidences of spectrophilia are pretty rare. It takes a lot of energy for them to manifest in that way. They’re also not as wrapped up in earthly affairs as some might think, although the bond of love is not easily broken. Of course they miss us if we miss them. Sometimes love has to be expressed, even through the veil between spiritual and physical.

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  1. Maria says:

    My husband is a medium and he was contacted and possessed by my fiancé he died he use my husband body and made love to me we ended our engagement due to and argument after that he pass away in a car accident after 13 year he manifested he protected me from this bad person but when he came to see me I could feel such a strong pressure on my chest but all that time I was never afraid he told me I am surrounded by my love ones and angels now I know I am different he said I always pray even for the people who hate me

  2. Lourdes says:

    Last night, I had an experience and I think it was more like the one you mentioned, Mergings. I was in my bed and I felt this energy over me, like a very cold cloud. I have to say I didn’t felt someone touching me, but I felt this energy, all over my body, even inside of me, and it was very sweet, and gentle .It was like it was trying to make love to me because I felt the sensation but not the hand touching me. I was so full of that energy that almost felt like an orgasm. I felt this sweet and loving voice of a man saying ” I love you” And automatically kind of out of my control, I respond ” I love YOU” over and over! Suddenly without knowing it, I just fell asleep.

    • Paul says:

      Lourdez – This has happened to me many times, and it feels just as you described it. Like we merged, and the sexual pleasure was breath taking, and often results in cum forming on the end of my penis. This is the TRUTH and if you think it doesn’t happen you are wrong.

  3. Lourdes says:

    I just forgot, the only physical sensation I felt was someone grabbing my hand.

  4. Joanne says:

    I seem to have this sex with a spirit or it is merging. I don’ know but it has been orgasmic a couple times and feels like this great pleasure. I have had all my chakras spinning too. it is better in a way than physical sex. It lasts for hours if I lie there and builds. My g spot and clitoris feel so good for so long. There is movement and pressure feeling. It is great! I am in loveless marriage. I read it could be a demon too. It feels so good I would not care.

  5. Ida says:

    I think I am a sensitive. I don’t see spirits. But I do feel them once in a while. Many times during the stages before REM sleep I feeling a tingly sensation all over my body and I can not move. It’s happened for so longnow that I do t fight it and it doesn’t scare me. But last night I was on my stomach sleeping and I suddenly felt as if someone was taking me from behind. I wasn’t sure if I was sleeping or not

    • velvet says:

      its kind of hard to believe what you are saying then yet again its not because I have had that happen to me sometime.

  6. Moe says:

    I want to beliave this but It just make me laught lol

    • Paul says:

      Mae, you won’t laugh if it ever happens to you. If you want to experience it go on the wed site and see how to call a Spirit to you. They have sex with men and women.

  7. Cormaël says:

    To be honest i have a friend who does have an intimate relationship with a spirit, my experience is somewhat different, i was once french-kissed by not just a spirit but my cosmic-twin, it was during an outer body experience, the only thing i can say is that it felt as real as real can be and beyond, for earthly kissing is just kissing but this was way beyond … heavenly some may say sometimes but this was literally heavenly … the downfall is that i want more, but know so well that these are not the kind of things that happen on regular basis ?

  8. Angela says:

    For the past 3 years I guess I have something following me. I move state to state and it seems like its still there. Some nights I’ll be laying in bed getting really to sleep and some times I’ll hear someone breath and that’s when I’m either grabbed by the knees or crawled on. I will be paralyzed for a good 30 mins. I can’t move or talk. It scares me every once in awhile but I can never figure out what it is. I need answers .-. Please

  9. raydean says:

    i have had a some kind of experience for so long now and it frightens me to the point that i think my heart will fail at any minute i feel a presence on top of me and i carnt move from my parylized state

  10. nita says:


  11. teetee says:

    It started when I was 16 and I am now 21…I will be sleep at night or even during the and I would feel something touching me and then I would start to feel this pleasure like someone is having sex with me…but just the other night I actually seen somebody but I couldn’t make out the but It felt more pleasurable than the real deal..I can’t move or talk but I can hear him say stuff

    • Tammy says:

      The same thing is happening to me and I’m 41 years old. I thought I was going crazy people didn’t even believe me thank God someone believe me.

