Did Isis become the Virgin Mary?

Virgin Mary, IsisThe supreme mother of the universe. She is loving, wise, courageous and sacrifices herself and her family for the benefit of mankind. In modern Christian culture, this description fits the Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, but three thousand years ago and longer, this description also fit the most powerful Egyptian goddess, Isis. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a religious coincidence but there is also the possibility that they are the same entity altered by man to fit cultural needs. It is my belief that all religions are fundamentally based on the same principles and there should therefore not be any fighting or wars over the mundane differences. The mundane differences are, in fact, corruptions man has brought into the purity of universal spirituality. Peeling back the layers of muck and filth that man has covered over in the truth of the afterlife allows one to realize bigger possibilities.

There are a lot of similarities between the lives of Mary and Isis. I, for one, do not feel that this is a coincidence. Since ancient Egyptian religion is much older than Christianity, it might be possible that Christians borrowed and adapted the ancient stories to make them more “user friendly” in their contemporary times. I believe we can trace the beginning of life on Earth and the truth of the afterlife by treating every religion like a map, one leading into another until you get to the beginning, instead of allowing the different faiths to fight each other. All religions are valid. All religions are true. Stripping away what man has done to the afterlife will create a clear vision into our history as souls. I began to recognize this larger philosophy about thirteen years ago when I found myself pulling away from the restrictions of Christianity into the freedom of older Earth-based religions, Egyptian included. I noticed right away that Mary and Isis are presented in very similar ways. Here are some of them.

  • Isis was the most prominent female figure in ancient Egyptian religion. Mary is the most important female figure in Christianity.
  • Isis had a son named Horus. Mary had a son named Jesus.
  • When Horus was born, his father, Osirus, was already dead, which is very much like the birth of Jesus, fathered by the Holy Ghost.
  • Both Isis and Mary are depicted in art as being maternal and holding their infant deities.
  • Isis protected Horus from an evil uncle, which was much like Mary protecting Jesus from King Herod.
  • Both Isis and Mary have primary roles in their respective religious movements as the eternal mother.
  • “Lady of Light” is a title given to both Mary and Isis. The infant Horus was born as the god of light for Egypt, while Jesus is known as the light of the world.
  • Isis has a solar disk of light over her head and Mary has a halo of light above her head.

The brief research yielding eight parallels between these two holy figures reaches beyond coincidence. I do not believe this is a case of reincarnation, unless I believe that the story of Mary being a human woman here on Earth was a literal event. I believe that this holy entity – this female companion to the male holy entity – is a continuous celestial being existing in the afterlife and she has gone through several names due to cultural changes in the world. She could have taken human form as Mary for a short time to produce Jesus for the world, or the Mary and Jesus story could have happened in the afterlife like it did with Isis and Horus. It could also simply be one spiritual event, meaning it happened once but the Egyptians altered the story to fit them and the Hebrews altered the story to fit them. I don’t know. I wasn’t there to see Jesus or Horus or that one deity being born. For all we know, the Savior’s real name isn’t even Jesus or Horus.

I took my theory beyond Isis and Mary and I looked into other cultures throughout history. Look at this list.

  • Aphrodite – Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
  • Artemis – Greek Goddess of Hunting and Vegetation
  • Athena – Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War
  • Ceres – Roman Goddess of Agriculture
  • Demeter – Greek Goddess of Agriculture
  • Devi – Hindu Goddess of Existence
  • Diana – Roman Goddess of Hunting
  • Durga – Hindu Goddess that Destroys Demons
  • Gaia – Greek Goddess as Mother Earth
  • Ha Hai-i Wuhti – Hopi Divine Mother
  • Hecate – Greek Goddess of Magic
  • Ishtar – Babylonian Goddess of War
  • Isis – Egyptian Goddess
  • Juno – Roman Goddess of Women
  • Kali – Hindu Goddess of Liberation
  • Kuan Yin – Buddhist Goddess of Compassion
  • Lakshmi – Hindu Goddess of Prosperity
  • Minerva – Roman Goddess of Arts
  • Mother Mary – Christian Goddess of Compassion
  • Persephone – Greek Goddess of the Underworld
  • Sarasvati – Hindu Goddess of Knowledge and Arts
  • Shakti – Hindu Goddess of Primal Energy
  • Tara – Tibetan Goddess of Compassion
  • Venus – Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty

Are these all different powerful female entities hanging out together in the afterlife? Or is it possible that these are all different names for the same powerful female entity that has existed since the beginning of time with the same powerful male entity with different historical names?

