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Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated, by Jessica Jewett, is an interesting and very personal look at reincarnation and past lives. At a very young age, Jessica knew she was different. It wasn’t just the physical (she was born a quadriplegic). It’s the dreams she had, the memories of another life, the fact that she saw ghosts. Growing up in a religious community didn’t make it easier on her. She felt the need to keep it secret, afraid of being teased and ridiculed.

As if her past life isn’t dramatic enough, Jewett’s current life is very intriguing. Her father left the family when Jessica was only four, leaving her mother to care for her and her younger brother. At age six, she was sent to St. Louis to live with her grandmother — her mom felt she would receive a better education there. (Her grandmother comes to realize how stubborn the young Jessica can be in a terrific battle of wills!)

She taught herself to draw and write using only her mouth and this became an important tool as it was then possible for her to put onto paper the people she saw in her memories — “The profile of the woman with the dark bun at the nape of her neck.”

Fanny Chamberlain is not a well known historical figure. Certainly not as well known as her husband, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain — college professor, Civil War General, Governor of Maine, husband, father. She married him in 1855 and they had five children, two of whom lived to adulthood.

Unveiled is an interesting look at reincarnation. Even if you have doubts about past lives or don’t believe in them at all, Jessica’s fresh and honest writing style will keep you glued to the page and keep you up all night (or make you late for work, as I learned firsthand). The pictures of family members past and present, Fanny’s homes, letters and Lawrence’s personal items gives the story an even more intimate touch. I feel privileged to be able to read the account of her struggles to come to terms with her dreams and memories and search for Fanny.

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