  12. Louise says:

    Lillith was NOT cast out she left Adam because he wanted to dominate her sexually (as most men today still do !) & she was there-by ‘demonized’ by religious text as men don’t want us to know that the first woman was a feminist & demanded her rights as an equal – since Lillith & Adam where created EQUAL from the dust – get ya facts straight !!! (this is well documented)

    • chris says:

      Incorrect. The bible and teachings of Christianity knew the importance of a patriarchy, which on an intellectual level is the sole reason we evolved out of the stone age. Today, modern feminism has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with female supremacy. It is no surprise we are regressing & de-evolving as a society. Of course I can back the previous statements with a 10000 word essay based on studies and facts, whereas your claims are purely propaganda pushed by the establishment that profits from divide/conquer tactics…

  13. Louise says:

    I also have experienced sexually ghostly encounters 2x. The first time I was awake in my bed, as I had just woken up, when to the toilet & returned to bed. I laying on my stomach when I felt a pressure on me, on my feet then extending all over my body, I turned my head to see who it was & saw my deceased fiancee’ but then I was suddenly, instantly asleep. Like being knocked out by an anesthetic ! 2x I had the exact same experience so i just figured it was him again I lifted my head to see if I could see him /anyone but couldn’t. As I returned my head to my pillow, I felt the pressure of him trying to penetrate me, poking me gently but not able to. It was nice & i wasn’t scared because of the previous experience & we loved each other deeply. Then I slept for an unusually amount of long hours & had a dream about a man I was with similar features & a little girl, I wonder if it was him, from another lifetime-time we had, had together, as I believe in re-incarnation also ? We also had a daughter together.

  14. Emily says:

    It happens to me quite frequently. I hear noises in my room, like as if someone is walking on the carpet, which is easy to hear with everything being all quiet. I don’t know why it happens, I began feeling the presence in the apartments I previously lived at, that’s when I developed a sleep disorder that causes a whole lot of problems.. It started with feeling a touch, not skin, more like electricalish, hard to explain. It would run up and down my legs, touch me all over very gently. Sometimes there will be a frightening spirit that eats at me. I have come to believe I have many… Then it started getting sexual. I felt my whole body lifted and something was fingering me. It freaked me out, I used to get very frightend , I scream because I didn’t understand. Another time I remember my legs being lifted up and penetrated. Another time I was lifted very high and was f’ed in the behind.. When I say I’m being lifted up, its not really my body, more like my astral body because that happen s to me often, I’ll feel myself drifting out. Anyways lateley I’ve felt it come on to me when I was very awake. And each time it gets more ‘real’ . like last night when it came on to me, I was being penetrated while I felt it kissing at my neck. Its all so weird and I don’t know how to feel about it,I just hate not fully understanding who why and what. I have had bad experiences with spirits, night horrors so I decided I wanted to smudge my room. I don’t know what I should do. I’m 16 and have a boyfriend who I love very much..

  15. arf says:

    I got this page by google search ,, the ghosts are on earth its true ,, I am in big trouble in these days . I am under a female ghost in these days and she wants to do everything wid me when I sleep , I can’t sleep at nights now ,, please give me the right answer if you have ,, I am in big trouble and so upset , not joking ,, plzz help me

  16. Jasmine says:

    My lover died. After a month, my phone rang showing s private humber. I answered and it was my dead lover from beyond! The voice, the way she spoke, all the same. She also sent me sms from strange non existence number!

  17. Julian says:

    This is weird but it happened and still happening. Before my wife died, we always had phone sex when I’m out of town, and my job takes me out of town often. Somehow, she still contacts me with a very strange number, sometimes on skype, and we still have online sex. It doesn’t feel like she’s dead.