Christians will likely argue that Mary isn’t a goddess and that means the theory is null and void. The thing is, Christianity, especially Catholicism, functions a lot like Paganism but with different words. Each saint has a different purpose and different name just like the myriad of Pagan deities and we as Christians often call upon those different saints just like Pagans call on their different deities. Whether entities are called angels, demons, saints, gods or goddesses, they are still beings in the afterlife who either never incarnated as human or no longer incarnate as human. We have all called upon these beings throughout history. Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Wiccan, Druid, Egyptian magic, Buddhist, Pagan, etc. I believe that they all go back to the same beings that have been looking out for us, helping us, hurting us, etc., since the beginning of time.

God exists. Mary exists. Jesus exists. Dozens of others exist with them. They’ve all simply changed and evolved in the eyes of mankind as mankind has changed and evolved. For that reason, hating someone else’s religion is the same as hating your own.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Great Post!! I like how you describe the similarities of Mary and Isis.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Interesting thoughts. Caught a program yesterday on the history channel that spoke of some of the similiar theories regarding events in Greek mythology and Christianity.

  3. Ege Ayd?n says:

    >Very good analysis,
    You might want to check out my new blog on the similarities between Artemis and Mother Mary…

  4. Ege Ayd?n says:

    >Very good analysis,
    You might want to check out my new blog on the similarities between Artemis and Mother Mary…

  5. Ash says:

    I was studying world history last semester and realized the similarities! crazy because I was raised christian anti pagan!

  6. Urak Barak says:

    Isis’ husband was her brother Osiris, the father of Horus.
    Mary was a virgin when she was “miraculously impregnated” by God’s Holy Spirit during her betrothal period with Joseph, who was not even a distant relative of Mary.

    Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, was alive when he (Jesus) was born.

    Mary, human woman who conceived Jesus, was never called nor prophesied to be called “Lady of Light” but she was prophesied to be called “blessed” by all generations (Luke 1:48B).

    Isis gave birth to a god of this world who lived a kingly life…and as the story goes, she witnessed her son Horus died a natural death. Mary gave birth to the God who created the heavens and every creatures on earth, to live in human form on this earth to serve and die for the sin of His people. Mary witnessed Jesus’ horrible death on the Cross.

    Horus reportedly called Isis “sweet mother” while Jesus never called Mary “mother.”
    In fact He always addressed Mary, His earthly mother…”woman.”

    When Christianity triumphed, the worship of Isis. like many of the “pagan” deities disappeared. It is not surprising that when Christianity became popular, shrine to Mary often emerged at ancient Isis worship sites. With the current interest in goddess worship, however, Isis enjoys some renewed popularity by connecting her to (or under cover of) Mary.

    • mm says:

      Sad, you really should study more before arguing the defensive. There are so many links with the Christian faith and older ancient beliefs. Egyptian is one, including the title king of kings and lord of lords, as well as crucifixtion and resurrection of the Divine. Some other Deities that merit mention is Krishna, who shared Jesus birthday and ma ny of his miracles. One day we will see how very limited our perspective is in the eyes of the Divine. May the light illuminate the truth to all who seek connection with Deity. I believe that the Divine hears those who seek, and it is not particular to race, gender, religion, culture, financial, geographic location, nationality, class, or any of our human divisions and shortsightedness. Blessed be.

