Christmas Through the Ages at Red Doe Plantation


Are you going to be in South Carolina between December 2 and 4? I will be volunteering at this Christmas event for the entire weekend at Red Doe Plantation. We are putting on this event to educate the public about the evolution of Christmas in America, and raise money to help rescue and restore this historical landmark from deterioration beyond salvation. We have a lot of fun things planned that you’ll see on the schedule below and it’s an excellent opportunity to do some good for this holiday season. Are you a reenactor? We are looking for volunteers who reenact the colonial period, the antebellum period, pre-World War I, and post-World War II. There is information below if you are interested in volunteering. I will be at Red Doe all weekend volunteering and portraying Fanny Chamberlain. I will update this blog if any attractions are added or any changes are made, so check back often!

Christmas Through the Ages at Red Doe Plantation

Step inside the big house and travel back to Christmas past as living historians portray scenes from colonial, antebellum, pre-WWI and post-WWII life during the holidays. Learn about traditional home-made gifts, music, dances and sample seasonal recipes!

Friday, Dec. 2
10am-2pm SCHOOL DAY – Reservations required!

Saturday, Dec. 3
10am-5pm TOURS

Sunday, Dec. 4
11am-4pm TOURS

Call (919) 279-8768 or email for details, to register or to volunteer.

This event is FREE but donations will be greatly appreciated. Guests will be able to vote for their favorite room by dropping donations into a marked jar. Vote with a penny or paper money, just please VOTE! Proceeds will go toward the restoration and preservation of this National Historic Register property.

*REENACTORS* Any amount of time you can participate will be appreciated. You are welcome to stay in the house or set up camp on the grounds. There will be electricity, water, and firewood available. Can’t come for the actual event? We still need your help getting the house cleaned, yard “tamed” and sets built/props collected. There’s a way for everyone to help! Thank you!

Red Doe Plantation
1132 Francis Marion Rd.
Florence, SC

Please visit to learn more and make secure donations!

See you in December!

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    >Donations of ANY type are tax deductible. Elbow grease, sweat, expert advice and moolah are equally valuable! Thank you.

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