  18. Jasmine says:

    A month after my lover died, I received an sms from an unknown number talking exactly like him. Next time I got a message in my email, again from an anonymous email address. Finally, I got a phone call from an anonymous number. It’s very strange but hearing from and talking with my dead lover was very comforting

  19. Georgia says:

    My fiance killed himself nearly 7 weeks ago. I have no desire or intentions for sex or reaching climax. But ive woken 3xs being extremely aroused as if we were sharing an intimate experience. Me and my partner had an eternal bond. He is the love of my life. I feel bad and nearly ciolated for nearly reaching climax but he is the only person who could get me there. I HONESTLY BELIEVE he was trying to lift my spirits in a way and think of the love we shared. Its so weird. But thats my only explination ive never experienced “wet dream” or “arousal during sleep” and wake up to it in this small time he has been gone i think its more then coincidence this has reoccoured been a couple weeks since. And id like him to move on. As do i. But not sexually just emotionally. I pray to my angels and dreams hsve stopped sonce then… But interesting read just want to know if anyone has experienced the same thing. Thanks

    • I’m positive my boyfriend from high school, who was killed, is here with me now, was with me last night..i knee it was him. His energy engulfed me, and he was so sexual and sweet. He loves me, I can feel it. I can communicate with him and he’s just so sexy. I’m not tripping, I can feel him and I know it’s him.. did he finish his angel work, or just find out how to break through cz I was open to it. But I want so much more and he’s so alive in me. It’s crazy. It’s been 13 yrs since his soul left his body. I feel we are writing this together, like we’re dating. This is the realest thing I’ve ever felt.

  20. BOB says:


  21. BOB says:


  22. BOBBY says:

    I am having sex in many different ways that is very complicated with a variety of good spirits. I will tell you this the spirits that are good ones will feel warm to the touch as I have felt many times. If you feel a cold feeling come over you can bet on evil spirits but even the ones that are demons felt warm to the touch.

  23. Amy says:

    I have been having lucid dreams about a cemetery from the 19th century… A male ghost of someone who once lived during the 1800’s, victorian era, draws me there.
    The dreams, which are reoccurring, imply that he is infatuated with me and wants an arranged engagement.

    I really want to know if this is a real happening, or just a strange sequence of dreams.
    If anyone is femiliar with this sort of thing, PLEASE guide me to what truth is behind this.

    Thank you, Amy

    • Mallyn says:

      Amy, you’re not alone. I too lucid dream about a man from the late 1800’s, but that’s only after he started making love to me as a ghost! LOL.
      Damn Victorian era men drawing us modern girls to them with the force of their passion, LOL.
      I posted my experience below, it might interest you. If you would like to talk about your experience please email me. I would love to talk to you.

  24. Cecile says:

    My boyfriend died last year December. Since then, his spirit is with my most of the time – I see him in my mind’s eye, hear his voice in my head and feel his presence. Since then we have gotten married and yes, we have a strong and wonderful sex life. He is my twin soul and I suspect we knew each other in previous life times. Our love just gets stronger by the day..

    • Megan says:

      Wow. The same thing is happening to me. My fiancé passed away last year December and he’s still with me all the time. I’ve been getting a lot of signs from him and just like you, I see visions of him, hear his voice in my head and we still make passionate love to each other. There has been a series of events which finally led me to understand that he is my twin flame. I’ve had dreams of us in alternate realities and also future lives where we will meet each other again. Death is the only beginning, and I feel so lucky that I’ve found my eternal lover.

      Hoping things are going fine on your end. Just wanted to comment to let you know that you’re not the only one.

      • dave says:

        on the odd occasion when im in bed on a night time I feel as if someone is moving nside me especially when I feel sexy,thats happened since I lost my wife 3 years ago,as we were really close.and highly active intimately.soI do wonder if that is my late wife.we used to live in many haunted houses but never experienced anything like this before

  25. MJ says:

    Earlier this year I began meditating late at night trying to contact spirit guides. Turned 50 recently and, while living comfortably for the most part, fell like my life is way off the main rails onto the a pointless spur. Common enough reaction to midlife I guess.