  7. Don Panhorst says:

    The answer is simple. Mary is the sycomore fig tree, Jesus is the wasp, the fruit is the Holy spirit and man is the father who sows the seeds in the mother earth.

  8. Joan Smith says:

    All religions are not right! Only the Christian Religion is the REAL religion.
    You can ONLY be saved thru Jesus Christ no other! Go ahead and scoff if you want your won’t be scoffing when he returns and EVERY knew bends and EVERY head bows and declares Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

    • IThinkImMe says:

      So you’re saying the man that died for our sins will damn those that do not worship him to everlasting hellfire? Sure sounds like a forgive and forget type of deity…

    • Ahme says:

      nice evangelical rant, I understand you are trying to save our soul but we need legitimate logic and thought, rather than a preacher preaching.

    • Kan Bora says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen
      The prophecy that Jesus Christ was going to return is a failed one. Just to take your point though which Jesus Christ do you mean as they are all different depending upon which book you in the Bible you are reading. Go ahead and read the Bible and you will soon realise that it makes NO SENSE.
      As you know Christians have tried to predict the return of Jesus Christ but all have failed. If you do your research you will realise that the bible is simply a political and propaganda tool for the Zionists. It has been used by the Zionists in the 19th and 20th Century and literalised by Theodore Herzl and Nathan Birbaum to claim Real Estate…….
      Don’t take my word, just do your research.

  9. The Goddess was known as Hathor-MERI. The Egyptian word ‘Mery’ means ‘Beloved of’. Hathor and Ahst seem to have been two names for the same Goddess. The Greeks Hellenised many names and turned Ahst into Isis, Uasar into Osiris, Iosa (the Ever coming Son) into Iesous.

    Mery was added to several names and for example Horemheb’s full name was Horemheb Mery Ymn (Mery Ymn meaning Beloved of the God Amen). His throne name was Djoser HEPREW Setepenre, so we know that he was yet another Hebrew King of Egypt better known in the bible as Joshua Son of Nun (Nun or Nnu was God of the Heavenly Deep, better known as Noah). During the Aten period god names were changed so Mery Ymn became Meritaten. (The ‘t’ inserted in the middle is the feminine suffix). Similarly Beketaten daughter or grand-daughter of King Solomon (Salim Amen III) was previously Rebeke. (Re being the general name for God). There was a youtube clip of Zawi Hawass pointing to a stone and reading the hieroglyphs carved on it while repeating ‘Isis-Mary’. This has been withdrawn as it obviously touched a sensitive nerve with those of closed minds.

    Incidentally I know that I was shown where to look and have even been given evidence that this was happening. As a Spiritual Intuitive I think you will understand. Best wishes Malcolm

  10. khaya says:

    All of these religions are false religions created by the old religion
    That was going to take over the world leading people into satanic practices
    Which is paganism including catholisism is also paganism undercover.
    The book of Daniel and the book of Revelation explains about the beasts that will thake over the world which arethe kingdoms of this earth and Lucifer is their master.

    • Horus says:

      The book of revelation was written by a different John, was not John the Baptist etc.., during the period of king Nero .
      Also you should look at this book below on Google books or buy it.
      John wrote a parody of the egytian prophecy revelation. The number of mankind itself is 6.
      If u want to see the beast the anti Christ look in the mirror. It’s about slaying the flesh and ego mind with the light of the soul that is Christ.


  11. Master Blackthorne says:

    Merry Meet, Jessica. Just had to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed your posting. It’s interesting to also note that when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt he was very impressed by the piety of its inhabitants. But to the Goddess Isis, he gave the title “Theotoekos” which means, “Birthgiver of God.” When the church legitimized the veneration of Mary at the third council at Ephesus in 431 CE, this title was applied to Mary and became not only common practice, but Christian doctrine. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

    Imhotep (in peace)


  12. blackbeardz says:

    what if the story of Serapis Christus was the story of christ. Ptolemy I Soter had an ego. Both made up, helped along by Constantine the Greek(not Great imho)
    No other power but the vatican could keep this lie alive this long. Divide and conquer. Wash and repeat. Parables, not events. Controls the hordes with secret knowledge.
    No christ
    GOD is metrology.astrology.numerology.vibration

  13. Ahme says:

    Sources please?

