>Discontinuing a few of my titles

>Some of my published work has been out there for several years and I have decided to discontinue sales on three of my oldest titles as I publish newer ones. I’m moving into a more advanced phase of my writing and I would like my publication titles to reflect my growth as a writer. That means my old self-published short stories must be retired. I’m giving you all plenty of notice, though, in case you want to snatch up these short stories before they are gone. The files are .pdf files. They were published before e-readers became en vogue.

Here are the titles to be discontinued on September 1, 2011.

For Thou Art with Me

Paranormal fiction. PDF e-book.

For Thou Art with Me is a limited edition e-book short story available exclusively through Lulu.com. Olivia is a young ambitious filmmaker on the verge of huge commercial success with her latest film project, a biopic about an obscure Confederate general. When she secures the star actor for the film, she travels to Tennessee to research and scout locations. The moment she steps onto General Thomason’s property, she finds herself drawn into the world of the unseen. Apparitions seemed to lurk in the old plantation house around every corner and before Olivia knows it, the General himself has come for her. Will she make it out alive?

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In Great Deeds

Historical fiction. Military. PDF e-book.

In Great Deeds is a short story based on the battle of Little Round Top during the Civil War. Told through the eyes of a fictional member of the infamous 20th Maine, In Great Deeds shows what it was like to feel the sweat, gunpowder and blood of the average soldier.

Civil War literature contest winner.

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The Yellow Lady: A Haunting in Georgia

Paranormal. PDF ebook.

The Yellow Lady is an account of a haunting in Georgia. A young woman murdered in the late 19th century haunts a property in Georgia’s rural northwestern hills. It was originally meant for a paranormal magazine that asked for the article to be readable like a fictional story. Although it is almost completely based on true events, some names and events were altered for the readability of the story.

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