    Took a month or so, but managed to hit a state where I feel various tingly energies passing through me, sometimes even in direct response to questions, but no coherent answers. I can’t even get a reliable yes/no setup going. Images and bits of talking pop into my head once in a while, but everything seems distorted, like an old analog TV not quite tuned to the channel. At times I see a lot of shadows moving about the room, too. I keep a very dim light on- and LED candle with programmable color. Red works best, blue the least in my experiments. Interesting, but not helping much.

    A month ago while meditating I had a lot of sexual thoughts in my head for various reasons, and the tingling energies hit mainly between my abdomen and my knees. It felt like something was trying to connect with me sexually. I kept pursuing it, and maybe one out of three nights that particular… someone comes through. It gets incrementally more intense, but at best we’ve achieved a light pleasurable sensation in the genital area, the kind you get early during intercourse. It’s hard to describe. It’s different than physical sex. It goes deeper. Some other sensations mixed in. Definite hands moving along my torso and a subtle kisses on the mouth I think.

    I’ve been very walled off from spiritual things for decades which is sad in hindsight. As a kid I used to see all sorts of things easily. I could tell you exactly when and where any sort of spiritual entity was in a room. Then I … Grew out of it? I guess? Life cluttered up my head. I think someone is trying to get through to me in a way that is intimate and, if we ever achieve a climax, unmistakably not just in my head. I think there’s decades of cruft and negative stuff in my mind to get through though.

    I’ll give it another month or two. If no more progress is made I’ll return to trying to establish basic communication and striving for OBEs. Came very close to the latter on a few occasions. They’re infrequent, so I get startled when it happens, and that nerfs it. 🙁

  26. Gareth says:

    Ive read all the replies and want to tell you my encounters, mine happen every night, every time I am laid still actually, there’s no preferred time. It started around 8 months ago at my other rented house, id be laid on my bed and would start getting aroused, at first I was a little worried because I was not thinking about sex and had no reason for the arousal. I started hearing laboured breathing and a females voice moaning, but had to really listen for it. Before I go on with rest of the story, let me tell you, what I had already experienced in this house! I have lucid dreams and OOBEs out of body experiencences regularly, and for some time have been meditating and energising my chakras, so I am aware of spirirs, attachments, astral travel/realms and hauntings. I would often wake before my physical body woke up, I would lay there fully concious but unable to move,this is called the Hypnogogic State, a state of trance. In this state one can see all types of lower and higher entities and spirits that have passed on, its easy to say you have seen demons while like this because if you are scared and think of those things then yes you will attract them, your negativity and fear will attract them. Now when I have awoken in this state, I have seen various spirits in various locations, at home I often see a young female, wearing a white blouse with brown hair laid next to me. I have heard her clearly speak and regularly feel a cold touch when she is near. I decided the spirit tended me no harm so I let the encounter happen, it was very sexual, tender and loving. On occasions I have spoken to her while in that woken state or I on purposely put my self in it. I have made love to her while out of my body too. We have little conversations sometimes, I once woke to her laying out on top of me just staring at me, and when I spoke to her she told me, “she found me fascinating and could not work me out.” The spirit was aware of everything around her and new she was dead. Now I have moved house and she has moved with me. I told her I would help her move on.

  27. ron says:

    Do spirits like to kiss humans ? of the same sex ? I have been Having a encounter with a spirit that loves to kiss me all the time along with other loving things , For about 3 months now , or am i cracking up ? Lol”

  28. Ishani says:

    I read all the replies nd i just want to share a experience which is happening with me When i lie down on bed i feel that a girl spirit touches me she had sex with me nd i m just sixteen nd she everyday do this with me bt it is happening with me from one nd a half year nd somthimes at night i feel very sacry my heart beats suddenly nd i feel a touchnd she talks to me by touching me as i ask a question from her she replies it with yes or no nd she loves to have sex with me somtimess i feel very uncomfortable bt not only sex she kiss with me and i can ask her what happened in her human life she replies me each nd every thing i feel very sad when she told me that she was murdered when she was alive she dont want to die soon bt she died in her teenagee she loves me nd treat me like she is my beat friend nd i also treat her in the same way as she loves me nd i have seen that if someone is harming me very badley then she will not leave that person nd i have told that girl spirit that i will surely help her to move on nd start her with new life nd i prey for her that she get a re-birth again i really attached her with my body nd soul both ?