  14. Malcolm says:

    The source for the story of the Egyptian Version of the Annunciation, Conception, Birth and Adoration is quite well known. It was carved into the wall of the Temple of Solomon (the Pharaoh Salim Amen III aka Ymn Htp III which means exactly the same) some 3,500 years ago. It is not only shown in 4 scenes but also the story is told in hieroglyphs. The main difference between the story told in Ancient Egypt and the first two chapters of Luke is that it was the Virgin Goddess Ahst – Meri (In Egyptian Meri meant ‘Beloved’) who conceived but it was the living Queen of Egypt who gave birth to the Holy Child who would become the next King of Egypt AND the Living Son of God whom they called IW Sah (S followed by a glottal stop) IW means ‘Come’ or ‘Coming’ and Sah means ‘Son of’ so IWSA or IOSA was the Ever Coming Son. The name hasn’t changed in Scots Gaelic. It is still IOSA – check it out in Read Many Versions of the Bible On Line and go to Scots Gaelic and then Mark 8:33. This verse is also interesting and even tells us that it was written by an Egyptian who makes a pun on the word ‘Satan’. In Egyptian this meant ‘Belonging to Set’ BUT IT ALSO meant ‘ROCK’ or ‘Hillock’. We can also tell that Luke was able to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs not only because of the above mentioned scenes in Luxor, but also because there is an awful mistranslation in Luke 14:26. It has been translated from the Greek which the Egyptian Coptic Monks spoke and they read the Greek word ‘Miso’ meaning ‘hate, loathe or detest’, whereas the hieroglyphs really spelled out the Egyptian word ‘Miso’ which meant ‘Offspring’. The mistranslation was compounded because a change in the last hieroglyph gives you ‘Misedj’ instead of ‘Miso’ and that really did mean hate. Luke 14:26 is really saying that any offspring of man and woman may be a follower of Iosa. The Greeks changed this name to Iesous. However there is a deliberate mistranslation of this name in the Old Testament. Check it out in the above web page in Greek and you will see that the Book of Joshua was originally called the Book of Iesous – JESUS!! This same Greek word was then translated into ‘Jesus’ in the New Testament which makes it obviouse that the intention was to lie to and deceive the reader. The name Jesus also appears in Greek in Exodus and Numbers. There is further proof that this was not a mistake but was an intentional mistranslation because in 2 Samuel the Greek word for Joshua is written in Greek as ‘Osieh’.

  15. Dubfinger says:

    The last paragraph ruined the whole essay. Neither Mary nor Jesus existed. They are man-made fairytale.

  16. Taylor says:

    Hey there, I’ve just been doing research recently on the history of the catholic church and things related to it and stumbled across this post. If my knowledge is correct, around 300AD, Roman Emperor Constantine was the first emperor to “profess” Christianity and tried to make his empire a “Christian state” but instead of holding to the truth of Jesus and the gospel he changed “doctrine” as needed to make it more appealing so that all people of different faiths/religious practices would conform to this “faith” (therefore, making it not true Christianity). Northern Africa (Egypt) was a part of the Roman Empire at that time, and certainly Isis was worshipped and a part of religious activity; to make Mary more appealing to that people, I tend to believe the true Mary was “changed” my meshing her account with the ideas and worship of Isis the Egyptian goddess. This is still true of the catholic church today (and here I want to make a distinction between the catholic church and Christianity; Christians who hold to the word of Scripture, which contains teachings of Jesus and the apostles, meaning in the NT, do not make Mary out to be anything other than a normal human whom God used to bring his Messiah into the world … of course Messiah had to come from the line of Judah according to OT prophecy, and she was). Anywho, a penny for my thoughts…or something like that.

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