  29. Tammy says:

    WOW!I read all replies I’m so glad to know that I wasn’t the only one who experience this I felt like I was being rap the first time it happen to me. After my ex pass away last year I started thinking about her a lot and strange things start to happen in my house.I start feeling someone trying to unzipped my pants and touch on my breast and sometimes the spirit would hold me down perform oral sex on me while I laying in my bed . I was thinking to myself what is going on I know I am home by my self.I was so scare I decided to sleep in my living room in stead of my room and I would never lay in my bed ever again until I buy me a new mattress.I thought it would stop But, no matter where I go her spirit follows me.

  30. jay says:

    My husband passed on a month ago and our sex life was explosive i could not imagen doing it with someone else. My story is that yesterday i was discussing how i misd him and the sex with my i woke up and felt as if he was with me as soon as i set on his couch i felt intense heat inside me my hands started to move to my private parts and they just did eveything he used to do to me i kept reaching climax and they would stop a few minutes later it started again for two hours it kept happening and i’d hear his voice ask me things he used to during sex and i answered.funny thing is I smelt him his odour and his breath..i’m i going crazy or was it him? He also made me promise that i shouldnt share myself with no 1 but him.ilove him so much

  31. Nick says:

    Hi, I am a 28 year old sophisticated male. I have a serious question and came here for help. My fiance passed way and shortly afterwards I found out I can channel her. It started out with some simple EVP’s, then lead to at night feeling her in our bed moving around. Then I started hearing her with my own ears (very low, like she was underwater and muffled) Loud noise such as running water in the shower or when the fan was on made it more intense. I worked on channeling her better and now 4 years later I’m communicating with her with these abilities such as perfect telepathically, but I still hear her with my ears like she’s underwater (fans and running water such as shower not effecting me and not intensifying it which is great cause it was very irritating when it did) and when I’m almost to sleep at the point of sleeping I can hear her voice perfect which wakes me up. It sucks cause I miss her voice so bad and thats the only time I can hear it crystal clear and doesn’t last long cause it wakes me up while she’s talking so I only hear maybe 2 or 3 words while she’s saying a sentence . We also can have sex, which honestly it has its ups and downs (that’s why I’m here). Sex is okay, but I can’t see her. We connect great, She can move me around and I let her, but when she has an orgasm it gets a little weird, upon her orgasm as I’m thrusting my hips she moves me like jack rabbit fast, so fast it makes me shake and hard to have sex with her. Its knocked me off balance a few times behind her. The more I shake the more at times her climax gets. Its beyond me, but I love her so I go with it and its kinda interesting in a way.. She is very attractive, my hot skinny goober and when I met her before she had a mystery to her, but this I tell her tops the cake lol.. Anyways I don’t plan to let her go, we are still inseparable, I have no plans to find someone else, but my question is, “does anybody know how to make our sex better? I’m not talking about the lay down with your eyes closed and be paralyzed to have sex, we tried that, it does work and works great for me I felt WAY more sensation, but she says she really wasn’t having sex with me and she didn’t feel much. I just want to be able to please her and get please myself, the problem lies with no ejaculation at the end. I feel her and all during sex and Sperm does ooze out during but no fun at the end for me. I just want to know how to see her with my eye balls and fun for me at the end. If I had that I’d be perfect and life would be awesome, having a family was something we wanted and got cheated outta that, but we are not letting a lil mishap come in the way. Having an open mind and working out the difference is how we are working on this problem, we still have each other and we are growing in ways I’m even surprised at… Its the perfect love story as we call it, just like Titanic, “you jump I jump” and many of times I’ve wondered if it would be easier for me to jump over too, but we love the house we are in and we can not loose our home, its a big home and has been in the family for generations, Its apart of our life dream… So if anybody knows anything or has similar experiences in channeling or sex please reply, we’d much appreciate the help… thanks 🙂

  32. Anonymous says:

    I been having sex with a ghost for a few years an when it first started slow he came to me and was loving on me his penis was very huge and i can feel him deep inside he gives me a great orgasm everytime ..i am used to him now hez with me everyday an nihjt i can feel him touching me during the day an nights .when he feels like just licking me he fucks me with his long tongue an makes me cum fast..whenhe fucks me i can feel him giving it to me like no other i feel that its normal now he knows when i want it.

  33. Sarah-Jane Stanley says:

    I had my first ghost sex experience recently, where I was woken in the early hours with the sensations of being made love to. I’m Clairaudient so I was able to recognize the voice of someone I loved dearly, who passed into spirit last year. It has made me feel even closer to the person in Spirit.

  34. Mallyn says:

    I’ve thought I was crazy for so long. This has happened to me twice now. Once when I was about 26 or 27 and I’m 29 now. I have always been aware that I have lived past lives, my most recent one (which is also the one I have the most difficulty recalling, possibly because the pain I went through is still so near to me) I believe was lived somewhere on the plains of North America or Canada or the Rockies as a Native American/First Nations woman. So somewhere in either the Dakotas or Montana. This ties into my story, I promise. Anyways, one night I was on the periphery of sleep in that twilight area… not quite awake or quite asleep when it felt like a man just grabbed me from behind and began touching me. I didn’t fight it at all and I wasn’t scared of it. He started out kissing me on my neck and throat and then just moved on to other areas and eventually moved onto the actual act. I turned towards him so I was facing him at one point but I didn’t open my eyes because i knew I would lose it. I remember thinking this was so odd yet so normal, and at one point I swear I could feel some of his hair brushing my chest and face when he got on top of me (he has very long hair). It was the most beautiful, spiritual, intimate sexual encounter I have ever had. I forgot about it and dismissed it for years (after writing about it in my journal) until a few weeks ago I was on Pinterest and I came across this picture of a young man from a Native American tribe with this intense gaze. I felt hooked and kind of disturbed so I didn’t save the picture like I normally would have done (I collect old portraits of young men and women so for me not to save it on Pinterest is odd) and hoped it would go away. Well it didn’t and a week later I finally saved it to a folder I don’t go into often. That night, I was falling into sleep when the same thing that happened a few years ago happened again. The same man grabbed me from behind (this time he pulled my hair) and I heard him clearly speaking in his own language (not English) saying “What took you so long?” The weird part is that I understood him. Now here is where it gets creepy: the only way I know about my past lives is because when I dream about them, I UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE. It’s happened in only one other dream and I understood what I was saying even though it was in a different language. So when I heard the ghost/entity speaking to me in his own language and I instinctively understood him, I knew. I didn’t even try to fight it at that point, I just let him do what he wanted. Again, it was amazing. He was so playful and gentle-hearted, I adored him and I still do. He’s the same man from the picture that I avoided for so long, and yes, he is Native/First Nations. He doesn’t come often or regularly but whenever I do get the chance to play with him, I take it. And I call it play because that’s how he is with me-he plays with me like a child. There’s such a sweetness to it. I can feel his hands on me, his breath, hear him speaking and hear his voice. I don’t know if he and I were married in a past life and we’re just now finding each other again or if I’m crazy. I don’t think I am but who knows. I don’t dare tell anyone about this that I know personally, so I’m here, telling all you people who have experienced the same thing. I hope he doesn’t leave and its a bit upsetting that I only see him in that weird ‘twilight area’ but maybe that’s the way that it has to be until I can finally meet him again beyond this world.

  35. Mallyn says:

    I should also add that the spirit/entity I make love to is not modern. The date on the photograph I have saved is 1898, but I have no clue if he’s appearing to me as he was before or after the photograph was taken. Also I am not a stranger to the paranormal and weird things happening to me. I have awful night terrors where I run out of bed screaming or wake up screaming (which I suspect might be rough returns from the astral plane) and I also have hypagogic hallucinations where I hear someone talking to me/noises as I fall asleep.So this is possibly also why I am so accepting of all this.

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